In a MOOC there is an abundance of materials, people, ideas …. and nobody can check everything or do every task! The learners in the AtLETyc Mooc Camp are free where and how to themselves into this learning experience.


Facilitators are responsible for the content of their week, they provide learning material, videos and tasks / questions. They will support the learners in their learning processes giving feedback to questions around the topic of the week.

Gravatar – your picture showing in the comments

If you want to personalize your picture while posting comments on our site you may find gravatar useful. Go there and subscribe with the email-adress you’re using here on the site. Upload a picture and connect it with your email-adress. (Your email-adress is not visible in the MOOC page)

Moderator / Convener

The moderators will monitor the learning processes and support students. They will observe what’s happening, they summarize this information and structure the weeks with there posts. They decide about the badges too.


There is no special technology needed. Internet connection, browser, video players are sufficient. Of course a good internet connection helps 🙂

Your questions

If you have any questions please write a comment to this page. We will answer your question and insert it into our FAQ.


  1. Vilma

    I have faced that after i leave a comment i get it lost in case the capture is entered wrong. It’s a pity as you can not go back and see the entered comment. I hope that this could be fixed!

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Vilma, I’m so sorry about that. This happens with all kind of web-pages. My solution is to copy the text “in the mouse” (do you know what I mean) when the capture is unclear and I’m afraid to do it wrong.
      You could also try to get back at the page … this works sometimes but not all the time, bye, Jutta


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