In this list we will share some information of the learners of the AtLETyc MOOC – namely your (nick)name, your country, your preferred sport, and if you want to get a bagde. It should help you (and us) to get some overview.

(nick)name country motivation badge
Marc Austria I’m interested in online courses, I like the networking yes
Dominik Austria I want to attend this AtLETyC MOOC because I’m interested in online courses yes
Johannes Posch. Austria I’ll start a MBA in general management and next year with my own company for NLP trainings.
Jahvere Barbados  Findout more about how to become a successful entrepreneur. yes
Philipp Hütt. Austria I want to start with MOOC because it´s a good opportunity for me
Jonathan N. Kov. Austria I am a Football Development Manager from Vienna
Martin Interested in entrepreneurship yes
Marian Austria Beachvolleyball yes
Carina Austria Broaden knowledge about business-related topics yes
Florian Austria First step into the “business world” yes
Alberto Italy Deepen skills and strategies for sport companies and dual-career development. yes
Luca Italy Juda and powerlifting maybe
Vanessa Austria/Germany Handball yes

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