Week 1 – Starting Line


Jutta Pauschenwein – in this MOOC  I’m facilitator, convener and moderator. I’m an e-learning expert at FH JOANNEUM, I love to learn in MOOCs – and I like cycling and swimming.

Week 2 – Team Up


Mojca Doupona Topič – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 2. I’m a researcher, lecturer and manager. I’m very interested for verbal and non verbal communication and I love different kind of sport, especially running and skiing.

Week 3 – Marketing Clues

Cecilia Casalegno – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 3. I’m  a researcher and lecturer in marketing management, communication and human resource management and I work at the Department of Management, University of Turin. I definitively love researching on marketing and communication, running and cycling.

Week 4 – Understanding Business

Lili Kassay – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 4.

Week 5 – Leadiung Business

Irena Valantine – in this MOOC  I’m  the facilitator of week 5.

Week 6 – Finish Line


Elizabeta Valentic – in this MOOC I’m the facilitator of week 6. I’m a project manager and I love all my European projects. I like hiking on high mountains and swimming in deep oceans.

E-Moderator / E-Convener

Natasa Sfiri – in this MOOC I’m the moderator or convener in all weeks.I love my online groups and in my leisure time I like to play tennis.

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