Week 1 – Starting Line


Jutta Pauschenwein – in this MOOC  I’m facilitator, convener and moderator. I’m an e-learning expert at FH JOANNEUM, I love to learn in MOOCs – and I like cycling and swimming.

Week 2 – Team Up


Mojca Doupona Topič – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 2. I’m a researcher, lecturer and manager. I’m very interested for verbal and non verbal communication and I love different kind of sport, especially running and skiing.

Week 3 – Marketing Clues

Cecilia Casalegno – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 3. I’m  a researcher and lecturer in marketing management, communication and human resource management and I work at the Department of Management, University of Turin. I definitively love researching on marketing and communication, running and cycling.

Week 4 – Understanding Business

Lili Kassay – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 4. I’m a researcher, lecturer and manager. I am very interested in sports business, both in theory and practice. I loved playing basketball very much. I have been doing yoga and chi kung fu for a while.

Week 5 – Leadiung Business

Irena Valantine – is  the facilitator of week 5. She’s an expert from the field of Sport management covering topics of Leadership and Entrepreneurship as well, currently employed by the Lithuanian Sports University in the position of Professor.

Week 6 – Finish Line


Elizabeta Valentic – in this MOOC I’m the facilitator of week 6. I’m a project manager and I love all my European projects. I like hiking on high mountains and swimming in deep oceans.

E-Moderator / E-Convener

Natasa Sfiri – in this MOOC I’m the moderator or convener in all weeks.I love my online groups and in my leisure time I like to play tennis.



    One Hour earlier I submitted my comments on marketing Clues for 3.2 week three and i have shared my views on Reliance Gio Advertisement, but my name is not appearing on recent comments folder. Kindly have a look into.


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      hmmm – maybe it will need some time to appear? I will ask or technician …

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein

      my comment was appearing immediately — maybe other learners were communicating more or less on the same time?

    3. Jutta Pauschenwein

      yesterday later on I saw your name in the comments’ list 🙂


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