Week 3: How to communicate your ideas

How the timing in communication is relevant to get success.

If we ask to anyone what does the meaning of the communication be, the answers could probably be incorrect or incomplete. In fact, for years, this concept has been linked to the ability of selling more points. Differently, communication aims at maintaining a constant, clear, and effective dialogue with all stakeholders in the long term, thus referring to all the promotion activities, namely marketing communications, also called “Integrated Marketing Communication” (IMC).

There is no subordination between marketing and communication. However, the marketing works on the consumer and often its actions are directed to the short-term, whereas the communication goes beyond the mere sale, working hard to build a story, a picture that develops in the long run.

There are several ways to communicate, however only few of these could result as effective to reach the goal you have to get.

Since late 1980s, many companies began to realize that as market environments changed, promotion activities need to take a more integrated form in order to improve the effectiveness. At the same time, globalization, increased competition and other social changes have made reaching target audience a more difficult task. The IMC concept entered the scene. In the last two decade, IMC has evolved from being a concept which coordinates communication tools for a brand, to a strategic planning process which is used to achieve the brand equity.

In the following video, we can appreciate a very good example of what integrated communication is. As you can see, this company decided to not focus on the single products or product lines brand, but to share the essence of the corporate brand with the target audience.

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