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The AtLETyc MOOC is part of an Entrepreneurship Training Programme provided for Athletes in Europe. It supports the participants to learn the skills of entrepreneurship and to connect athletes among themselves and with other people interested in the topic.

As a MOOC it’s open for everybody who wants to learn about the content of the MOOC weeks. The facilitators provide learning materials and tasks; during their MOOC week they will facilitate the learning process by giving feedback. The moderators or conveners will watch the online process continually and support learners.

Week 1: Starting Line

Jutta Pauschenwein (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri (Moderator/Convener)

Monday, 23 October – Sunday, 29 October

Description: To learn in a MOOC requires specific competences. In this week we will support you in gaining an insight into the MOOC, the people and the topics. There will be time for you as learner to get used to this online learning space and to understand how the information is structured. We will invite you to present yourself and to get in touch with others learners as well as with the facilitator and the moderator of this week.

Videos about athletes who turned entrepreneur will inspire you and are maybe useful for the visualization task where you are invited to think about a creative way to present a business idea.

Learning objectives: You will

  • understand the concept of the MOOC and plan personal participation,
  • network in groups across borders,
  • connect doing sports with being an entrepreneurship.

Week 2: Team up

Mojca Doupona Topič (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein (Moderators/Conveners)

Monday, 30 October – Sunday, 5 November

Description: In this week the oarticipants will learn about the process of communication with another person and in groups. The overall aim of is to provide basic communication skills, such as active listening, effective reporting of messages and to reflect upon verbal and non – verbal communication (posture, vocalization, facial expressions, proximity and others). The participates will learn how to properly analyse a situation and how to understand another person’s perspectives. Further topics are the techniques.of feedback and effective problem – solving.

Learning objectives: You will

  • learn to give and receive information,
  • develop competences in oral and visual communication,
  • learn to analyse communication issues and understand multi-perspective problems.

Week 3: Marketing clues

Cecilia Casalegno (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein (Moderators/Conveners)

Monday, 6 November – Sunday, 12 November

Description: This week aims at teaching sporting people how to use the pillars of strategic management and marketing. Topics will be delivered for professionalizing learners with the necessary notions to understand how a manager acts and how it is possible to become able to work in a team group  Moreover, through the information acquired during the lectures, students will be able to manage their personal marketing and their business and interpersonal relations, by learning which kind of communication is useful to utilize depending on the audience they have to reach and the goal they have to get.

Learning objectives: You will

  • use the basics of strategic management and marketing,
  • learn how to communicate in order to reach your goals,
  • understand the importance of analyzing  the audience which you have to deal with.

Week 4: Understanding Business

Lili Kassay (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein (Moderators/Conveners)

Monday, 13 November – Sunday, 19 November

Description: In this week you will learn about financial literacy as basis for business and how to write a mission and a vision statement.

Learning objectives: You will

  • recognize and detect opportunities,
  • turn ideas into opportunities,
  • commercialize ideas and evaluate opportunities.

Week 5: Leading Business

Irena Valantine (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein (Moderators/Conveners)

Monday, 20 November – Sunday, 26 November

Description: This week is designed for those who plan to start, or who have already started their own business. Who wants to know what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur will find real-world applications and solutions to the every-day challenges of owning and running a business here. Athletes will learn the essential attributes of an entrepreneur and the stages one goes through in taking the seed of an idea and growing it into a successful business.

Week 5 will also provide practical insights into the differences between effective leadership and management by exploring the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and determining how to identify and develop human capital – the lifeblood of every business.

Learning objectives: You will

  • understand characteristics of entrepreneur and components of entrepreneurial business,
  • get to know and apply the concept of emotional intelligence in workplace roles,
  • learn how to identify and develop human capital.

Week 6: Finish Line

Elizabeta Valentic (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein (Moderators/Conveners)

Monday, 27 November – Sunday, 3 December

Description: After five weeks of MOOC experience this week will bring you the possibility to interact intensively with your peer learners. You should reflect on your learning experiences from the last five weeks. Together with a colleague you will develop a cooperation based on the business design of the former weeks. Combine your know-how from the starting line with your marketing clues. Understand and lead your business together and support yourselves in the finish line.

Learning objectives: You will

  • integrate lifelong learning into personal development strategy and career progress,
  • reflect learning experience and  say good bye.

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  1. Ebrima Nyass

    Linking sports and entrepreneurship in very interesting…especially sportsmans life after professional career..


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