Assignment 2.2 Feedback and goal setting

Purpose: Learning about different feedback techniques and goal setting strategies in challenging situations

Task: Analyse a situation in the past year that upsetted you and describe your approach of dealing with the situation. List what went well and what did’n work so well. Based on the videos of this week explain what could have been a better approach using DeBono’s hats and/or Dewey’s method.

Interaction: Read at the stories of your peer learners. Comment their proposed solutions regarding to your experiences. How did you react in similar situation? If you would solve the problem in another way, how?


  1. Gregor Mišič

    It was in the middle of winter 2017. University sport association was falling apart. People from student council and other student organizations were under psychological stress and they reacted very aggressively on every little change and without thinking before. I was working on big international student sport event, so I saw all this negative behaviour through e-mail. But because it was from my field of studying I had to wrote my opinion. I looked at the problem and think about possible solutions. I marked my solutions in my mind and pick the one that was the best for the whole situation. From that I wrote e-mail message to calm down the situation and systematically/thoughtfuly resolve the problem. When I listened to the presentation of human problem solving I saw that I developed my own technique of solving problems that is alike with the Dewey’s and De Bono’s.

  2. Jaka Kramaršič

    In school year 2012/2013 i was the second year at the Faculty I had to pass 18 exams to go to my third year. Till July I passed 10 exams, that mean that I wasn’t pretty successful and that I will have to do 8 more in August and September. Otherwise I will lose the best student dorm here in Ljubljana I won’t be able to be with my girlfriend, and I will lost my student status. Soo I was very nervous, than I made a plan how will all make all exams and I really believe in it. Fifteen days before my last exam period I went on holiday by seaside and I learn there. I was relaxed and very confident I came to Ljubljana and pass all exams. I was the most happy and grateful person in the space.
    If I will be in similar situation next time I will definitely use the Dewey’s method and fix my problems even faster.

  3. Rok Petrič


    I think Dewey’s method is very usefull, you can use it in every aspect of your life.

    Last two year i struggle to finish my university college. I was not interested in it and have no desire to finish. But then i spoke with some of my friends and family. I reset my focus and set my new goals in education. In that year i finish collage and sign up in another. Im very glad with how things end up. It that time of my life i used Dewey’s method no even knowing it…

    Best regards.

  4. Fazekas Ádám


    In the last two year my university was horrible, nothing goes on well. My studies was very hard and the phisycal activites was too much. I survived the situations with more hard work. I have learned more effectly and train more and hope.

  5. Francesca

    When i finished hight school I decided to starts university life, nothing to do sport. My purpose was training two times at day. At half school term I was improve in sport but I didnt neither one univerity exam. In summer, during a training camp I broken crociate ligament. I didnt do of my life now. This injury had open eyes. Now I am at 2 years of sport university, and champ of Italy.

  6. Krisztián Simon

    In high school I had 2 trainings/day. In the mornings and the afternoon. I had to decide beetwen the early taining and the school. Although I choosed the trainings, after in the school I got personal timetable. So I wasn’t handicaped.

    1. Adam Uhlar

      When I was teenager I learned at a local high school. Judo was my favorite sport, but i loved every sport. The sport atmospher was very good in my high shool so I do every sport in the school, volleyball, karate, conditioning etc. I was training 2-3 occasion per a day and I also learn the obligatory curriculum in the school. I loved it, but i was very overtrained in the first time.

  7. Luca

    In the last year I had a some difficulties on the working level, as everything was not going as I had hoped, hohowever I had patience and I continued to work hard, until the situation has been unblocked

  8. Margarita

    I had experience working with sales and clients. It was difficult and not interesting for me, but at that time I was actively involved in sports and analyzed my situation. I found out what I did not like and why. The solution was simply to enjoy the process. Do the actions that I can and do not wait for the result. Very quickly the result came itself. I really started to like what I did. Became many customers, and they were pleased. This is important both in sports and in business. Do not think about the result, you just have to enjoy what you are doing and then there will be success.

  9. Levente Ali

    I was in a difficult position beetwen my sport career and my studies at the University.
    I play water polo and the pool, where my team trains is too far from my place and I couldn’t sleep enough to arrive on my morning classes.
    Unfortunatelly I had to decide beside the University and join another team, because the distance was too much and I did not have enough time for both of them.
    Maybe if i could use the Dewey problem-solving protocol i could handle the situation and come up with a better solution.

  10. Justinas

    My sport is Modern pentathlon. Last year I was in South Korea to study for 10 months. And I didn’t have very good conditions to do my sport. I was struggling a little bit in the beginning. But later I calm down and decided to make a plan for my self. I knew that time in Korea will pass very fast so I was trying to be positive as much as possible. And to train as much as possible in my free time after studies. I was training for my self and I knew that I will have what I will do.
    So it was working I was very happy every day just sometimes afraid about my main competition in summer time. When I came back home I still had 2 months before World championship. I had clear head and positive thinking. So mental preparation was really good I think. My trainings in Korea wasn’t as usual at home but I think it was very productive even few times less than at home. So in that main competition I won bronze medal and it was one of the best seasons in my life. I am very happy that I made that step and went to Korea and in that hard moments I was thinking positive. My body remembered what is good competing in a right moment again!

  11. tomas_eas

    I’m an tennis coach. And last year I got a neck injury. Then I realized that I would no longer be able to effectively train my students. So I suggested them other coach. My students told me, that they don’t want other coacher, and they want to stay with me. They were angry and disappointment. I didn’t know how to solve the problem. I realized that I would lose all my students in any case. So I began to talk with them, what we can do to change that situation. I talked with them a lot of. Then I thought everything calmly, and one evening I found new idea! That I can use new innovated teaching technics in tennis. So I decided new exercises, like tennis game with holding the equilibrium, game with tennis balls for good coordination, etc.
    So in this situation I won, that my all students stayed with me, and I found new tennis technique and strategy. In other hand my students won too.
    I used Dewey’s method even I didn’t knew it.

  12. Tóth Anett

    In high school our basketball team had 2 different coaches in 1 season. It was really hard for me because I got used to the first coach , I liked his trainings and the second coach had different training methods. It was really hard for me to accept it. It was a long time for me, to get used to it.
    If I used Dewey’s method it wont’t be that much time I think.

  13. Eglė

    For me unpleasant situation was when my coach of swimming due his health problems had to retire, and new coach was assigned. He came with different philosophy and I was struggling to adapt to it. It took time for me (I guess for him as well) start understanding each other, fortunately now everything is ok.
    If I would need to choose one of the tow methods, I would go with Dewey method. I think in this situation its better.

  14. Nedim Covic

    When I was 23 I decided to finish my sport career. After injurie I did not have same feeling for competition, although I hade same passion and motivation in training. All of my friend already had their life’s organised, and I was the one with just sport background. So, I changed the perspective how life should be organised and decided to quit sport and to devote myself to education. I am still not sure did I made good decision by quitting. Appropriate method could have been Dewey’s method since I decided alone not respecting other factors

    1. Kinga Csonkics

      I had nearly the same situation.
      I think you did right! I think life always ‘shows’ us what is right. If you had injuries it means maybe it wasn’t your way. And you can do competition sport until you are 35. After it’s over and you have to start something new. Now you have enough time to bulid your carrier by learning etc.

  15. cemotarik

    After I finished high school I had to make a choice what collage should I attend. one choice was the collage that would give me better advantage to live so to was a luxurious life and other was to attend a sport collage thing I love. My parents told me to go were do I think is the best, what I like. But like every normal person I was in dilemma between money I thing I like. And on the last day I made a choice what collage should I attend. My choice was collage that was based on sport. I think that I made a good choice because you never know what the life has prepared for you. Life is short and you need to enjoy it. Money can’t buy you some thing’s. ( I just want to make it clear both collage are good and give me a good life just the first collage would give me probably an easier start to make money.)
    If I used Dewey’s method it would be easier to make a choice it would save much more time.
    I think I made a good choice and I don’t regret it.

  16. Lejla Tanovic

    A few months ago I had to make a decision to quit sports and start working, or to continue with my sports career. It was a tough decision but what made me angry was my parents putting the presure on me to make a decision. I was so frustrated because nothing was going to give me a sure answear and therefore I couldn’t give one to them but I had to give them something otherwise they wouldn’t stop bugging me. If I used DeBono´s and Dewey´s method I would probably see things more from their perspective since they were just looking out for my future and they eventually supported my every decision, so that time was only wasted worring about something only I could change.

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      Hi Lejla! I’m curious now… what did you decide?

  17. Kinga Csonkics

    This september I went to a job interview. I already worked there but on lower levels. This was an opportunity to move up. I prepared myself for it and my speech was really really good. Everyone were satisfies with me and my testwork was also good. All day I was so nervous and I was nearly sure that I will get it…
    At the end of the day one of my bosses called me. I did’nt get the job. She told me that everyone liked me and it was a really hard decision, but the other woman had great adventage, because she knows the Territorial Director and have big relatioships etc.
    So I could have done anything…the job was already her. It was hard to handle it becoause I had mixed feelings… It was a big experience that sometimes life or people aren’t fair and you work really hard and do your best but you can’t control everything.
    I think I should have used Dewey’s method because I was ‘alone’ with my problem and my situattion and I hade to change my attitude. I still young and still learn I wil have more job interview maybe with better chances.

  18. Povilas

    Last year I had a situation which wasn’t very good for me. With our sport club we were preparing for the national championship, everything went well. We started championship team was in a good shape. My personal results were good as well. This was noticed by our national team members and I got invitation to participate in the training’s with our national team. But at the same time, we had plans with our club to go to sport camp. Therefore, I had to wait other invitation. In me opinion the best way to deal with this situation is planning and clear communication to avoid this kind of misunderstandings, which could affect sport career.

  19. Vilius Sa

    Hi, my situation that I had last year happened in international 2-week sport camp. We came with our team and settled down at the hotel, the location was good, training conditions was selected perfectly. At the same time other teams from other countries participated, so overall everything was brilliant. Until… unfortunately, during 3 days of the camp in the evening I decided to taste local food, and during the diner I tried specially prepared meet. After that everything went wrong, I got food poisoning and for other 3 days I wasn’t able to practice. After this incident I always lessening that our team members recommend and trying to follow their suggested diet, especially in the foreign countries.
    To sum up this perfectly could by followed by Dewey’s method to avoid such thing in the future, because problem of the bad health was identified and problem was defined. Conclusion was formulated

  20. Raimonda Palionyte

    Hello Everybody,
    I also had an interesting situation – I am a coach of the rider, which before was training to the other coach. The rider is riding with me almost half a year. Results get better. Horse is calm and trust to the rider. That was not done before. So, rider with low self-confidence came to me and asked for the help. The other coach was very angry and disappointed of the rider, because he took other coach (me). So, after the some time, that coach told to the other riders, that everything that this rider reach in this day is only of her trainings before. And all efforts rider did – this is the previous coach achievement. This absolutely not the truth. When rider heard this information from other friends-riders, he became a little bit angry of the coach words. Because it was lie. Horse and rider get better only after training with me.
    Of course, I explained to the rider this moment. Rider understands, because it has no disputes.
    But the problem was – what to do with the other coach. How to say, that this information is just his emotion, nothing more. Negative emotion.
    If I could use DeBono´s and Dewey´s method I could get a clear view of the problem and get into a situation with different point of views.
    And I do nothing. I just explain very clearly everything to my rider and decided, that there is no point to talk with angry person, who can take responsibility of his own training, which was not good the that rider. And after that make a discution which has no point, just negative emotions to everyone.

  21. Tomas_LT

    As already mentioned in the last assignment I would like to carry on my coaching experience. In particular on formation of the youngsters group. When we launched the invitation for the 8 – 12 years children to attend boxing training sessions, we visited schools and I faced negative attitude from the teachers and some children parents regarding my sport. Almost all of them started to tell me that it is not save and this could provoke the aggression and injuries, which in the future will reflect on children’s life quality. This was very upsetting to hear… We had to put a lot of effort and convince teachers with children parents that it is not true and box could be other form of non-formal learning.
    If to talk about DeBono’s hats approach I should use yellow hat. I had to show positive points plus add logical explanations and demonstrate why and how boxing is useful for the growing children.


    Long time ago, as an athlete, as a member of the national team, I decided to change country, because then I had not chance to compete in so many competitions as I wanted. So I packed and moved to Hungary. Why to Hungary? Simply answer was that I was student at that time and I wanted to finish my studies in Sport thinking that being here I can also go easyly to University for the exams. In 2000 I got the hungarian citizenship and from then I could race in hungarian colors. In the beginig of this period I had to confront many dificulties. Main one was the language, and then the mentality of the people, the acceptance of the athletes and also of the leaders. The 1st kick was in 2000 ( there were many)when I had the qualification for the Sydney Olimpics for marathon event and after the olimpic oath I learned out that I was exclused from the team. This caused me a big pain, but I decided to step out and think positivelly and concentrated on my sport carrier. I think I did a good job and I am proud to represent my adoptive country in many international competitions despite of less support( including also olimpics, world championship, EChamp). I was a little diligent ant which collected awards and medals one after another and this made me to feel a small ambassador for this country throught my running. Now I feel great, and I am looking forward to finding the link between sport and life in business which is not easy,

  23. Gergye András

    I was in a difficult position beetwen my sport career and my studies at the University (Budapest). I live in a diffrent city called Zalaegerszeg it’s about 250km beetween the two city. My club was in Zalaegerszeg and my studies called me Budapest so it was very hard to unite the two part of my life and after some month I have to decide beside the University because the distance was too much and I did not have enough time for both of them.
    Maybe if i could use the Dewey problem-solving protocol i could handle the situation and come up with a better solution.

  24. Rozsnyai-Kovács Aletta

    One situation that upsetted me in the past year was in high school when we got a team assignment to do in one of our classes and I was the only one showing interest in the topic, so at the end I did all the work. At first, I tried giving out tasks, but the quality of their work was not appropriate, because they knew I would re-do them all. As I look back now, I know I should have let them know not to take my work for granted and maybe help them do their own duties properly, or just simply not to write their names on the paper.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Yes Aletta, this is a situation that often happens. In my opinion it is the responsibility of the teacher to help the student group with group dynamics!

  25. Marco

    Hi everybody
    I am a little late with this week, because I missed it three weeks ago.
    I clearly remember the day when I attended my last exam at high school, in Italy students have to show their own presentation about a specific topic, and with the teachers they discuss it, after that they declare your final grade.
    I did a presentation about a famous drawing by Raffaello, I had the idea of this presentation too late in spite of the day of the exam and so I did not constructed it as I wanted to do. It was very interesting and full of deep concepts, but teachers realized that when they asked my more informations to correlate to the concepts of the drawing and I was not able to answer they gave a me a bad grade.
    I was very upsetter because I perfectly knew that it depended to me but my idea was one of the best of the school, I just started to doing that too late. I did not fixed my goals and so I did not give the proper attention to the details that should. make the difference.
    Sto by step, everything is possible.

  26. Samira Tutundzic

    Hi there,
    I will explain my problem through de bono’s hats.

    I am a little late with this story, because I missed it by accident..
    Well my problem was when I was injured. I twisted my leg. My coach constantly thought that I am lying about that because I did not want to go to competitions. He did not understood my situation at all. What I did was stop training for long period of time until he called me and asked me what my problem is. My approach to my trainer was bad and and I should reacted differently. I should have sit down with him and explained my problem and probably he would reacted differently. My benefit is that my trainer have respect for me, because I was one of the best and perhaps that was the reason he called. He figure out the risk of me not training and that is his black hat. 🙂

  27. Sejla

    Hello everyone,
    It is difficult to match professional sports and school. I had major problems when I attended high school because I did not meet all my obligations. I also do not have time for friends and social life. Your life grew only on training and school, my disagreements also went to maintain the physical education and fulfillment of the national team’s obligations.I’d like to try the Dewey method, and I think that knowing Dewey’s problem solving method will be a big help in the future.

  28. Monika Ivanauskaitė

    Last few years I had problems to communication with Excecutive Committee of Lithuanian Hockey Federation. They didn’t support me like Chef Officer and didn’t answering for my letters. So, what I did? I sending the same letter every day (and I’m doing this now too) and waiting them call. They asking why I sending same letter every day. I explane, that I will send it every day till they will answer for me. And it work! Now I have less problems in this case.

  29. Nikšić Azur Omar

    My analysis of the past years is a very difficult topic. I had a very difficult life span where I moved to Sarajevo and continued my life with my dad, in the beginning everything was a challenge and it was very difficult to come and still I was a child. During that time I wanted to give up on sports because of the obligations I thought were more important, but for all my dad’s good luck I was able to figure out what are the real values and what’s important in life. Of course today is all the challenge but I try not to lose my goal. Today I am a student at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education at the University of Sarajevo, which makes me very proud and helps me in the study and education through sport.

    You never have to lose your goal and look ahead and look for ways to achieve that goal, you do not have to look for excuses.

  30. Alma


    I am now in the very complicated and difficult situation but I was trying to do my best.
    I am student and I have lessons every day. After that, I am going to gym where I work, every day except saturday for six hours.
    Sometimes I have problems with the people who do not understand my obligations. But, I keep trying everyday to do my best at both positions, and also I am not trying to explain anybody why I am doing something or why I do not do that.

    So, keep smiling and keep your feet on the ground! 😉

  31. Denis

    Hi all,
    After watching the video of approach using De Bono’s hats, I think this is a new way for me.
    When I was young boy and just started to train basketball, I had trained a lot and giving the best of me. I wasn’t good and i admit it, but my coach made me know that even more.
    I was devastated, I was angry on him even taught to quit.
    But then i realized i need to talk with my dad i ask him for advice. Then he speaks to me and told me three simple things:
    – Prove him wrong
    – Train even harder
    – Convert hate to desire
    I was young and I did not understand the third one, but now I do.

  32. Amar Čejvan

    Hiii , the analysis of the situation from the previous years is a very demanding topic. There were some difficult moments that I overcame. Parallel with the school, I had to dedicate a lot of attention to football. In the second year of high school I started with individual trainings. It was very stressful because school take me at least 6 hours,after that i had to prepare for training and be able to complete hard workout . The biggest challenge was to stay in shape follow to proper nutrition. Through this I paid more attention to training than to school, but I succeeded. Now I’m studying sports and physical education where I have absolutely found myself, and I hope that parallel with my training I will be able to achieve good results in the educational part. I would like to try the Dewey method ,and I believe that knowing Dewey´s problem solving method will be a big help in the future

  33. Vid Persak

    Hi everyone,
    After turning into pro at my sport I tried to combine everything school and sport career. It took me quite some time to realize that it will be a hard work to combine everything.
    I had to much stress with my school problems, training hard and working closely to my sponsors. After that I decided to dedicate more time to sport and try to organize my school a bit better.
    This is how I saved myself and became better in sport but on the other hand I put school a bit on the side.
    With the Dewey problem- I might have been way faster solving the problem and I could have had less stressful life.

  34. Matyas Jokai

    Hi everyone!

    When I started to play basketball at my university there was a conflict between the players and the coach. The workouts were the same, there wasn’t any offensive or defense plays so the players were upset. Despite of these problem the team was successful and at the end of the season we finished at the first place. Next season some of the players left the team and the coach also quit. I don’t know if it was about the conflict but I wasn’t sad because I went to higher level.
    I think our problem couldn’t had been solved by the DeBono’s system because it was a long conflict not just one situation with bad behavior. I think we should had followed the Dewey problem solving system.
    Once we tried a “brain storming” where the boss of our coach said one thing, that until the team is successful it doesn’t matter how. Maybe that was the reason of the not too happy ending. We finished at the first place but the team got close to the end. I don’t now how they played next year but I am sure they weren’t so good. I only know that the team now playing in a lower level with different players and coach.
    I think maybe if we had followed the steps of the Dewey problem solving system then we would had different solutions to choose from, and we could made a plan for the future.
    Next time I think I will use these steps in my decision or problem solving methods.


  35. Rasa


    I had one coach for long time. I saw that I m not progressing, no results, no motivation. Coach spoked about lack of confident, but I didnt agree. It last for 2 years… I decided to go other coach, but not telling to my own. I just missed trainings for a while. After training back and forth, I just stopped training myself.
    I think I made mistake not to explaining my ambitions and expectations for the coach, not looking for the dialogue, but just stepping aside. And I see mistake from the coach, that he didnt recognize what i needed, and just letting me go. So, I think misunderstanding lead to conflict, that lasted almost 2 years.
    After that, I took courage to speak with coach about all the situation. I was good to speak up after all. It was a lesson for me and for coach, that dialogue, telling expectations and setting goals, that defines both sides is very important in early days.

  36. Alberto Brumana

    Some years ago I was at my last Youth National Championships. I had trained myself really strong all year long and also if I had a disease few weeks before this Championships, I thought I could make some good races.
    The Championships started and every event was worse than the previous one.
    After 3 long days the Championships finished and I haven’t reach no one of my goals.
    I was really sad and angry and I thought that I didn’t want to continue swimming.
    Then speaking with my coach I understood that my illness has really influenced my performance and I reflected with him how to proceed:
    – I need to rest myself in order to resume my training.
    – I know that will be other important races before the end of the season.
    – I’m sure that I have enough time to reach my goals.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Seems to me that you had a good coach 🙂

    2. Vid Persak

      You coach is a boss he made a really good steep!

  37. Aleksandras Baranovas

    Last year i had situation like this. Im working as a couch now and also competing in competitions. But this year i cant compete in every comeptitions, i had situation like this i needed to choose to go to World cup of boxing or go to seminar which is for boxing couches, I choosed seminar, because i was three years in a row in world cup and im now competing just for experience which will help me as a coach, and seminar is more important because its official AIBA( International boxing Association) and teher you will get a lot of interesting knowledge which i could use in future .
    Using Dewey method i think i should analyse situaton, define a situation, tell to myself which thing is better , seminar or world cup. Try to do brainstorming, asking what could i get from world cup and from seminar, and how can they be usefull for me.
    Try to evaluate solutions, which are the best fore me, and which ones will get best good things for me, then try to combine them, try to write down execution plan and then check for solution.
    Next time when i will have problem like this i will lead myself by these steps and i think its really useful and can help to make the right solution.

    1. Raimonda Palionyte

      It think Aleksandras choose good way. Sometimes you have to weight things. And it is very important to grow together with the students. But if you would like a good coach – you need not only experience, but also and knowledge.
      Good luck.

  38. Furiák Gergő

    I have a really interesting story in this topic.
    I was in a basketball team, where the coach and the team captain was the same person. The team had a lot of problem with him and with this situation. He thought about himself, that he’s a very good player and almost always spent near 40 minutes on the court. Okay, he was a pretty good 3-point shooter, but nothing more….he couldn’t do aníthing else and couldn’t play defense. In the team, there were a lot of talented young players who wanted to play and prove that they worked for their minutes. But nothing happened, the team morale decreased continuously until some guys decided to go away and try to find another team.

    Two or three times I tried to speak with the coach, he said yeah I’m right….I will decrease my minutes, but didn’t happen like this. I have no idea which thinking hat I should have use, but finally I also found a new team and it was the perfect decision, because I have a bigger role in this team and everything is better in every aspect. 


    Hi everyone

    In the previous year our Fencers achieved a total of 5 medals at junior & cadet Asian fencing championship and this is the ever highest performance in last 10 years and we all the coaches who were attached with the team became very optimistic (Yellow Hat) about planning for next session and our expectations advanced a further step and we were hoping for better result than above but, in the beginning of this year competition held for same age group we got only 2 medals, this is what made me felt very emotional (Red Hat) as whole one year workout and result turned to 40 percent while comparing to previous year.
    Then I tried to find out the reason and while analyzing the facts (White Hat) I found that in team events there were little changes as some of the fencers were not same or repeated this time due to results at National championship and also due to change of the age group. Now, after understanding the facts me and my colleague friends have set the new goals and restructured the training plan as per new equations of team for the upcoming competitions. I found the suggestions in the video “analysis and feedback on the basis of goal setting” are very helpful in the similar above situations as feedback from performance and analysis thereof gives us lots of informations to structure future plans or working and other video is also relating the facts that it is helpful to understand or identify the real cause of problem— Than number of solution options available– further best possible among these and probability of success rate and may be required multiple solutions together in combination. And of-course execution of the plan.

  40. Beate Schrott

    Last year I switched coaches and environments and started training with my current coach. Right before the outdoor season started we went on a training camp in Lanzarote to do the last preps before my first competition. Not even half way through the training camp my calf started hurting really bad. I was struggling every training session and was actually afraid of injuring my calf. It felt like my coach didn´t take me very serious. He said he has never heard of calf injuries before and always told me that he thinks the pain in my calf is a good sign, as the calf is adapting to the new training. So I found myself in a very difficult situation. I felt like I had to deal with these calf issues by myself and ended up not getting rid of them until after the season. I had pain in my calf for 3 entire months and my whole outdoor season was impaired. I tried many different things: physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy, even went to the chiropractor, but nothing seemed to really help. Just at the very end of the season I found a rehab center in Germany that really supported me. Their treatment gave me a temporal relief.

    Looking back at it I should have handled the situation very differently. Deweys problem solving method would for sure have helped to find a quicker solution.
    I believe I was wearing the red (emotional) hat. I knew the first competition was coming up and wanted to do whatever I can to make this a good season. I was not thinking of the consequences of my actions. My perspective was very short-term. It would have been better to wear the blue hat and think everything through. What are the consequences of training in pain? What are the risks of running competitions in pain? Who is going to help me with treatment? And so on.
    I believe that knowing Dewey´s problem solving method will be a big help in the future, as well as being aware of the different hats.

  41. Emanuele Becchis

    My goal for the end of 2017 it’s to recovery my shoulder and research the shape for be ready for the China tour de ski.
    I didn’t know this methods but I usually do something similar to the DeBono classification, I believe in the importance of the
    the feedback and race-analysis after a shoot of a “stages” race, like sprint or teamsprint.
    I usually use that few time, between the stages, for analyse the race (try to be impartial: white hat), with the adrenaline inside and probably with a lot of emotions (red hat) and if I have other stages after I search the motivation and the strenghts for be ready (psychologically) for the next one (so it’s probably a yellow hat), and if I lose it and I’m out from the competition I try to find and understand what happens and try to plan how to improve it in the future.
    I would like to try the Dewey method for find new ways of problem-solving.

  42. Francesco Becchis

    After the race usually i try to analize the competition with the De Bono method (using the withe hat).
    Sometimes with the coach or my teammates we speak about: the track, or what I would do best to do (like the curves, downhill.. or what was the best step to my performance)
    With the later things we try to use the green hat (for interpret the race) but during the dialog there’s also the red hat.
    I want to set some goals: be improve resistence to the long distance and learn to “suffer” more during my race.
    I hope to improve and step by step to reach my goals!

  43. Julia Mauler

    After my knee injury I tried to get back on field and make a good reha for next season. I also wanted to fullfil my studies at university. I tried combining both,but my reha took months longer and my grades weren´t good. It took me a long time deciding what I gonna do or what I ve got to cancel to have less stress for achieving good goals in both.
    After I decided making less courses at university and passing them in the upcoming semester life got easier and more powerful.

    With the Dewey problem- I might ve been way faster solving that problem and could ve had an easier life.

  44. Göktuğ

    Hello everyone,

    I was coach of the University Football team last year. We had 4 matches in 6 days at the tournament and i wanted to balance the minutes players were going to play. The first match is the easy one, so i decided to use players who they were generally not play. I announce the squad and then one of my best player came to me and said why he wasn’t on the team. Actually i shocked a little bit because i thought he could understand the decision. I explain why he wasn’t on the team and he started the cry and he said his friends laugh on him about not playing that day. After first day, we had match again in the tournament and i put on the pitch my best players. When the first half was completed the guy who was cried before said he didn’t want to play because of headache. I substitute him another player and match has ended with draw. I made a meeting that evening and talked about the teams lack of trusting each other. I was angry a little bit and the players looking like afraid. At the end of meeting that guy who has cried before wanted to talk with me and he said sorry for the first two day. After first two matches we won the last two and we reached last 16 in the tournament.

  45. Ronald Charles

    Hi everyone,
    I am multisport coach who fortunately had a lot of success despite always moving from sports to sports. one of the biggest dissapointment is having two world class females athletes i am coaching a while now that did not perform to their potential in most meets this year after breaking our national records. At this present time they are still 13 years old but probably ranking in the top ten in the world base on timings especially in 100 meters with both girls averaging 12:50 seconds already at that age. i think looking back and analyzing using the hats i think the white hat is what i should of use loking at the facts and also the blue in terms of logistics. the white because the facts is they are still 13 years old and far ahead of their time and as the blue hat says in terms of logistics are being logical i do not think they nedded the pressure of those big competitions that early even though they are capable physically like the white hat. they were not capable mentally. and like the red hat alot of emotions came into play. the good thing that came out of it was the expirienced gain and confidence gain because despite the results they both still medalled and that will be a big boost going into the competition next time as we will be strong both in mental and physical preperation.

  46. Amela

    I am a very instinct driven person, that’s why my path is very unusual – career, family, study, … I tend to set clear goals, but fail with structuring the strategy. I get distracted very easily and most of the time load on my shoulders more than I can handle. Instead of reviewing my performance/decision more often and change the path if neccessary, I insist for too long until nothing can be changed anymore. That is why I loved both methods and I am surely going to implement them in my life and next projects/situations. For example : when I had to choose between competing in a half marathon or taking an important exam, I choosed both. Theoretically it was possible, but life isn’t always addapting to our desires and goals, so I ended up exhausting my body and mind till the point I failed at both: exam and competition. Watching back at this situation, I would choose the Six thinking hats to choose better between alternatives.

  47. Jure

    I was getting ready for new season and also i was making exams on my University. I was hoping for the best in both “worlds”, but sadly i was not as good in sport as i wished…yea i passed my exams, but the bigger goals were in sport. I was dissapointed.
    With the Dewey problem-solving protocol I would have evaluated the situation better and come up with a solution to my problem of that you can do two very big things at once.

    1. Ronald Charles

      thats through and also look at the hats, try to be logical like the blue hat. in terms of the amount of work load you can handle at one particular time.

  48. Jakub Maly

    Being a captain of a team is often an ungrateful position. People often thing that you’re in a certain position of power and respect, but it has it’s negative aspects. As for me, I had to learn how to deal with problems not based on what is best for me, but what is best for the team.
    Being a leader of almost 40 young teenagers in college basically means putting out fire 24/7. I learned to use a method similar to Dewey’s method. I learned that problem solving can be often quite complex, with many possible options and you have to pick one that is in the best interest of everybody, not just you. First off all, I would try to not let my emotions influence my decision making. Taking a couple of hours to calm down and process the issue often helps. Second, I would clearly identify the problem and its possible consequences. Then I would try to come up with solutions, and ask people that I trust about their opinion. Lastly, I would select a solution that is in best interest of the future of our team.

    1. Julia Mauler

      Taking responsability for others is sometimes not easy, it´s always good to take others opinion you can trust on.

  49. Gergely Heinrich

    3 years ago I had an accident during a football match… my collarbone got broken. 6 weeks of resting, recovering and idleness which was and it’s still my nightmare. So I couldn’t run and generally I lived with zero excercises. Then, when I finally became ‘full’ I had to face some strange things that have never happened to me before.
    First of all I had to admit that I got much weaker my condition was worse than ever. So when I realized the real problems I started to think about solutions and on fast comeback. I trained 2x more than usual and I made a special plan. Some parts of the plan didn’t fit my time and training schedule so I focused on the feasible things, and luckily, my return was in process and my condition evolved faster than I thought.
    I’m happy that I used this well-prepared and deiberated problem solving technique, because it helped me very much.

  50. Jonathan

    In 2015 we had the chance to make it big Poland me and my best we open a football academy in Poland we had everything in

    place Infrastacture wise everything kids need in playing football and dreaming of becoming a super star we provided it….At the

    Begining when our football academy was open we had hundreds of kids turning up for the opening day of the academy things was

    moving smoothly and our business was doing really good not until i introduce a very talented young black man to help groom our

    Academy to the ultimate level he is good and we believe in him….the fact that he is people of colour some of the kids parents

    Started withdrawing their kids from our academy and the numbers where droping so badly that we decided to close down the

    Academy…It was so terrifying in this model day world we are still judging people by their colours instead of to appreciate what

    they can offer and do to make this world a better place.No Need to apply any techniques just close the academy down for good.

  51. Gotti Eisenberger

    In March, I had a big exam coming up at University. I also had a big swim meet coming up. So I decided to try and do both as good as I could. Unfortunately, I missed passing my exam by 1 Point. I was very upset because I knew I could have easily passed the exam. But i didn’t.
    With the Dewey problem-solving protocol I would have evaluated the situation better and come up with a solution to my problem of not having enough time.

  52. Ina

    Maybe my most difficult „problem“ was after finishing school. I didn’t know in wich direction I want to go next. I always wanted to go to university, but I wasn’t sure which subject. (1) Now I will evaluate my „problem“ by the Dewey problem solving protocol.
    (2) I found following solutions: A) Study sport B)Study maths C) Study maths for beiing a teacher with sport or D) with geography
    (3) My evaluation regarding to my solutions: I didn’t like the opportunities which offers maths as science for my future working life. I made the admission exam for sport, but I failed. I really liked it to help children to understand maths. So I liked the idea to get a maths teacher once. There was only the problem with the second subject left.
    (4) My decision upon my solutions: I took solution D).
    (5) „execution plan“: My solution is a good combination of my interests.
    (6) Checking the success of my solution: Now I am studying since two years and I like it.

  53. markus

    I started my coaching career in 2015, where i played lessons in a small tennis school outside from vienna. In the tennis school there were maybe talented kids but they played only one hour per week in group, so its not professonial enough for me, it is only fun for the kids and this is not my world. The goal was that i can resume this hobby tennis school and create a professional academy, where i am the boss. At this time i had not so much experience to lead company or a academy. So i decided to work in professional academy vienna, where i improved a lot and where i work now. I learned from other coaches, who have more experiences in professional tennis. Also i begun to work for the federation and where i responsible with my colleague for the Kids unter 10 in lower austria. So i think i used the bono hats. A mixture between the yellow hat and the white hat. Because it was also a sad decisions to left the tennis school, because the boss is a really good friend from my family and now the situation is not good like before between us. The white hat stands for the facts, and for me the important fact was that i had fix salary, improve my skills and got a better contact to the federation and different coaches from other countries.
    cheers Markus

  54. Jaka

    Last year i should finish my 3th grade of faculty. Beside studying i was also coaching, so it was quite hard finishing all my exams till october. Somehow i managed to, but only one exam i didn’t pass till autumn period of exams. I was studying a lot through summer but at the end when we got the results i failed. That’s why i was not able to sign to master’s program. I was really upset and lost, because i already have a plan for this year. I didn’t know what to do at that point. After talking with my parents, friends and also people that know me well, I decided to take a gap year and think about my future, which came out as a good idea.Some day i wrote down all positive and negative things about gap year. If i look form DeBono’s perspective, first i used red hat because there were a lot of emotions because of “failure”. Than i thought, there must be something positive about it, so i was obviously using the yellow one. I did a lot at gap year, especially on me as a person. I tried new things and improve the old ones, so i could say i was creative- green hat. Now i am happy about my decision, and also happy that now i know how to solve some problems with DeBono’s technique. Dewey’s six steps technique is already known for me, and i can say that it’s extremely useful, because it really helps you with problem solving. It goes step by step, and that, i think, is the most important in conflict solving.

  55. markus

    Hi Guys, where i can find DeBono’s hats and/or Dewey’s method.??? Help me 🙂
    cheers markus

  56. Paula Schmidl

    At the end of the last season I had to reach the decision whether to continue focusing on sport or to finally give priotity to a reputable education ,as many young athletes do. I always wanted and tried to combine both, sport and university, however, I failed due to long driving distances between my place of training and education, improveable time management and moreover I had difficulties in finding my field of interest. What´s more I have always tried to give 100%. 100% training as well as 100% studying -which is obviously impossible.
    After two years of not really knowing what to do I was pretty desperate (black hat) and made myself the pressure to find a solution. Sometimes I even asked myself if I was even able to do both at the same time. De Bono´s red hat became prevalent and I was very emotional about this topic. I knew i had to change something so I put on the green hat and figured out new ideas and solutions for my problem. I thought about changing my place of residence in order to find a city to live where I could do both: fencing and studying. And after thinking about it, I came to a solution, which was moving to Vienna. I became very optimistic about my plan (yellow hat), but first I wanted to rethink and analyze my situation (white hat), because I really wanted to be sure this time.
    Finally tried to advance my plan by figuring out what I had to do next in order to get there.(blue hat).

  57. chejon Fernandes

    Ok so you have set your goals and it has taken some time to reach them and finally you have now what??? When I started my athletics career my goal was to win a medal at the Paralympics which I did then it was to win a gold Medal at the Paralympics which took a few more years. All along the journey there were mini goals and a few set backs to say the least. How ever the main goal the dream goal was constant. After putting so much effort and focus on the dream goal (border line obsession) I finally reached it… I won the Paralympic gold in Rio….. ok now what I say again. I was a rudderless ship I had said to my self that due to my age and the damage I have already caused to my body I would stop after I won the gold but I could not bring myself to the thought that it was now over. A nagging sensation to carry on now that I am on top but my body had other plans and gave up on me.

    So as you can tell the goal is now to get better health. As we strive for one goal we have to have a plan B not that we ever want to go to plan B but just in case there is an in seen force that will change our own destiny. So new goals have been set study has commenced to find a new Dream Goal with many other short term goals that will change and adapt to the final dream. Will I continue on this path knowing now how much sport means to me

  58. Justina Kraujunaite

    There is one particular situation, which really upsetted me last year. I got an invitation to represent Lithuania women’s national basketball team (which is my goal) but just before the training camp I broke my toe and couldn’t participate in it. I were very sad and angry at the moment when I heard the bad news, but the next day I cooled down and convinced myself that it is not the end of the world, I need to keep working hard and one day another invitation will come.

    If talking about De Bono’s six hats, at first, obviously, I were wearing red hat and my emotions took over me. The next day I looked in the mirror and decided that the red hat doesn’t fit me, so I putted on the yellow hat and became more optimistic.
    With the black hat thinking, I probably would be questioning myself for more days “why this happened to me?”, “why now?”, “what if there will be no another invitation?”.
    With the green hat, I would be thinking about how I can exploit the time that I can’t practice (maybe with a short trip).
    With the white hat, I would be thinking only about the fact that I have a broken toe.
    And with the blue hat was my coach, who prepared a plan how I can improve my physical condition even when I can’t normally walk.

  59. Bálint Szalánszki

    One of the hardest choice in my life was in the last year when I bought my new car. Buying a car is always a „head-attacker” process I think. There is a lot what you have to take into consideration. Many options, prices and so on. The number one has to contain most of the criterias you set up. In my opinion life is about planning. I could say that I always try to plan every situation and make more possible schemes for a given controversy. So when I had the money (what I planned before  ) I started search for my new love. I made up conditions and what is more or less important for me. I had five or six expectations and if there were 3-4 fitted things then a car could get onto the list. That list contained 3-4 cars and after I made ranking which one is the first to see. When this list was completed, the next day I went to the first place to check the car and I had a big luck because that was what I exactly wanted so I bought it and I was really happy to have it. This story could seem very foolish but for me was really complicated and made some sleepless night because it was a weighty decision.

    In my opinion Dewey’s method could solve most of the problems and difficult situations and I prefer this method but of course I have to say that every conflict and every person is different so he/she/they should choose the right method to solve that problem faster, cooler and leisurely.

  60. Verena

    A few months ago, I had a very important race, I worked hard for a long time to be ready for that. I really wanted to have a good result- of course, everybody knows that feeling. The problem was just that we arrived at the race venue, for my opinion, way too late… I just couldn’t get rid of the jetlag on time and all the circumstances didn’t really allow to be 100 percent ready for the race, even though I should have had a good shape. Anyways, the results was disappointing and I was just angry at my coach that he didn’t really let me be part of the decision when we should arrive. All I did at that time was just being angry and sad about everything, not really able to talk. Of course later I made up my mind about that situation but now I’ll try to see the situation with de Bonos thinking hats:
    So seen with the white hat it’s just the fact that we arrived short before the important competition. The red hat didn’t really allow me to race well because I was not really able to control my emotions and all just seemed to be a chaos and I was just angry. I could have also tried to keep my emotions a bit lower. The black hat is showing the possibly things that could go wrong with arriving late: not everyone can race well with a jetlag, some people feel it more, some less- so in that case it can and did go really wrong. The yellow hat shows the positive aspects of the situation and that’s in that case that we didn’t have to sit around in a hotel room for too long, having to think of the race, which could also make us more nervous about it. So we were away from the venue and race as long as possible for mental reasons and also arriving late got its financial benefits. The green hat, I already used those times, because I tried at least to be creative and get some special light glasses, which were capable to helping to reduce the jetlag a bit. Anyways, because I was probably too angry to think properly in that moment, I didn’t even talk about it with my coach. So how should he know that I want to have a change in upcoming races when I didn’t even tell him that I saw it as a problem. Now I can see it more clear, when I also thought of the other aspects of it.

  61. Mateja

    Last season I was in dilemma to finish my sports career or extend on one or two season more. I knew that it is time to find a new challenge in my life after reaching planned goals in sport. I was scared to go out from familiar sports environment and afraid that I will not be able to find an equal challenge which would make me happy and satisfied.
    So I wrote on the papers all my fears connected with quitting the sport from positive and negative sides. Then I wrote what beside sport I would like to do in the life and make me also happy.
    I picked up three possibilities and combined them. So now I am study Sports management and trying to connect sports experiences with the new knowledge, getting new skills also in coaching, which will help to become a good coach or sports manager. Now I don’t have any doubts about my decision, I am happy and satisfied with I am doing now.
    Now I know that I used Dewey’s method that time

  62. Kristóf Németh

    Hi everybody!
    Last year I moved to Budapest to study at a university, I come from a small town in the countryside. The first problems were the long distances, the not good public transport and the wasted time with the travel. It was normal for me that everything was so close, I went whereever, the goal was maximum 15 minutes. It has changed completely now. I go whereever, I have to take an hour to travel and I didn’t even consider the other conditions. The public transport doesn’t run so that the everybody wants. The vehicle often goes in front of our nose and we can wait for the next, often the vehicles arrive late or come sooner than it is in the timetable. Some vehicles are very rarely transported, and if they don’t keep the timetable, they can cause annoyance to travelers. Not to mention that they are crowded sometimes, so we can hardly get on. The huge mass of people was also unusual for me, you can’t sit down on many vehicles, you just have to go to the others and you have to pay attention to your stuff so as not to steal something. These things caused a lot of nervous moment for me. It changed for me nowadays. Perhaps subconsciously I used DeBono’s hats and Dewey’s method too, managed to handle the situation and solved my problem. My parents also sat down to discuss what can I do, that the travel time will be better, faster and more usefull. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of certain situations. Sure, it would be unnecessary for me to get nervous for so long, because it will not be better. I should try to spend my time useful, for example, by reading or learning. I’ve tried several routes, which one I can go home the fastest, my big help was the “bkk courier” application. If one of routs doesn’t come in, then come the others and it’s important that I can change it on the way. Nowadays, this question is much less important for me, I travel carefully and calmer.

  63. Lisa

    I think that everybody has to take decisions on a daily base, some might be small and some are bigger, which will have more impact on our life.
    The more impact there might be on our present and or future life, the harder it is to take a decision and also the more options there are, the harder it is as well.

    This year I came over a real though problem, which had his origins in the further past and the worst case scenario (DeBono’s black hat) would have been my financial ruin. The optimistic outcome (the yellow hat) would have brought me some financial gain, the facts (white hat) were standing partly for and partly against me, my logic (blue hat) told me that I have to structure my approach well and to think in front like in a chess play, taking a creative approach (green hat) I could have suggested an more uncommon exchange and keeping calm and rational was hard as my emotions (red hat) were running wild.

    I did not know about these two techniques, but I somehow used in this situation both of them. I first tried to see the problem from all possible angles with all possible outcomes and this helped me then to define the problem and to search for possible solutions. It also helped me a lot to discuss all of the possibilities with my family, specialists and close friends, to get even more point of views. After that I evaluated them, by estimating the impact on my life and the possible risks, the energy I have to put in it and what I might gain. Then I decided on my move and the form of it and rechecked it with the most important people in this and then I executed the plan. For checking the success of it I had to wait on the other parties move. This went on for a while, like a chess play. But in the end my gut feeling was right and also my estimation of the other party that they just tried to intimidate me was accurate. So the outcome was positive for me and had no further impact on my life, despite the emotional stress and the time it consumed to solve the problem.

  64. Zsófi Sárközy

    Making the training plan and choosing the right competitions and training camps is always a difficulty with my coach and other athletes. We get the plan of the national team only in december, while we have to apply before to the first competitions of the spring season. We make the decisions after some days of brainstorming, if we try to solve it fast, there is always quarrel. Now we are used to the right method, but it lasted ages to work it out.

  65. Tadej Novak

    Ok my example will be from more daily situations not so much athlethics. I will use Dewey’s method to solve issues.

    Almost every weekend me and my firends are deciding which mountain should we hike. I have to say we are all enthusiastic about moutains, hiking, mountaineering, nature and so on. And when there is a lot of people there is a lot of proposals. Every week is the same, one say: we should go there! and the other one says: NO, we should go there…there is better. And we all know where that kind of conversation is leading. In the end we have huge argument and the other not related topics comes into conversation. We end up conversation with no agreement and mad at each other.

    By viewing the problem solving video i think this could be solved very easily. First we all must say what do we even want from this trip (brainstorming), how long should it be, what is going to be a difficulty of a hike, what are our capabilities and so on. Then we should evaluate the solutions by the criteria as weather conditions, a need for crampons and ice axe, transportation capabilities… When we combine all these criteria we should have come up to one or two options which we all agree upon. So it will be easier to decide from two then ten. Decsion will be faster and friends will be happier. ‘Check the success of the solution’ will be when we are back home and watching great photos that we took on a amazing trip and posted them on Instagram obviously. 😀

    1. Rok Petrič

      Hi Tadej, i would really like to see those pictures 🙂 haha, otherwise i liked your story

      Best wishes!

  66. gilbert

    I will evaluate my problem according to the Dewey problem solution protocol. 1) My biggest “problem” always was the question whether focusing more on sports or education. As a fencing-athlete you are obliged to think about time after sport; as a result, most athletes attend universities during their career. Sometimes you had to decide either going to lectures or having training sessions. 2) Solution A: focusing on sport until a defined age. Solution B: focusing on education. Solution C: focusing on both 50:50. 3) Focusing primarily on a sports-career and start your academic training at the age of 30 of course gives you more changes to be successful in sports. However, finishing your academic education at the age of 35 or even older makes it much more difficult to find a decent job. Focusing exclusively on your academic training on the other hand can really slow down your progress in sport. 4) I always preferred the flexible-model. Depending on upcoming trainings camps and competitions I sometimes focused more on sports and sometimes more on my educational training 5) By doing so I could manage both to improve my skills as an athlete and make some progress in university. 6) After I most likely finished my career last summer, I can honestly say that if I had to do it all over again, I would do it almost the exact same way.

    1. Ina

      Hello Gilbert!
      I solve this “problem” like you did it. I think it’s a good way 🙂

    2. Norbert

      Congrats, Gilbert! I am pretty sure that you did it the right way and I hope you can say that you got out the Maximum – in sports and in your education. Would have done it the same way like you.

  67. Viktoria

    I have had a very upsetting situation the last 2 months. I am injured since two months. Of course everyone wanted me to be back on the pitch as soon as possible – both the coach, the medical staff and me. So every single member in this process did definitely the best, but in the end it didn’t work together. Everyone had an own plan and strategy. That’s why I did one therapy 3 days, another therapy next days and so on. There was no one plan, which everyone could follow. After two month there was no big progress. Furthermore it took me a lot of energy and it was really frustrating. In the end after a long talk there was a commitment of each side to create a plan, to follow one single plan with a special group of involved ones. Since then there is structure and more calmness and the injury is getting better day by day.

    Due to this story I think it would have been useful to use Deweys problem solving method by doing so:
    1. defining the problem: talking with all involved members (medical staff, coach, athletic coach, me) about the current injury. what it definitely is and what it may take to get better.
    2. searching for possible solutions: brainstorming which possibilities we have to solve the problem (injury). rehab facilities, different physiotherapists, different physiotherapy measures, plan A and Plan B
    3. evaluting solutions: talking about concretely which therapy could be useful and helpful, which one could be hard to implement, which persons should be responsible for each step/therapy and so on.
    4. decide: after speaking honestly and openly about the solutions, choosing the best one upon the criteria of getting fit as soon as possible and as good as possible.
    5. execution plan: working and doing rehab.
    6. check the success: maybe giving feedbacks and making a conclusion after 2week-cycles to see how is the plan progressing and working or not.

    I think this could have helped a lot.

    1. Jakob

      I had a almost the same problem a few years back and i wish i had known about this method back then. Thins could go a lot differently after injury.

    2. Natasa Sfiri

      Hi Viktoria!
      Yes, the way you describe the problem solution process I also think it would have helped a lot. I think it also has to do with assuming the responsibility your self about the problem solution.
      I wish you get well soon and find your way back on the pitch as soon as possible. Best wishes, Natasa

    3. Beate Schrott

      Hi Viktoria,
      thanks so much for sharing your story. I can really relate to it as I found myself in a very similar situation this summer. I think you did a great job of applying Dewey´s problem solving method! Reading your new approach even helped me!
      I wish you all the best for the future!

  68. Vilma

    I was prepared to write a project to get funding for the sport. The deadline was a month ahead so I could do it in no hurry. To get the project even better I asked help for a guy who had experience in this field and he agreed to help me. It seemed that this will be a fast success; unfortunately the guy had not so much time as I expected but he agreed to help again after few weeks as I asked if he has time. And then I really got help from this guy but this help made my angry as it was few days before deadline and I still had to prepare all the needed documents. All my expectations that I have a lot of time has transformed into thought will I manage to finish everything on time. It was very annoying.
    After the situation analysis I could say that I shouldn’t waited so long for the help; instead I could prepare all the needed documents earlier and also work on plan B – one more people who could help me sooner. Using the de Bono’s six hats method I could say that I was wearing blue hat – I was planning for the action but I didn’t took the action in time. Instead I should wear the green hat and think more quickly about new possibilities and ideas.

    1. gilbert

      Hi Vilma, I agree with your solution. I think one could also try to set a deadline for someone elses help; lets say about two weeks before your deadline. By doing so, you would still have two weeks to evaluate the feedback you got.

  69. Žiga Papež

    Just a few weeks ago I had a fight with my sister. I should tell that we are really connected, but in that time something went wrong… we both had a rough day and from little disagreement we started to fight. We yelled, we said some unappropriate words to each other. Next day we calmed down we had a nice talk and everything was Ok after all. We lost a lot of time being in a bad mood and that was not worth it.
    We should calm down first, tell each other what bother us, then brainstorm for the solutions, after that we should pick the best solution or combine 2 or more solutions and the last stap is that we try to evaluate these solution.

    We should use some of that methods Tanja Kajtna told us in the video. I prefer to use Dewey’s method and I will teach my sister that we can both use it in the future! 🙂

    With regards, Žiga

    1. Vilma

      I totally agree that to solve a problem both parties participating in it should be calm. Knowing this i believe that as soon as you feel you are loosing the control during conflict you should take a break and calm down immediately.

  70. Sabine Schöffmann

    One day before an important race I found out that our coach has already booked flights for another race which took place 3 weeks later. I was upset that he chose different flights for different athletes which means that some had “direct flights” and me and two from our stuff (not athletes) had to wait 6 hours between two flights. I was very angry and disappointed at the same time even more when I was talking about it with the coach but the problem was that I did not try to solve the problem. I expected that my coach tries to find a solution for my problem, but I should have tried to do it on my own. Talking to him made it even worse. A few days later, after a very bad race for me, I found an easy solution for me and my “situation”.
    “red hat” definitely describes how I dealt with the situation. I was very emotional and I was thinking that the coach did this on purpose (“black hat”). If I would have tried to be more objective without prejudging (“white hat”) my thoughts would have been clearer and I could have solve my problem earlier (“blue hat”). Days later it was easy for me to make the best out of it, be a bit creative and I found something to do during that time on the airport. I went to a place that I really enjoyed, so next time I can be more positive (“yellow hat”).

    I think DeBonos system of “six thinking hat”s can be a big help for me. I can get the thoughts into an order and can have a look at the different perspectives.
    Dewey’s method is better for more complex problems. In my situation the problem was not big but I made a major problem out of it. I could not get a clear view because I was too emotional. Next time I will try to look at my situation from different perspectives.

  71. Jakob

    Last season I had multiple injuries and in the back of my mind was already a thought about ending my career. But I battled against that thought every day since it scared me the most and I couldn’t imagine my life without hockey. So when I was coming back from my last injury there was only two more months till the end. I didn’t get in a team for a long time and when team went to a two-day road trip, I decided to go back home and meet my friends and parents. We ended up playing football and believe it or not I got injured again. That injury was a breaking point in my career. That was the moment that upset me the most, I had to figure out how to tell coach that I got injured, how long the rehabilitation is going to take, what are teammates going to say and I just couldn’t believe myself that I broke my rule (don’t do any other sports during season, because you are too clumsy) and injured myself.

    But if we analyze this event. I have to say I got more good out of it, than bad.
    So, the + is that after injury I finally faced my scary thought and decided to start going to university, I met a lot of new friends and great people (before that pretty much all my friends were my teammates). I could finally imagine my life without hockey and realize that it’s actually not that bad. I found out I have a lot more time to dedicate my time to other interests and to do some things I couldn’t or didn’t want to do before.

    The minus (-) on this event is that I finished my career, I lost my childhood dreams of playing hockey for living and lost my main goal. I don’t miss hockey that much since I coach young goalies, but I can’t help to miss competing. The rehabilitation was quite long, and I am still a little bit limited by injury.

    How to correct the minuses? I have found new interests, I have set a few new goals that are not limited to only one thing, so I have multiple choices if some of them might fail. I also found new way to compete in many events.

    This was my biggest problem this year, I know it may not seem like a big deal for you, but I was a huge deal for me. So, to find somewhere Dewey’s method in this situation would probably be in my head, since the biggest problem was deciding between playing hockey, despite all the injuries, and doing something new in life. I had to brainstorm new things to do and my ideas varied form opening my business, starting to work at my father’s company, do nothing, etc. I did some of brainstorming with my parents and friends. We did a small evaluation what would be the best for my future and since I wanted to stay in sports and maybe open my business in future, the best solution was to start attending Faculty of Sports and try to get as much new knowledge about business anywhere I can.

    I am still working on the best strategy to execute the plan, but I think I am on the right path.

    At that point I didn’t know that this method was called Dewey’s, but this is the method I used in past and will use it in the future, since after a good talk with yourself or with others, I think it’s the best way to get an optimal solution, with as minimum affection of current emotions.

    In conclusion I have to say I gained more good from this event that it seemed at the start. I did this analysis back then and after that I have been at peace with ending my career and focusing on new things in my life.

  72. Marc

    Last year I had to make an agenda for an event and the more I was thinking about the schedule the more upset I got. In the end everything went fine, but I should have used Dewey’s method more consciously by defining the problem, outlining all kind of solutions without evaluating them (brainstorming), evaluating my suggested solutions, thinking on the pros and cons and deciding upon the solutions. I should have created an execution plan and afterwards it would have been good to check the success of the solutions by involving the parties concerned – but hindsight is always easier than foresight.
    I think it is important to analyze a problem in a calm atmosphere, instead of getting upset or making a fast decision, because fast decisions require a lot of experience or preparatory training and the result of getting upset is often a mess

    1. Viktoria

      I agree with your proposal to analyze a problem in a calm atmosphere.

  73. Teőke Ágoston

    Last year I was voluntaring in a festival and the problem was that my phone sometimes didn’t ring because the battery was weak (sometimes I turned on the flight mode because of it) so I wasn’t availabel at all. During the festival my coordinator mentioned that it’s not okay and I should be always availabel in 24 hours per day. After that we agreed that I will try to being ready as it possible and I thought we are okay. In the end of the festival my coordinator was unexpectedly upset to me because of the previous problems and it was really embarrassing and in addition she didn’t want to give back my caution…

    I think I ought to communicate much clearly than I did and try to make a compromise. Maybe if I had learnt to use “I sentences” I wouldn’t have had this conflict in the end… Or I could use DeBono’s hats to analyse my situation and find the right way to deal with this problem.

    1. Žiga Papež

      This kind of strategies like DeBono’s and I sentences are very good to use. I learned them a few years ago, but when you are emotionaly involved in something (maybe angry upset), than is really har to use them in a proper way.

      Probably it takes a lot of time to really use them in a right way 🙂

  74. Alexander Payer

    Lets start.

    Sometimes in Sport you come to a point where you have to do hard Decisions. Most of the Time you really dont know what is the right way, if there is a right way.
    This ca start with equipment topics or new Coache or real life problems.

    So one day i came to the point the i get thrown out of the Austrian Nationalteam.
    So no funding, no coaches no sparingpartners anymore.
    At this time i had to take a Decision.
    Stop doing this Sport or try to get bnack to the Team.

    I take the Deweys Methode.
    I found the main Problem why i am not good enough for the team. Searched for Solutions, and find some good ones.
    Sure it was based on a lot of difficult sidestories, but the analytic preocess made me a better Sportsman.

    Today i am back in the Team and use this kind of methods more or less often

    1. Carina

      Hey Alexander,
      it must be really hard being kicked out of the team and losing any kind of support. However, it’s awesome that you remained determined and kept fighting to get back! I’m convinced this experience has made you stronger than you were before.

  75. Marco Freda

    One year ago, I signed a contract with a soccer team but after 2 weeks of training the general director told me that they made a wrong calculation of the available budget. He decided to decrease my salary, luckily I had the chance to change team which gave me the right salary .

  76. Simone Fumero

    My past sporting season has been bankrupt, we came last in the championship and relegated to the previous series. I will try to make an analysis of the problems encountered using the DeBono method. 1) White Hat: We started a season where the president agreed that the team would be put down in Serie B, making it one of a higher category, having a roster that did not rise and exonerating a coach before the start of the championship. 2) Yellow Hat: Despite all this, all team members wanted to start the season and give the maximum and achieve the goal. 3) Black Hat: Negative aspects were a lot, shortlist was not up, doubts about the coach and society situation not the happiest. 4) Red Hat: This hat is the one of passion, and how every year if we were in the gym is because we love this sport we believe in what we do and we are a good group of friends before teammates. 5) Green Hat: By the end of the season, we can say that there were mistakes of evaluation and programming at the beginning of the year, where we were all team and team players. 6) Blue Hat: I think I have made a correct and objective explanation of last season, and I think I can say that mistakes were made in the preseason by starting a championship with a roster players not up to date, without thinking about the moral consequences for the players and society itself. More programming and foresight would have been useful.
    Is the firt time I use this method, I hope I have used it correctly.

  77. Norbert

    The greatest sport-challenge in the past year was the European Championships in Crosstriathlon in Romania this summer. I definitely took the Dewey-Approach unknown that it exists or that it is called “Dewey’s 6 Steps”. Anyway…
    I (1) defined the/my problem that my shape was not the best or how I wanted it to be or how it should be to perform well in such a pro field. I (2) analyzed the issue and knew that my preparation was not like plan due to an injury and an uncomfortable job Situation at this time but I also did not want to search for excuses.
    My (3) proposed solutions ranged from DNS via a safety race up to a full-risk plan. The following (4) evaluation process brought me directly to (5) the/my selected solution. I did not want to cope with the fact that I cannot even say that I have tried, though it can go wrong. I took on the full-risk version which unfortunately did not work out. Though it is hard to accept that this was a great and rare chance for me I can deal it because I did my best to achieve the result that I wanted. Now I know that this is the main Intention of the Dewey-method. A (6) good analyzation.

  78. Alberto Franceschi

    During the last athletics season, I operated as leader organizer for a sport event. During the whole-year process we noticed several issues in establishing partnership and resources for the meeting. Subconsciously with my team we operated through Dewey’s technique. We analyze the contest and all variables figuring out a crowdfunding campaign might be the fittest solution to our need. The campaign was successful and we made a great impact on athletics meeting concept.

    1. Norbert

      Hi Alberto…That’s a good solution that you made, I guess. When I was responsible for a special part within a sport event I had also decisions to be made and because of time-pressure it was not always the best what I did. No time for DeBono or Dewey 🙁 You had started your preparation early enough to avoid wrong actions – that’s good.

    2. Viktoria

      I agree that sometimes subconsciously and instinctively you use the Dewey’s technique.
      But I think if we all used it with a clear goal and conciously we would be even more effective.
      Do you agree with me?

  79. Lorenzo Zaccone

    I’ve read some comments and I don’t really know if my comment will be relevant. Anyway, I think that what happened to me last year was pretty upsetting. I play football and at the end of the season I changed team so when the new season started in July I was really excited and motivated in order to reach my goals and to gain my new position in the team. After a long and tiring preparation in which I received really positive feedbacks from the coaches, I played the first official match with the new team and I admit that, for unknown reasons, I played bad. Maybe due to too much tension, still today I can’t give an explanation to me at first. Anyway, the society decided to release me immediately from my contract despite more than a month of daily workouts where I had shown to everyone what my real value was. I was literally also desperate because the market was about to close and I would not have found a team for the next 4 months. The society was not willing to pay for the period I had spent there, so I let you imagine my state of mind, desperate because without team and even without money, I had to relate to people who attacked my phone in the face and did of all but not communicating with me. I found that in a similar situation it’s really difficult to apply any rational methodology of analysis so I wonder if anyone has ever had similar experiences (I hope not) and how it behaved. I suffered a lot but I continued to train to be able to find team in the next market window and so it was.
    What do you think about it?
    Regards! 😊

  80. Mark Makrai

    In football, it is hard to make decisions. Where to play, write down or not the new contract or how to negotiate.
    It makes a lot of headaches in my life, and I am sure, I am not the only one. If there is not a person behind you, who can help you with his/her experience, You are not in an easy position. I think it takes time, to get it and of course I am looking for smart and experienced people company to learn more and more.

    I prefered the Dewey problem solving and I will try it in my next challange. I am looking forward how much it can help for me!

    1. Žiga Papež

      Next time try to use these methods and you will see which is the best for you. And dont try to fix problem when you are full of emotions. Just like Tanja said in the video 🙂


  81. Birgit Koschischek

    I know pretty much every single pool all over the world. When I finished my university in March, I came to the point where I got officially confronted to think about what I want to become. I am glad I have someone from KADA, who accompany me and “helping” me to make the big step from being a professional swimmer to “a normal work-life”. To find a profession, which I am really in to it, I took my time and though about what I am really interested in. One thing I really enjoy is travelling. I am always fascinated when I get the chance to sit in a cockpit of an airplane. I already passed the first aptitude test to become a pilot.
    As I said, I finished in March and for me it was important to get active about writing applications. So, I took the chance and got invited to the aptitude test for being an air traffic controller in May. It was the hardest qualifying examination I have ever done before. So many different tests of cognitive skills, I had to make. Unfortunately, I failed, because I missed the average in 3 of 30 (or something like that) tests. They were thinking about giving me the chance to get to the second qualifying examination, because I was in so many tests above average, which they haven´t seen before, but I got the refusal after one week.
    After I got the refusal, I was very disappointed and angry about myself. Although I have always said, that I do not want to sit in front of a computer the whole day, I felt truly sad of not passing it. I wanted to decide it myself to become an air traffic controller or not.
    I started analyzing the situation right after I have left the building, as I always do. I am trying to take my time, but it is not that easy to accept. Therefore, I have used the DeBono Method. One the one hand I tried to see it totally optimistic, coz I was so good and above average in so many tests, which made me feel special and unique, but on the other hand I was thinking about how I couldn´t have done the 3 tests average. It took me some time to respect the result, coz failure is not an option for me. What I have learned about this is, that I am not average, I have been trained for more than 20 years to become better than so many other swimmers, that I know I have my strengths. And these strengths are marked more than an average citizen has. What I am still learning is, that I have to take my time, and not judging overhasty. I am still processing with my “supporter”. I am thankful that I had the chance to do this test, because of this test, nothing surprise me anymore and I am looking positively in the future to find a job I am burning for.

    1. Tanja Kajtna

      Dear Birgit, I saw you swim in many competitions, as I worked as a sport psychologist for several Slovene swimmers and I understand how difficult the transition can be. I’m glad you found the DeBono method useful – it surely helps us to change perspectives or to see things differently.
      And the strengths one gets in sport are definitely useful also in other areas of life, so well done on the assignment!

    2. Lisa

      Dear Birgit,
      your story is really interesting and I can comprehend your feelings from my own experience. I also like your conclusion and that you found out what you can learn from the situation. I personally believe that nothing happens without a reason and so there is for sure also a reason for you not having passed the qualifying examination. It may lead you, as you resumed, to a job which you are burning for.
      Good luck on your path!

    3. Birgit Koschischek

      Thanks for your comments.
      Nice to get feedback,especially it’s positive!

  82. Lukas Schubert

    Hi everyone.
    My story is about my last contract negotiation. Instead of using “I sentences” and a clear and direct message, I wanted the other party to figure out what I want and offer it to me. That went terribly wrong. We ended up with a third party in the contract talks to help us. I wish I had known about the technique of active listening one year ago. At the end we found common ground but it was hard labor.

    1. norbert

      I believe that such negotiations have a lot of consequences (for you, your background, your family, etc.) and is very often about a longer period of time in the future. Thus I think that De Bono’s six hats is a good way to solve such a Situation since all Point of views (or consequences) are integrated.

  83. Kiss Roland

    Hi Everyone!

    I cant say a story like it. But I love the de Bono’s method. It’s a good way to express others and they can be watch the situations the other oppinions. I never heard about that method but It happend to me I use it when I had a conversion others who dont want to whatch my oppinions or my side and alwas say just they thinks.

    So maybe I can tell that story. It was a simple situation not in sport not in work. It was in my friend group. They want to go a programm but it wasn’t good and I sad to them they need to see the others and they need to know the other programmes and we can go better and cheaper programm.


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      So – what hat did you use, Roland?

  84. Nikolaus

    This year i applied at an eventmanagement firm for an internship in august. The head of the company told me that the chance to get the internship i quite well. I relied on him and didn’t apply for another job. In July i got a mail from the firm which said they have no upcoming project for me to work on.
    I was depressed.
    After i analyse the situation i realised, i made a mistake. I should have work on a plan B and apply for other jobs instead of rely to one person.
    In my point of view I used more of the DeBono Method to solve the Problem than the Dewey Method. I wasn’t following a plan to solve the problem. I had a look on the facts and was optimistic to find a solution.

    1. Markus

      I lost the trust in person time to time in working situation. To have more plans is better you have maybe one. Also you can deal with them.
      wishes markus

    2. Kinga Csonkics

      Hy, I was in a similar situation.
      I believe in fate I think maybe you were’nt ready for this job. Now I think I weren’t ready either for what I didn’ get. I think we need to learn more and work hard, go forward and maybe we will have better chances, than these jobs were.
      Good luck!

  85. Andrea Regis

    It happens a lot of time during my judo competitions that I think too much.
    Without knowing about the DeBono classification, I think I have always been a white hat. I always evaluate every attacks and possible reactions of my opponents during my fights. The thing is that continuing to think, I loose the time to make my own good attacks, so I loose timing, and I arrive late to my opponents.
    What I will do for the next competitions will be following the problem solving of Dewey:
    I mean that during the preparation for the competitions, I will write on a paper my problems (my past injuries, my difficulties with left guard tall opponents, my difficulties if the warming up area is too noisy, etc).
    Then I will find the 10/20 possible solutions to every problem, I will prepare a scale of value and I will try to understand what are the best solutions for me.
    I will write down my results and I hope I will be able to win!
    Last thing… I will thanks Dewey and the MOOC on the social networks for having solved my own big problems!

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      Hi Andrea!
      Cool, that you found an opportunity to deal with your problems here in this online course!
      In my eyes, you made a good concept for yourself!

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Ciao Andrea, I attended a creativity MOOC some years ago (which was really great) – and in our group we were challenged to find 100 (!) solutions to a problem. They said that you need 100 solutions to find the useful 1-3. So maybe you should ask your athlete colleagues, your friends and family to help you in brainstorming 🙂

  86. Carina

    My goal until the end of 2017 is to improve my level of strength because this is one of my biggest weaknesses. In the past, we have neglected the work in the strength room a little bit and this is why we focus on this part now. It’s easy to analyze and track the progress because of the weights we use to do the exercises.

    A situation that upsetted me in the last year was at a track and field competition. In some running events people really push themselves to the limits and need to lie down right after the finish line because of how exhausted they are. Usually they stand up after just a few minutes and if not, there are volunteers or medical support to help them getting up. However, when the men’s race was over and I was about to get ready for my competition there was a guy lying on the ground and started shaking.
    Surprisingly, no one of the people around made intentions to help him.

    I know that it’s not always a case of emergency when someone is exhausted after a race but this was clearly not just being a little bit out of breath. So I tried to start talking to him and as he didn’t react to my talking I called the medical stuff to help him. Fortunately, they immediately came over to take him to the sanitary tent. In my race I was still upset about this happening and even though I tried to focus as good as possible it was hard for me to leave the things behind that have happened because I was too emotional about it which would be the red hat view according to DeBono. After some time I saw the guy walking again so it seems that they have helped him to recover but I don’t know what would have happened if he just kept lying there.
    I want to mention, that usually the people around the finish line are really caring and acting quickly when it seems that someone needs help and this was the only time that I experienced such a situation. That’s what was the result of my analysis some hours later. To trust that something like this barely happens can be described as the yellow, optimistic thinking hat of DeBono.

    1. Andrea Regis

      Hello Carina,
      your explanation of the event has been really clear, and i think I would have acted exactly like you, if I would have been in your situation.
      How couldn’t you be red?
      You have helped a person during a critic situation, so, it is normal to be emotional.
      My suggestion however, would be trying to be a bit more optimist. I mean, after the other persons arrived to help that guy, you needed to start to think positive (yellow hat), and focus again about your race.
      It’s difficult, I can understand, but the best thing to do! you couldn’t help more!

      1. Carina

        Thank you very much for your comment, Andrea!
        Yes, you are right. It would have been better to leave things behind and focus on the race.
        In general, I try to think positive because I’m convinced that this is really imporant if you want to succeed!

  87. Igor

    In skiing it is really important to be focused every round from start to finish. If you dont focus things dont go as planned. So the races I did focus went really good and i was satisfied with the performance. But sometimes it is really hard to focus when the surroundings are though. Then i got angry on my self because of not focusing on what I should do. In skiing is just that minute that counts and you really need to focus and give a 110% every round.

    If I had used DeBono´s and Dewey´s method I could get a clear view of the problems for both of them Every person is different and it is important to start with the problem and try to solve it with a positive point of view. Take the good things first and put them to the side. Then you find bigger problem and you try to fix that right way. Lot of repetitions, repeat and repeat until you get it.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      I imagine that it’s really difficult to remain so focused. Did you use the green creativity hat of De Bono for your challenge? What did you learn?

      1. Igor

        Yes it is.
        No i did not, i can use it now on out next task.

  88. Emmitt Lehman

    The areas that I intend to improve by the end of 2017 is to slim down and get into a bit better physique (better body image/improved strength; as well as, eat a healthier diet with less added sugars and fat (better diet). Specific goals are to lose about 5 pounds of fat and gain 8 pounds of muscle; to consume fewer fats and added sugars in my meals. How I would do this is perform cardio 3 times a week along with 4-5 days of muscular fitness training; substitute healthier fats and added sugars or completely cut them out of my diet.

    An event that upset me in the past year was during a baseball game. I play the shortstop position and all season long I barely made any errors when fielding or throwing. For some reason, during this game, I couldn’t do anything right on defense. I was making fielding errors, making poor throwing decisions and my head was completely gone and focusing on everything that I was doing badly instead of trying to fix it. I was doing everything correct on the offense side, I was getting on base and even scored a few runs for my team, but the defense was bad.
    My approach to dealing with the bad defense was to do as much as I could on offense and to just try to let it go because baseball is a game of failure. I also thought to myself that after the game and at the next practices to go back to the basics and start from the ground up again and hope the game was just a fluke.
    If I were to have used DeBono’s method or Dewey’s method I think that instead of just focusing on the offense and continued to do poorly on defense I would have gone back to the basics immediately when I was in the dugout waiting. I could have very well been able to at least pick my defense up a little rather than completely giving up on myself and letting my team down. Then after the game and in future practices kept working and it and to have never been satisfied even if I thought it was perfect.

    1. Andrea Regis

      I Think that during the time of a match, the problem solving of Dewey can be kind of difficult to be used, unless you are a really schematic person, able to try to imagine in a few moments, all the points of that system.
      The fastest method in this case probably is trying to act thinking like the blu hat: you have to try to analyse your situation from an higher point of view, and understand that probably the best option is talking with someone in which you trust and who trusts you.
      The persons that better know you, are usually the ones able to “switch you on” with a few right words!

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Week 2 is about communication – and I like it how you describe your communication with yourself!

  89. Florian Schabereiter

    As a coach, it is my assignment to bring athletes to their maximum of performance. Therefore, I planed a period of time to bring all necessary fields into the training.
    I planned some different topics of which I meant those are useful and will add a detail for the way to the top.

    First, the athletes agreed with the plan. But when the time comes to do some of those things, it seemed that they don´t like and complained in advance. They did everything but in my opinion in revulsion and gave me the feeling that the training was not really effective. I got the feeling that I invested a lot of time and energy for doing the plan as good as I can but the motivation of the athletes was just about 60% – which of course made me angry. I decided to do a meeting and bring my points of view why we´re doing those things and also mentioned that I´m not satisfied with their input.
    What comes out was that the athletes were less motivated than before because they saw it as a personal critic. Yes, it was critic but I tried to focus on the reasons why we do those things and not that they are doing bad or less motivated.

    If I had used DeBono´s and Dewey´s method I could get a clear view of the problem and get into a meeting with different point of views. I could have been more creative in finding a solution – if I did some brainstorming concerning “what can I change?”. Maybe I would have found a solution with a combination of the things I planned and something else which makes it not as hard for the athletes. It is possible that the athletes could got the feeling that I´m looking for another way and not just want to badmouth them.
    In the end I found a way which worked very good – but maybe I could avoid a conflict if I looked a little bit more in detail to the problem…

    What do you think?

    BR Flo

    1. Lorenzo Zaccone

      Hi Florian! I think that to be a coach you must have the courage to make decisions. My opinion is that you have shown it and not only, ‘cause when you saw the things did not go according to expectation you immediately intervened using the dialogue, and this is so positive I think!
      I can only say that now which you’ve more experience than before, the day you’ll propose the same training’s tipology, maybe you will could dedicate more time to explain in detail all the aspects of the path! 😁

      1. Florian Schabereiter

        Hi Lorenzo!

        Thank you for your feedback! I definitely learned from this situation and will dedicate more time for detailed info…

    2. Vilma

      Hi! Thanks for the story.
      There is one way to awoid a conflict with an athlets i use – i lead them with questions to say the areas they need to improve and once the say it loud they could not think that i would like to badmouth them as i emphasize the need to improve the area they think are not good enough.
      On the other hand – your last sentence of the story is exactly what i want to share here! It encourages to speak and think!


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