Week 1: Athletes as Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of athletes in different countries who already are successful entrepreneurs. In the following videos you can learn from them and get some inspirations.

Video of Alex Leichter

Video of Lewis Howes, former professional Football player

.. as athlete I have been obsessed with things .. and I need to be obsessed with things as entrepreneur as well.

Video of Jeremy Bloom, former professional skier and football player

… as athlete you need a short memory, if negative thoughts stick they have an impact on your performance – as athlete and as entrepreneur

Video of Shaun White, professional snowboarder and entrepreneur

..do what feels right and follow my instincts as athlete and as entrepreneur

Assignment 1.2

Assignment 1.2: Connection between sports and entrepreneurship



  1. Levente Ali

    These were one of the best videos during the weeks. I like personal views of people.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)


  2. Orsolya Tolnay


    These videos are great, motivating and inspirational! Thanks for sharing with us!

    What I am missing is an example with a woman. Given the fact that a considerable number of the learners here are women, I think it would have been great if you had presented at least one female example.

    What is your opinion?

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      Thanks for the feedback Orsolya! I totaly agree with with you! This would have been best. Kinds regards, Natasa

  3. Ashok Kumar

    I watched the video of Lewis Howes former professional footballer(now entrepreneur) I am really convinced that Athletes are ambitious similar to entrepreneur and also they’re more able to handle the pressure and stress.
    And as per video of Jeremy Bloom formar skier & footballer (now entrepreneur) I am convinced that Athletes are more mentally committed and they have experience of learning from mistakes.

    I have gone through the some comments also, and if we club them the essence is that Athletes are:

    More committed
    More risks taking
    More ambitious
    More goal oriented
    More focused
    Full of jest
    Can handle pressure/stress
    Having much experiences of loose/defeats and Success
    Ofcourse more Committed
    Having more awareness of competitive field

    Most of above knowledge parts are similarly required for a good entrepreneur also. So, above nutshell shows Athletes are on front foot than common people to become a good entrepreneur.


    1. Natasa Sfiri

      Hello Ashok!
      Thank you for summing up these characteristics from the postings you read. It is very helpful for others too!
      You athletes are very special people 🙂


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