We want to make exchange and collaboration in this MOOC as easy as possible. Therefore we provide some information about the people learning in this MOOC.

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  1. Vito

    Hi everybody, my name is Vito from Italy and i got ma master degree in sport science in july. Now i’m looking forward to improve my skills and improve my curriculum vitae and i see this project as a good opportunity. Of course i would like to get a badge. See you in class!

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      class already has started 🙂

  2. Judit Farkas

    Hello to All,
    I am Judit Farkas from Budapest, and am involved in the Atletyc project as an institutional coordinator.
    My purpose is to go through the online learning experience. This way I will be able to follow the actions from inside as well.
    I also wish to be a part of this learning community that grew so big already (over 200 people – wow!).
    My sport was volleyball, I played in the first league of Hungary and am a National university champion (before rules on libero, etc came in 🙂

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      welcome Judit 🙂


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