In this list we will share some information of the learners of the AtLETyc MOOC – namely your (nick)name, your country, your preferred sport, and if you want to get a bagde. It should help you (and us) to get some overview.

(nick)name country motivation badge
Marc Austria I’m interested in online courses, I like the networking yes
Dominik Austria I want to attend this AtLETyC MOOC because I’m interested in online courses yes
Johannes Posch. Austria I’ll start a MBA in general management and next year with my own company for NLP trainings.
Jahvere Barbados  Findout more about how to become a successful entrepreneur. yes
Philipp Hütt. Austria I want to start with MOOC because it´s a good opportunity for me
Jonathan N. Kov. Austria I am a Football Development Manager from Vienna
Martin Interested in entrepreneurship yes
Marian Austria Beachvolleyball yes
Carina Austria Broaden knowledge about business-related topics yes
Florian Austria First step into the “business world” yes
Alberto Italy Deepen skills and strategies for sport companies and dual-career development. yes
Luca Italy Juda and powerlifting maybe
Vanessa Austria/Germany Handball yes
Melanie Austria Professionell mogul skier yes
Julia Austria Insight into the business world as my area of studies is humanitie No
Beate Austria Run track and field Yes
Paula Austria Fencer Yes
Ina Austria Interested in the content of the course Yes
Julia Austria Handball Yes
Lisa Austria Mountainbiker Yes
Viktoria Austria Soccer Yes
Alexander Austria professional Athlete Yes
Jakub Austria Competitve swimming Yes
Gilbert Austria Fencer Yes
Norbert Austria Roadbike Yes
Amela Slovenia Learn more about marketing and business Yes
Monika Croatia Dancer Yes
Jure Slovenia Interested in business Yes
Nika Slovenia Learn new things Yes
Maja Slovenia Learn useful things during collage Yes
Markus Austria Tennis player Yes
Christoph Austria Runner Yes
Bernarda Slovenia Learn something new Yes
Žiga Slovenia Interested in doing business in sport Yes
Elisabeth, Lizz Austria Professional Athlete Yes
Michael Austria Racing Bikes Yes
Niels France Student Yes
Birgit Austria Professional Swimmer Yes
Vitja Slovenia Interested in sport and business Yes
Marco Italy interested in management Yes
Gianpiero Italy interested in management Yes
Paolo Italy Studies sports Yes
Lorenzo Italy Motor science Yes
Tiago Portugal Erasmus Yes
Immacolata Italy Learn something new Yes
Mitch Austria Wrestler Yes
Luca Italy Rugby Yes
Andrea Italy Judo Yes
Gotti Austria Competitive swimming Yes
Simon Slovenia Interested in course Yes
Matyas Hungary Basketball trainer Yes
Ashok India Fencing Coach Yes
Salvatore Italy Athlete Yes
Ryan USA Learn something new Yes
Daša Slovenia Learn about future career Yes
Alberto Italy Swimmer Yes
Francseco Italy Skier Yes
Emmanuele Italy Skier Yes
Bence Hungary Sport student Yes
Sabine Austria Snowboarder Yes
Mohamad Jordan Student Yes
Irma Bosnia and Herzegovina Student Yes
Sofi Hungary Student Yes
Levente Hungary Water polo player Yes
Balint Hungary Football Yes
Canelle France Student Yes
Aletta Hungary Powerlifting Yes
Anett Hungary Student Yes
Krisztián Hungary Student
Kinga Hungary Student Yes
Kenan Bosnia Student Yes
Brigi Hungary Volleyball Yes
Ágoston Hungary Student Yes
Agi Hungary Student Yes
Marton Hungary Ski racer Yes
Gergely Hungary Interested
Nejc Slovenia Swimmer
Eszter Hungary Student Yes
Emmitt USA Gym Yes
Eva Hungary Kungfu Yes
Roland Hungary Student Yes
Zita Hungary Athlete Yes
Lukas Austria Football Yes
Anna Hungary Kick-Box Yes
Roland Grenada Student Yes
Richard Hungary Student Yes
Jakob Slovenia Student Yes
Balint Slovenia Student Yes
Zsolt Hungary Kayaker Yes
Adam Hungary Student Yes
András Hungary Student
Mark Hungary Football Yes
Pelin Turkey Pilates Yes
Tadey Slovenia Pilates Yes
Zlotan Hungary Sport business Yes
Mateja Slovenia Triathlete Yes
Ines Austria Fistball Yes
Peter Hungary Student Yes
Peter S Hungary Student Yes
Bori Hungary Student Yes
Jaka Slovenia Kinesiology Yes
Francesca Italy Wrestler Yes
Attila Hungary Student Yes
Anna Hungary Karate and Yoga
Gergely Budapest Student, Football Yes
Kinga Hungary Football Yes
Kristóf Hungary Student Yes
Judit Hungary Project team
Attila Hungary Student Yes
Vid Slovenia Student Yes
Mihály Hungary Student
Christian Austria Interested in Sport
Peter R Hungary Student Yes
Nikolaus Austria Student Yes
Ágnes Hungary Handball Yes
Czakó Hungary Student Yes
Kriszti Hungary Track & field athlete Yes
Blaž Slovenia Student, Tennis Yes
Tom Austria Yes
G Hungary Football Yes
Anna Hungary Student Yes
Matthew Hungary Finswimming Yes
Adam Hungary Teacher Yes
Chejon Greece Student
Andras Learning experience Yes
Boinitzer Hungary Student basketball Yes
Georgi Bulgaria Yes
Marco Italy Student Yes
Tatjana Bosnia and Herzegovina Student Yes
Sergio Spain Elite athlete Yes
Chejon Greece Student Yes
Marco Italy Tennis Yes
Tatjana Bosnia and Herzegovina Student Yes
Claus Austria Student Yes
Bálint Hungary Student Yes
Simon Italy Volleyball Yes
Imre Hungary Student Yes
Antanas Lithuania Student Yes
Emina Interested
Carlos Spain Futsal Yes
Milda Lithuania Climbing Yes
Dorottya Hungary Track and field Yes
Bogdán Hungary Student Yes
Simona Hungary Marathon runner
Ana Bosnia and Herzegovina Student
Tilen Slovenia Athlete Yes
Rene Austria Interested Maybe
Monika Lithuania Interested Yes
Zana Bosnia and Herzegovina Skier Yes
Rasa Lithuania Judo Yes
Austria Badminton
Lithuania Boxer Yes
Sara Slovenia Squash Player Yes
Ines Austria Fistball Yes
Hungary Interested
Lithuania Pentathlet Yes
Venantas Lithuania cyclists Yes
Lithuania basketball Yes
Irmantas Lithuania rugby sport Yes
Lithuania motorcyclist Yes
Vildana Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer
Igor Bosnia and Herzegovina Interested Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina Interested Yes
Vilma Lithuania Interested Yes
Raimonda Lithuania horse rider Yes
Jure Slovenia paddling
Czakó Hungary ice hockey Yes
Lithuania field hockey. Yes
Tihomir Slovenia swimmer
Ina Slovenia tennis Yes
Margarita Lithuania shooting sport Yes
Ebrima Gambia volley ball
András Hungary football Yes
Gianluca IT thriatlete Yes
Vito It student Yes
Rasa LIT cyclist Yes
Raimonda Palionyte Lithuania Horse rider Yes
Gianluca Italy Triathlete Yes
Audrius Lithuania Interested Yes
Verena Austria Interested Yes
Philipp Austria Football Yes
Simone Italy Sport Science Yes
Ádám Szabados Hungary Student Yes
Orsolya Hungary Improve entrepreneur skills  Yes
Turkovic Nedo Sarajevo  Football Player  –
Massimo Sanna Italy Student and tennis player Yes
Aida Bosnia and Herzegovina Student and football player Yes
Alma Bosnia and Herzegovina Karate Yes
Samira Bosnia and Herzegovina Karate Yes
Amel Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
Slavenko Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
Denis Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
Nedim Bosnia and Herzegovina  Runner Yes
Nikšić Bosnia and Herzegovina Taekwondo Yes
Maria Assunta Italy Double career Yes
Amar Bosnia and Herzegovina Bodybuilding Yes
Šejla Bosnia and Herzegovina Volleyball Yes
Rossella Italy Cyclist Yes
Matteo Italy Yes
Vilius Wrestling Yes
Tomas Lithuania Boxing
Belmin Bosnia and Herzegovina Referee


  1. Chejon Fernandes

    Hi I am Chejon and I am from Greece I want to further my studies. I want to receive a badge

    1. Thomas Sommerer (Post author)

      Hey Chejon,
      this is not the sign-up page, but welcome anyway 😉

  2. Salvatore

    My name is Salvatore and I come from Italy.
    I am really interested in doing business in sports at the end of my competitive career, so this is a perfect program for me!
    I want to receive the badge.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thomas Sommerer (Post author)

      Hey Salvatore,
      this is not the sign-up page, but welcome anyway 😉


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