Week 2: Team up

Monday, 30 October – Sunday, 5 November 2017

Mojca Doupona Topič (Facilitator), Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein: Moderators

Description: In this week the oarticipants will learn about the process of communication with another person and in groups. The overall aim of is to provide basic communication skills, such as active listening, effective reporting of messages and to reflect upon verbal and non – verbal communication (posture, vocalization, facial expressions, proximity and others). The participates will learn how to properly analyse a situation and how to understand another person’s perspectives. Further topics are the techniques.of feedback and effective problem – solving.

Learning objectives: You will

  • learn to give and receive information,
  • develop competences in oral and visual communication,
  • learn to analyse communication issues and understand multi-perspective problems.

Further information on week 2 will be provided before 30th of October.

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