The MOOC goes on!

Although we have reached the official end of the MOOC course, the activity on the website is constant! Athletes around the world continue with their learning activities and post their comments in the assignments of every week, from week 1 up to week 6 🙂

Take a look at the comments of week Assignment 6.1. Elevator pitch to watch the latest elevator pitches from:

Flo’s elevator pitch

Viki’s elevator pitch

Andrea’s elevator pitch

Raimonda’s elevator pitch – there’s a horse in the elevator!

Lisa’s elevator pitch

A very warm thanks for Elizabeta who takes a very active role in the facilitation of the week 6 and is giving everybody her precious feedback!

If you have reached the end of the MOOC and were active in at least 4 weeks do not forget to send us a reflection of your learning process per mail in order to receive your badge. Have a look at Assignment 6.20 (to get the badge): Documentation and reflection to find out how to do that. You have time until the 24th of December!

Before you go, just drop by in Assignment 6.3: Say goodbye to say goodbye 🙂

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  1. Jutta Pauschenwein

    It’s nice when a MOOC ends, because it was a lot of work – for the learners in the MOOC as well as for us moderators/conveners and facilitators. Nevertheless it’s sad as well … after such an intensive time of discussion …. and after getting to know other learners ….


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