Week 1: Starting Line

Monday, 23 October – Sunday, 29 October

Jutta Pauschenwein (Facilitator)            –                  Natasa Sfiri: (Moderator/Convener)

Learning objectives

You will

  • understand the concept of the MOOC and plan personal participation,
  • network in groups across borders,
  • connect doing sports with being an entrepreneurship.

Do’s and don’ts for MOOC learners

Jutta speaks about the AtLETyC MOOC, what to expect in week  and what advices she can give to new MOOC learners.

People and the AtLETyc MOOC

Thomas explains how the MOOC website is working and who are the people creating the AtLETyC MOOC?

Introduction to the AtLETyc MOOC

To learn in a MOOC requires specific competences. In this week we will support you in gaining an insight into the MOOC, the people and the topics. There will be time for you as learner to get used to this online learning space and to understand how the information is structured. We will invite you to present yourself and to get in touch with others learners as well as with the facilitator and the moderator of this week.

Why this MOOC could be interesting for you

Videos about athletes who turned entrepreneur will inspire you and are maybe useful for the visualization task where you are invited to think about a creative way to present a business idea.


  1. Belmin Zećo

    Hello, I am Belmin Zećo and I am from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is a town about 200 000 population and it is very beautiful place to live and meet new friends. I am 20 years old and I am study at FASTO university. I am here to learn something new and to exchange some experience with the others.

  2. cemotarik

    Hello, I’m Tarik Ćemo and I live in Sarajavo the city where I was also born. Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it's a beautiful place to live. I'm 19 years old and I'm a student at FASTO university. I’m here to learn new things and I’m looking forward to find some new knowledge.

  3. Povilas

    Hi everybod. My name is Povilas. I am doing wresting, I am Lithuanian. Since I never had opportunity to study entrepreneurship online, I am looking forward to do so. I hope to find interesting information and learning new things on this MOOC platform.



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