Assignment 1.2: Connecting sports and entrepreneurship

Purpose: Identify your strengths as athlete or sportsman/sportswoman and reflect how you could us them in business

Task: Reflect what characteristics you need in being an athlete or doing sports. What is it that helps you to practice a lot, to get up after falling down? What is your benefit of being an athlete? Connect the characteristics you found with your ideas about being an entrepreneur. Which properties will help you in your first steps as entrepreneur?

Interaction: Read some comments of other learners and react to them when you find similarities or something new.


  1. Florian Schabereiter

    There are a lot of things you need to compete successfully as an athlete.

    One of those are consequence. Even if doing your favorite sports is one of the best jobs you can have, sometimes it can be really hard. Hard training, a lot of things to waiver of, sometimes less time for leisure or friends, … But if you keep consequent on working ist´s not as hard as if you lean back and have to catch up something you lost while you leaned back.
    A further thing is to focus on your goals. You need a plan – which means that you should know where you want to be in Season oder in 2,3 years. If you are setting yourself goals and keep consequent working on them – you will reach your goals!
    In This part it is good to catch yourself frequently in acting like an olympic or world champion or acting like a person who reached the goals.

    Focus on yourself while getting information of others!
    It is important that you move your own way, step by step on the top in direction to your goals. While you trying to improve yourself you should not forget to watch and communicate with the rest of the world. May you can see any useful tendencies or use the opportunity to push up mutual. Rivalry must not be only competitive – it can boost both sides in a good way.

    One more very important point is to resume responsibility. As an athlete you are the chef of your own company and ultimately you are responsible for your success. This means that you should always have things under control. Contrary to that ist is important to cede responsibility to your Team too. Everyone in a team plays an important role – and in my opinion it is also important that those people get responsibility for their part.

    If I draw a line from sports to entrepreneurship in aspect to the mentioned characteristics i see a lot of similarities.
    As an entrepreneur, I can imagine, it is major to have a running team. I guess the clue is to give your team members as much responsibility and freedom in working as possible, but always have things under control. Maybe it is important to lead things in a way of “we´re a team” and not “I´m the boss”.
    Setting goals and working on them is as important as other things mentioned. As an entrepreneur you need visions for future. How should I improve if I´m not looking forward??
    Network-building, communication and monitoring are characteristics an entrepreneur needs for development.
    And with consequence I can draw a line from sports to entrepreneurship. There might be times where is a lot of work and less time for leisure or “not the best times” – if anything is not running. It is important not to bury your head in the sand – keep on working hard und looking forward!

    As an sportsman / -woman you have very good requirements for getting an entrepreneur. The characteristics mentioned above may can help to have a good start into entrepreneurship.

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      ad Consequence:
      Muhammad Ali said: “I hated every minute of training, but I said: Don´t quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Great Florian, that you already started to work in my week – and it’s interesting to read about your experience. I imagine, that athletes are more focussed than other people, and this helps with respect to entrepreneurship 🙂

  2. Andrea Regis

    Judo is my sport and I’m still a professional today.
    When I’m fighting during the competitions, I’m alone against my opponents: I have to win the fight and what I search is only a legal way to throw him on the mat and take home the result.
    In this sport, I have to take fast decisions in a while. Sometimes, while I think of an action able to throw my opponents, it’s already too late to do it, so I have to change completely my plane to get the winning.
    Sometimes I win, but a lot of times I loose: it’s 19 years that I’m in the world of judo, and from 4 years, it has became also my job (I’m in the Sportive Military group of Esercito); the reason why I’m still practicing is really easy.. There is nothing better then the few seconds of glory after the winning of a competition.
    My body Is quite broken, but also if today I’m recovering from a surgery to the shoulder, I can’t wait the moment to step on the mat and feeling the adrenaline that nothing else can give me.
    At the beginning of this writing I wrote that on the mat I’m alone, but this is true at a halfway: during the trainings there are persons around me, there is the coach, there are sparring partners, there is the physio.
    I have never seen a judoka, winning important competitions, completely alone. The athlete needs to be able to select the own team, to understand which kind of partners can help, which ones not. Most of all, the athlete needs to be able to keep the sparring around him.
    Being a sparring partner is really not an easy thing: he has to be thrown on the mat several times, he has to do good reactions, be sharp in understanding the different moments of the trainings. The team around the athlete has to be constantly motivated.
    Well, I think that one of my best characteristic is being able to keep contacts to create good work groups and leading a team without showing that I’m leading them.
    I don’t know exactly how I do, but I think that I really love listening the stories of the persons. I like helping my friends solving their big or little problems; I also like listening persons all around the world with their own culture.
    During this years of sport I visited a lot of places all around the world, and I have many friends who know that they can count on me anytime.
    Being an entrepreneur for me means leading a group of selected persons who have my same point of view, or at least who trust me for the person I am.
    Taking fast decisions is something I’m used to, also if sometimes I’m too much close to the past that is difficult to take the risk, making mistakes and going ahead. But I’m working on this and I’m sure that with the experience it will be easier to change something for a better future.

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      Hy Andrea!

      I totally agree with you in the point of leading a Team without showing that you´re leading them. Maybe this is one of the most important characteristics in being an entrepreneur.

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Andrea, I like it that you mention trust. Personally I believe that trust is important for a group to work together in a good way. But maybe this works only in small groups ? Bye, Jutta

      1. andrea regis

        Probably you are right Jutta: if you have a small group of persons, it’s easier to create connections and being trusted. But I really thing that also in bigger groups of work, there needs to be a kind of trusting, if not for the chief, for the project and the objective to get!

        1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

          I discussed you comment with one of my colleagues who will participate in the MOOC and probably contribute to our discussion. He has a different view and means that leading and managing is about hierarchy and control. …..
          Looking forward to his contribution and explanation.
          Have a nice Sunday, Jutta

          1. Andrea Regis

            I m curious to hear about this point of view, because I totally agree about hierarchy and control, but from my point of view, there is a line and we can’t cross it!
            i mean, there is a chief in a company, he has to control everyone, but if no one trusts in the idea of the chief or of the company, the employes will never give their 100%, not even the 80%, and this would mean to minimize the profits.

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