Week 3: Marketing Clues

Monday, 6 November – Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cecilia Casalegno (Facilitator)             –                    Natasa Sfiri& Jutta Pauschenwein: Moderators

Byrd – An example of an successful idea

Learning objectives

You will

  • use the basics of strategic management and marketing,
  • learn how to communicate in order to reach your goals,
  • understand the importance of analyzing  the audience which you have to deal with.

Let’s see what you will learn in this week


Description: This week aims at teaching sporting people how to use the pillars of strategic management and marketing. Topics will be delivered for professionalizing learners with the necessary notions to understand how a manager acts and how it is possible to become able to work in a team group. Moreover, through the information acquired during the lectures, students will be able to manage their personal marketing and their business and interpersonal relations, by learning which kind of communication is useful to utilize depending on the audience they have to reach and the goal they have to get.


Daniele Masala, Italian athlete and entrepreneur, speaks about Marketing and Communication

Approach to Marketing

The analysis of the success of a product/service in the market is fundamental in learning strategic management and marketing. Therefore, during this week, you will train yourself in recognizing the strengths and weakness of a product/service already existing in the market.

Communication in Marketing

Considering that communication is part of marketing strategies, in this second section, you will learn different ways that aims to reach the target market. For this purpose, we will support you in selecting a video advertising to analyze its strengths and weakness.


  1. Kekesi Marton

    If one wants to convince me, it has to be communicated in a clear and definite style. If the reasoning is beased on logical concepts and understandable ideas, I tend to accept the proposal.
    This also applies to directions given by coaches or advice suggested by other athletes or people.

  2. Gergye András



    I would like to show you this Pepsi commercial video. The hidden message in this video (exept we need creativity in life and the fact that it promotes Pepsi) is that we can never be to confidental with our achieved results. We always have to look forward for the next goals and challanges.


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