How to get a badge

Learning in a MOOC is exciting and time-consuming. We want to appreciate your activities by giving you a badge as confirmation of participation.

If you want to get a badge – and this is not compulsory, but is your choice – you should be an active online learner in at least 4 of the 6 weeks. You should invest between 4-6 hours per week and make your learning process visible for others in the web – which means to write comments around the topic of the week or fulfilling the task.

You will be required to inform the moderators about your intention to get a badge during registration. In the last week of the MOOC you have to summarize your activities and reflect your MOOC experience. You make the summary available for the moderators and whoever you want to share it with.


  1. Thomas Sommerer (Post author)

    Nice to hear Judit! 🙂 If your want to join as a learner, please sign up on the right side on this page. 🙂

    Best regerds,

  2. Judit Farkas

    I am curious to go through my first blended course and try out new learning methods offered by such programs.
    I have no previous study in the field of business, so learning by the standards of the new European Framework (EntreComp) is a good opportunity for me.
    Finally, I am also a busy person and I want to experience how I can keep up week by week in the course program.


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