Week 2: Team up

Monday, 30 October – Sunday, 5 November 2017


Mojca Doupona Topič (Facilitator)         –                     Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein: Moderators

Learning objectives: You will

  • develop competences in oral and visual communication,
  • learn to give and receive information,
  • learn to solve a problem and accept and understand different perspectives
  • learn to properly analyse a situation.

To get a first impression

In the interview with Elizabeta Valentic Mojca Doupona Topic welcomes the particpants and explains why communication skills are the basis of successful entrepreneurship.

Video of Peter Mankoc

Peter Mankoc is a former lead athlete – swimmer – proud owner of 34 medals from European and world swimming championships. After his career he finished International business school Bled and is today employed as head of marketing at AC Cosmos in Ljubljana. He explains why is very important to dedicate time to education during the competition carrier.


Tanja Kajtna presents the materials and content.The focus will be on communication and team work, goal setting and problem solving. Let’s get started!

 About the transition from sport to business

The transition from a professional sport career to a business career can be hard. Here is the story of Alex Leichter on what helped him in the transition from sport to business.

Communication and teams

In this week the athletes and participants will learn about the process of communication with another person and in groups. The first topics gives insights into basic communication skills, such as active listening, effective reporting of messages and verbal and non – verbal communication (posture, vocalization, facial expressions, proximity and others).

Feedback and goal setting

They will also learn how to properly analyse a situation, learn about the importance of feedback, how to understand another person’s perspectives and learn about effective problem – solving techniques. These competences help to evaluate human interaction.


  1. lizz

    hi everyone, here is my story:
    Last season was my last as an active athlete, but I didn’t know at that time. The highlight of the season were the alpin ski world championships in St. Moritz. I have not been in shape at all, tried hard to qualify for the world championships, but in the end I didn’t do so. I didn’t finish the race in Cortina, which was my last chance. It was the first time in my whole career, that I couldn’t qualify for that major event – that was it. I was very angry, sad, tough with myself (red hat) and confronted with negativity (black hat). In that situation I gave an interview – which was very emotional and probably not the best idea – cause people thought I’m done now. That was it – my last race ever….and honestly – that was somehow what I was feeling at that point. But then, I took some time off, reflected on what did happen and came to the point, that I’m not done, by far! ( my yellow hat, my white hat, my blue hat and my green hat worked together – starting to find a solution) I defined my problem: not in shape, I thought about a solution – about what I could do – so I started to check my technique again, broke it down to simple keypoints and worked on it with an individual coach from my home ski area. I checked my material, opened my eyes and figured out, that my colleges were using different skies. So I tried them and gained speed again. I trained with an individual coach and I trained with the Europacup girls – and when the world campionships were done, I hopped back to my team again and trained with them, getting ready for the last 6 weeks of the season. And finally, I was fast again, finished the last worldcup races of the season with 7th and a 5th place and proved myself, that there is always a way and a solution…. I wrote the story about myself, if this is not to the point of the homework, please tell me, and I’ll write another one….cheers Lizz 🙂

    1. Kekesi Marton

      Hi Everyone, Hi Lizz!
      Well i read your story and it was pretty interesting for me! Especially because I am ski racer too and i have participated at the world championships in St. Moritz. I know its very difficult to qulify and be between the best racers in Austria. I really respect you about your results and also for your solving probelm that you could finish your career with happy ending. So I can say you were not only a talented skier but also a smart racer which you need in the bussiness and solving problems too. Congrats!
      This reminds me to my Austrian coach ( I am sure you know him..) He is a smart and very expert coach and if I got into a trouble he always helps me to solve the problems.
      Let me tell you a story, it is also something about the qualifying…
      At 2015 when the junior world champs was in Sochi and also my last year in the junior category – I had a pretty difficult year because I had the first year of the university. I had to perform in the uni and also in the skiing at the same time. The first year in the uni is always difficult and water-parting. I have been always the one of the best racer in HUN but due to the less training in that year the federation didn’t want to send me to the world champs. They said that I have missed trainings days and some teammates will probably beat me at the race and it will just unmotivate me – I was very down and disappointed but mostly I got SCARED about my career and the situations. How can I perform the max and skiing high-level later on? I was think about that i can not live without ski racing and I can’t just neglace and ‘give up’ just like this. I was very frustated that time because ski raceing is a determined activity in my life. I had to find some solutions for the future. I decide that I gonna use my time only for skiing and studying nothing else will care . It was hard to study durring the training camps but i had my will power and i was studing durring the traning camps as power as i had and after arriving home studying day and night before the exams.
      I realized that the time is very important and you have to set your time for the most important things what makes you succesfull. (A rule: Manage, Focus, Avoid, Limit.) Like in the bussiness or in the enterprise the time is money…
      After this i changed my life style and last year in st. moritz at the qualification race with the 22nd place succeed to qualify to the final SL race where Hungarian racer could have never made before in this way and there. This year I am also one of the possible racer for the Pyeongchang olympic.
      I have learned that never give up and where is the will there is the way! I think you can be succes in the bussiness too if your fight same as in the sports.
      Well it might not be the point of the homework but I promise the next one will be closer!

  2. Ronald Charles

    Hi Everyone this is my story,
    So i travelled here to Hungary fromthe caribbean and decide i am going to do this mooc. So after completing week one which was very easy i came to the libary to complete week two. First i try reading the book but its not available in the libary since most of the books are hungarian here at the university. the other thing was writing this story, i have written two excited story already which got deleted, the first i try posting and then there was an error and it did not get posted and i did not backed it up cause the keypad and everything is in hungarian. the other i asked the lady from the libary to please help me copy !!!! and guess what she deleted it instead. so what else can i write about when all the words i type are highlited in red because its in english and the computer is in hungarian after i picked english before i logged on to the computer in the irst place. i hope this story get posted and if i spell incorrectly without proper sentances i guess you will know why also.

    Can you guess my emotions at this time?

  3. Emmitt Lehman

    I cant find the quiz. Does anyone know where I can find it at?

    Thank you!

    1. Žiga Papež

      Me neither! And I was looking for it last 5 days…

      1. Natasa Sfiri

        You can find the quizes on an extra website. You should have gotten a username and password for that. Do you have it? The website: https://vc-training.fh-joanneum.at/course/view.php?id=185

  4. Julia Mauler

    Hi I`m sorry I couldn`t find the reading part of Gordon T, Teacher effectiveness training: the program proven to help teachers bring out the best in students of all ages?

    Thank you,

    1. Julia Mauler
      1. Natasa Sfiri

        Hi Julia! I asked Mojca and am waiting for her answer.

        1. Žiga Papež

          What about quiz!? I cant find it…


    2. Tanja Kajtna

      dear Julia, the book Teacher effectiveness training is widely available in libraries. I doubt you’ll find it on the internet, the link you provided is just a brief description, not the actual book.
      I wish you pleasant reading,


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