Yes, I believe I’m in for a badge as well 🙂

There are already about 50 learners who fulfilled the tasks mentioned under How to get a badge – and we have started with the production of badges. If you are writing us an email that you want to get a badge (assignment 6.20)  we check it with our activity list. If your perception of your work in the MOOC and ours match the badge production starts. Often we don’t have to check because we already know you by your name 🙂

From today on you will be asked to send the email for the badge in  assignment 6.20 to Elizabeta instead of Natasa.

Please don’t be impatient in waiting for the badge. There are still many learners in different MOOC weeks which we care for, so we cannot be that quick in producing badges as we would like to be.

For those who are learning in week 6 at the moment, these are the links:

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