Assignment 4.2: Bring your business idea to terms

Purpose: Develop and formulate an idea for your own business. You can also try to develop a mission or a vision statement.
Task: Write a short abstract describing your business idea in the comment section of this assignment. What is the basic idea? What are your first steps to realize that idea? What is the long term goal?
Interaction: Read some of the business ideas of your fellow colleagues and review their ideas! Don’t forget to be gentle and give helpful tips! 🙂


  1. Gregor Mišič

    My basic idea is to do things that really help human society not only to make profit or only for my of self-actualization. So my whole concept of entrepreneurship is based on that. Last 3 years I am working on the field of exercise in therapeutic use. I’ve tried many of the things in entrepreneurship. Now I would like to develop an effective system which will help people to reach their health goals and wishes from different perspective (mental, social and physical health). I see my first step to write a project in details and define all the professions needed. Theoretically I have to put them logically into the system. At the end of this “mini” project I would like to present my project to the people that have a possibility to contribute to realization of it.

  2. Audrius

    The business idea I would like to implement custom dance clothes, shoes and accessories manufacturing company. Usually clothes business has higher rate of business failure due to competition, but as this sport becoming more popular the demand of performance clothes for different age men and women are rising. This would be a niche business with no/limited competition.

  3. Irmantas

    My business idea is to create an online rugby shop for our sport clubs. Online shopping has grown in popularity over the years, mainly because people find it convenient and easy to bargain, also is it the way to shop cheaper.
    We already done market analyses and now working on the operation plan. We want make sure that each of the vital processes in your business are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Also, now we are working on the products and services offered by us. We thinking to contact with companies which offering/producing best rugby equipment and work with them directly. This way we will be able to offer it for the best price.

  4. Emanuele Becchis

    My business idea is to create a federal center in my town for cross country ski. There will be a xc-ski track and rollerski (for the summer), biathon center, gym, swimming pool and climbing gym. There’s this structure in a place close to my town but need a good project and some modify for stay in the rules of the federation.
    It’s hard but it could be cool have the national team if all the country for training session in my town!

  5. Jaka Kramaršič

    My business idea come from building an Olympic swimming pool in Krško. I would found an Olympic swimming center where all the best swimmers from Slovenia and other countries would swim. Beside pool I would have also Spa center and Kinesiology center where I would work with other experts to improve athlete performance. Center would be also open for other people in Krško and they would have a special discount on every service in my center.

  6. Rok Petrič


    I dont have any particular bussines idea but i have a vision of one company/organization. Organization would provide free terms of recration for students who cant afford expansive private trainings. University would provide us a gym or hall where recration would take place and coaches would be volunteers seeking for some new knowledge and experience.
    I know this would be very hard to accomplished but i thkin it is possible.

    With regards.

  7. J

    What is the basic idea?
     Developing a professional handball school in combination with the handball club where the students are playing
     Taking that example and spreading out in Austria to increase the interests level of the female handball sport

    What are your first steps to realize that idea?
     Find the right persons to talk with
     To develop my education to have the perfect knowledge about the main issues
     To start small and find people who believe in and follow my idea

    What is the longterm goal?
     That young girls can live their dream getting a professional handball player in Austria
     That the handball league gets that strong that it´s not necessary to leave the country
     That a dual career next to the sport is possible, better organised and more supported, so that the sportspersons aren`t disadvantaged after their career and could better focus during their sports life.


  8. Markus

    Hi, i want create my own tennis academy or academy of sports which cooperate with one or two schools where you can practice and learn. A school where you find your interests in sports and education and this should be fifty fifty. This academy has own teachers and coaches, who practice with the kids at the age of 6 until 18. Dreams come true
    Cheers Markus

  9. Paolo De Pasquale

    My own businnes idea in to create a system for studing lifesaving competition with race analysis with laser points in-watrer and out-water to calculate times and speed af the athlete.
    This system can help lifesaving coaches to develop training programs perfectly integrateded with competition. I get the basis for this program in my Graduation thesis, with the great help of Prof. Lupo C.
    I think that race analysis in lifesavig swimming can be agrea evolution for the sport!

  10. Luca

    My basic idea is the idea of a service company for the match analysis, my idea is based on the idea of the work of advising the tams, the strong point could be the fact of not being dependent on the teams; the long term goal would be to develop this activity to encourage work from home and to create a service company that can meet the needs of the teams

  11. Margarita

    I have an idea to organize a team (organization) of judges for competitions, which will always be well prepared for the competition and will be independent for coaches and athletes. At the moment, there is no such thing, and the federation and the trainers themselves are involved in the conduct of the competitions. It is difficult and the coach can not always be equally fair with all the athletes. This causes discontent and problems. It is difficult to keep a high level and good quality of competitions. I have already taken steps towards this idea. We compiled a model of such a team and wrote a project for funding. I hope everything will turn out.

  12. Monika

    This year we did Lithuanian Hockey Children’s League like a separate legal body (removed from Lithuanian Hockey Federation). We have this League 6 years, and we want to find some new points in Lithuania where we can develop hockey for childrens.
    Like Federation we don’t have good teachers/coaches which can do lectures for new coaches which don’t know that is hockey.
    So, 2018 we want to find new points and interest new coaches with hockey.
    For this reason we think it’s really good opportunity to do seminar for them.
    For example we can co-operate with Belarus (Mogilev city) and do like this:

    1. First seminar in Vilnius and Mogilev (begginer level).
    2. Second seminar for example in LTU with our and BLR begginer coaches.
    3. Third seminar for example in BLR with same coaches.

    October we had guest from European Hockey Federation Norman Hughes. We discuss with him about this idea and he support our idea and promiss to find some good lectures which can be part of our ideas.

    I’m very prod of our job and hope it will work.

  13. Alberto Brumana

    My idea of business is to create a studio in which various specialists (doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, athletic trainers, etc.) cooperate to prevent and rehabilitate specific injuries of the aquatic world (swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming).
    The long-term goal would be to follow professional athletes and help them achieve the best possible results.

    1. Kinga Csonkics

      it’s a great idea, but what are your steps for it? 🙂
      I think you should start with found the specialists who are interested in. With the professionals you can create the segments step by step.

  14. Levente Ali

    My business idea is:

    – I would loke to make a sports club, not only for kids but for all people.

    I would like to search for a lot of great sponsors. They give us some money, and they can promote themselves through our club.

    The sponsors would be great names. And every member of our club could use the service of the sponsors for a cheaper price.

    For example:
    Our sponsor would be the public transport company of the state. Every member of our club could have free monthly pass from them (or for a much cheaper price)

    This way (I think) we could inspirate a lot of people to do sports!

  15. tomas_eas

    My business idea is to create an online portal for athletes that brings together various sports representatives. This portal provides free nutrition, sports programs, as well as professional advice from sports experts. A large number of scientific articles about sports, discussions, webcasts will be published on the portal.
    The first steps are to inform advisers about the idea, to create an online website featuring a free survey and simple nutrition and training programs that are tailored to the client.
    The long-term goal is to expand the range of services. Connect to service products, increase brand value. Website should work in other countries, too.

  16. Leila

    My business idea is connected to a little town in Hungary. In my town there is a sports organization with several sections, like athletycs, handball, football, swimming and volleyball. There are trainings for the joungsters as well, but there is one thing. You can join here by your own, I mean the parents have to take the kid to start a sport. I see the opportunity here: in connect the organization with a good team inculding some great experts we could find more talented children in many sports, because a lot of parents just won’t take their kid for an open training. And this way, more child would have the chance to be a sportsmen or just do something prodictive.
    About the long term goal, after we start small, like kindergarten gymnastics classes or in elementary schools, we can grow out and oganize test days and go to other towns with a bigger team, of course.

    1. Levente Ali

      What a great idea! Congrats! 🙂

  17. Justinas

    I have an idea to create Lithuanian athletes association. We don’t have such a organisation in our country. I think its a little bit strange but its true. I am really excited with that because it can be very valuable for all lithuanian athletes. Because nowadays if any athlete have problem he can speak only for himself. Its good if he is brave enough and he can ask or say something but my opinion is that many athletes have similar problems and we have to have such a organisation in all countries.
    So my first step is to create this association and unite athletes.Later we will have meetings and talk about our problems in sport. i think it should be helpful for us. After that my dream is that we will have employee who will work for us and will find sponsors or just talk with other sport organisation. My opinion is that athletes should do sports and they don’t have to fight with others

  18. Tóth Anett

    My idea is create a club but not an average club. In this club children get help with his studies. I would hire coaches and also some teachers and they could pay attention to the kids results and helped them with the homework. And specify the training number to the results. If a children has bad grades I decrease his/her workouts and with great grades I would increase it. I think it would be really usefull because a lot of people think that he/she will be a professional player and than an injury happens and their dreams fall apart.
    With this club they dont neglect their studies and they have a chance to university for example.

  19. cemotarik

    My idea is to open a basketball club. But it wouldn’t be an ordinary club like the rest in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. First thing I would give a test to all children so I could know their advantages and their flaws. That way I would know what trainings should I give it to them. Also depend on their age I would give them proper training. You can’t give a 7 year old kid strength training in that age they first have to train their mind. Attracting sponsors is also an important thing and only way is to have a good player. I think that if I work with them on the way like I described earlier. And with the income of money my club would probably last on long term. All of this would be meaningless if the kids wouldn’t have fun. It would be a place that kids would come on their own, because they have fun not because their parents order them to come.

  20. Povilas

    I want to create a modern wrestling outfit brand for the gym and daily use and start selling it online over online shop, no age restrictions. I already have a vision how this brand should look. Cloths would be designed for men women and children. This would help not only generate revenue but this would be good promotion of the wrestling sport in general and potentially attract people to this sport if not like a sportsmen’s but like spectators.

  21. Adam Uhlar

    I think in Hungary lots of opportunities exists. If you invest enough energy, time, will and strenght in self-education and self-training you can reach everything. OK, it’s harder then in other west-europe country, but I think it is possible. You will be the best!

  22. Tomas_LT

    I would like to initiate a boxing exercises in the schools during physical education lesson. In Lithuania usually, schools and gymnasiums have 2 physical training lessons per week. One lesson could be boxing lo learn basic boxing skills and techniques. This would help children to develop better physical condition, self-confidence and good discipline, also this is good way to learn self defense especially for the girls, and use boxing knowledge wisely. This I would like to do first in one school as a pilot for the one semester, to check the concept of this idea. Also, this would be a real case study to show and promote for the other schools.

  23. Eglė

    In pentathlon I like equestrian, so after my professional career I would like to open my own horse farm in country side, and bread sport horses. Also, offer training facilities for sportsmen. The horse farm would be open to everyone, because it is not only the sport, but it is means of relaxation and therapy at the same time especially children.

  24. Kinga Csonkics

    I already have a common taekwondo club with my mom. In the past I did athletics and I would like to open an athletics department beside taekwondo. I think the first steps are the needs assessment. If there are enough atheletes who are interested in athletics than we can advertise ourselves. We already have the pleace for it because where the trainings are we can do the athletics trainigs too. I already do the athletics trainer course so I’d be the first trainer there.
    We have just children in our club and I would like to keep it in the new department because I think it’s easyer to have just one or two age group. And maybe we can sometimes mix the groups on some events and it’s good when they are at the same age and have fun together.
    The aim is that stabilize the 2 departments.

  25. Nedim Covic

    My idea is related to construction company. This company will be specialised in making low cost residential buildings. Mission: Create alternative and fun houses. Vision: Emerge from standard perspective of house living in 5 years by promoting customisation by low costs.
    First thig: Find partner, research market and consumers.

  26. Vilius Sa

    I would to open my own sport club simple as that. To use wrestling exercises as a toll for different target groups not only for growing professional combat athletes. It could be designed for women, men, children and even old people.

  27. Fazekas Ádám

    I haven’t got a business plan yet because in Hungary very hard to be an entrepreneur. We have to change the minds and salarys to get a live to our economy.Nowdays a lot of Hungarian people prefer the lowest prices on the market because the low salarys. And its make different to live for the smaller entrepreneurs. So if the people will get bigger salarys they can change.They will select from the products and services and it will make a race for the supply and it will be a help for the economy.

  28. Francesca

    To be honest I really don’t have a business idea. But I want talk about the new project starts next year in Italy. This idea borns thanks to CONI. This plan calls “Progetto talenti” (talent project), every months 18 wrester athletes, from 13 until 20 years old, will go to train with national team for 1 year. The purpose is will bring to Olympic games. They are most deserving sport field. This is a great initiative to concilare sport and school.

  29. Raimonda Palionyte

    Hello Everybody,
    I would like to introduce my business idea – this is paradressage riding school (equestrian sport). At nowadays we have lots of disabled persons (kids, adults). Some of them would like to take riding as a sport, but there is no place to take a riding lessons in Lithuania, for the disabled persons. As paradressage is olympic sport and it involved in olympic program, I think it would be very interesting and useful to set up such king of sports school. It would be able for the kids, for the adults, for everybody, who has disability.
    Of course, we need special trainers. We have some riding clubs, who has trainings for the disabled persons, but this is more like hypotherapy, not like sport.
    So, I think, it could be good idea for the future plans.

  30. Nikšić Azur Omar

    I would like to present to you my idea called “Online nutritionism”. Through my experience and experience of my friends in sports, I noticed that the big problem is the plan and the nutrition program. From personal experience I know that diet is important and has a strong influence on our psycho-motor abilities. My idea is based on making online nutritional plans, the development of plans would be template for each sport or separate for each individual per person. The template plan and program would be free, while the separate development plan would be paid. This form of “Online nutrition” would be available 0-24. I think that this form of online diary and nutrition plans would help many athletes reach their desired goal in sports.

  31. Rasa

    My business idea is judo referee association, that helps to grow referees, have contracts with sports university for practice for students. Be the main organization with referees in Lithuania. To have first judo referee in Olympics.
    I have made several steps. Till next winter, its our deadline, to have strong back for our goal.

  32. Aleksandras Baranovas

    Hello, my buisness idea is boxing gym, in which everyone can do boxing, older people, young people, women, men, everyone. To show people how boxing can help to get better fitness level and leave all bad energy in gym . My friends and i are develponig that kind of idea in our city, Vilnius, a lot of people from man proffesions, come to boxing, and thats really inspiring. Our long term goal is to make more and more boxing for everyone i Lithuania, and then go international.

    1. Raimonda Palionyte

      I think, that Aleksandras is doing great job – at first, he is involving box, as sport in Vilnius (Lithuania). I am talking about the box as most people thinking violent and cruel sport. But exactly, this is olympic sport, so he can not be such as most of people are thinking. So, the first good goal is – education of the people.
      The second one – to make people more active. To leave their own negative mood outside, to run out of the depression, to keep fit and be in good condition.
      i think, Aleksandras has a good vision and wish him good luck.

  33. Gergye András

    Hi everybody,

    I will be honest I do not have any buisness ideas, but I will do my best and try to create one. So I think about some kind of
    team builder and recreational company, the company main profile tend to MNC-s. We would make some quality team building activites for example: rafting, paint balling, some kind creativ mind games, hiking, etc.
    One of the most important step is hire a qualified marketing specialist and try to explain to the companies why is it a good thing to give the workers this kind of service. I think after that we are able to lead the activities maybe some assistant staff would be usefull.

  34. Denis

    hi all,
    I would like to tell you about my idea called “Fitness info”. Through the years, I learned a lot about training and fitness, but also I see a lot of guys training without any knowledge. Recreational gym are under a lot of influence of Internet, but as we all know that is questionable way to get quality information.
    So my goal is to make a website, where will work only educated professionals, where you can 24/7 online live ask question and get immediate answer.
    I think this type of website will attracted a lot of recreational and professional sportsmen, and main source of funding will be through advertisement.

  35. Sejla

    My project would be called a “heart full of hugs,” and a related slash of dispute from which I come from “volleyball.” The goal of the project would be to raise awareness and create a real picture of the importance of physical exercise when questioning a smaller age. In addition, communication skills, team spirit, sports and everything that sports a sport will develop. Through this project would also include a corrective gymnastics program that would have a very good feedback response to our society in the country.

  36. Alma

    I have few bussines ideas, but my first and the most important is connected with my first love – sport.
    In few years, I want to start up one big project called Children and sports. I want to show everyone how important our children are and how much we can help them to improve their health and make them fall in love with sport.
    With that project, I also want to connect a lot of different child from whole world and motivate them to work together no matter where they are coming from, which is color of their skin and which is their religion.

    I will need team of good and professional people, props, place, good organisation and of course money – but I will work on it.

  37. Nikolaus

    As i wrote in assignment 4.1. my idea is to built up a company which offers sport camps for children at the age of 6-12. The diffierence between my company and others is the variety of sports at one camp.
    the first step is to go through a test camp. I’m already planning a sport camp with a friend of mine. By this camp we are able to check our financial costs and also the organisational stuff like insurences, time organisation, how many kids per coach are allowed and also check out what taxes we have to pay.

    Our long Term goal is to offer more camps with specialized coaches or athletes for each sport of the camp and first of all show children that sport is fun!


  38. Francesco Becchis

    To be honest I really don’t have a business idea, but you can not know what the future holds for us..
    In general when the children grow up and they are 12/13 years old stop to do sport because is difficult to do sport in a good level and study. Sometimes the students go in to the school where is not so near to their home, arriving late at home have not time to train.
    So i’ve talk about with some ski trainers and they dream to do this project for give the possibility to cotinue to ski for the young guys.
    Create an high school sports skis college where two/three days in morning the students can training everybody with the coach.
    Obviously the lesson will be recovered in the afternoon, organise the moment of training and school lesson.
    So the young athlet can continue to do sport in an high level.

  39. Samira Tutundzic

    Hi everyone.

    My business idea is to open one of the best gyms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First steps to do that is to get a fitness licence because the law of my country obligates me to have that. Next step would be to find a proper space where all the equipment would be and it should be in tempting location, with a big parking space. Then, to find coaches to work in the gym, to work with clients, not to put high prices so pretty much everyone could afford it. I would like when people hear the name of the gym think ‘I heard about that one it is a good gym’ and it would bring them a joy. My long term goal of opening a gym would be that to make a chain of my gym’s all across Balkan for a start and then wider and wider.

    I hope my dream will come true in the future.

  40. Teőke Ágoston

    My idea is to make a running event organiser enterprise. In Budapest are really good big races but my idea is organising thematic smaller runs. In our town running’s popularity is increasing and it’s has started to becoming a “fashion” to run. In big races like Budapest Marathon are a lot of tourist and I thought why don’t we do running sightseeing tours?:) This kind of tourism is already exists here but I think the market is not full. I would make cheaper and shorter tours for beginners and other longer and premium tours which include unique shirt, and food in the end.

    My vision statement would be: “To giving an unforgettable running and sightseeing experience in Budapest for everybody who wants to visit this town in a sporty, healthy and satisfying way.”

  41. Matyas Jokai

    Hi everyone!

    My business idea is to create a gym. It starts from family collaboration and loan. At the start it is necessary to organize a business plan to choose a good place, and make a marketing mix.
    The start of the investment starts when the financial resources are available. The success of the business in a very strong competitive situation is depends on how innovative the business is. We will bring something new in this business competition and it will be a literary therapy. The business plan’s part is the solution how is it possible to have as much income to be able to finance the everyday costs.


  42. Furiák Gergő

    My first idea what can really good is a cobbler, because it’s a very dead profession nowadays. A lot of people buy cheap shoes and these often go bad, so a skilled cobbler could worth gold. Especially where a lot of old people and big familes live.
    It’s very good because you don’t have to afraid of your rival because just a few people working in this prof. There are some company who deal with shoemaking, but they didn’t specialize for this, they can also wash your clothes, copy keys and so on. So the people have less faith in them than in the experienced cobbler. And the main thing a cobbler always undertake every work for you, while the big company not sure that it has opportunity to fix your shoes.
    I know that it’s an irregular idea, but an athlete also uses a lot of pair of shoes, which could be really expensive and if there is something wrong with it, it’s more better to bring it for a cobbler than throw away.
    Btw I’m not from a cobbler family, but I have an acquaintance so I could speak with him about this idea, what he think and maybe we could open a new shop which aim is to be famous and popular in our area.

  43. Amar Čejvan

    Hiiii, My idea for business is that one day, in cooperation with future sports and fitness partners, design a fitness application. The goal is to design an application that helps everyone to get in shape. I would like to promote healthy lifestyles through the application and show the way for people who have less experience with training. Also, the application will follow your individual progress and allow you to enter your plan, daily achievements … And of course I have a dream to build a fitness center, and it will take a long time, but I hope it will become true.In the fitness center I would be based on a hard body workout system and bodyweight exercices for all ages. My long term goal is to motivate people to train, to do any kind of physical activity, stay in shape and eat healthy . Mission(fitness center) and desing fitness application with partners 🙂
    best regards ,Amar…

  44. Lisa

    From time to time really different (maybe) potential business ideas are crossing my mind. There are some smaller ones and some bigger ones.

    One which crossed my mind recently, was the idea of creating an adventure agency that provides real life adventures to people of all ages in groups or for single “players”. I say players, because it would be like a game where you have to solve riddles and quests to get further in your adventure. The “game board” would be the real world, so no artificial surrounding like a game hall or a park.
    There would be an adventure master, who would observe the players and give further instructions whenever needed and who can provide a “joker” to the players when they are stuck.
    The adventures could be based on legendary crimes, on myths or novels for example.

    It’s obvious that it would be quite complicated to put something like that in motion, especially if it would happen in a city, where you have so many options, variables and risks for both the organiser and the players.

    But a first step could be to talk to businesses, shops etc. in the potential area of the game, if they would be interested of assisting in the game as point of action, where the players have to find some clues for example. And also to talk to the city administration itself and or property owners for legal advice and admissions.
    After that the creative step would follow to create adventures and then to make a marketing plan for promoting the adventures.

    (possible) VISION: We bring individual real life adventures to everybody, who is ready to encounter new challenges.

  45. Justina Kraujunaite

    Since I’m the movie lover and I know that for many people a good movie in the evening is the best way to relax, I have this one particular idea in my mind.
    It’s about a movie theatre where would be displayed not those new commercial Hollywood movies, but only those, which have become legendary. The main idea is that every month there would be displayed films from different time interval, for example, December’s schedule – best films from 1970-1980. Also, there would be displayed various film festivals movies, for example, Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) “Kino Pavasaris” movies.

    My first steps to realize this idea would be bringing together a team, which is passionate about this business idea.
    And the long-term goal – to become the best not commercial movie theatre in the city.

  46. Vid Persak

    So here is my idea,
    It is really popular in big and also smaller cities to have city bikes (the one that you can rent for a half or an hour).
    I was thinking how to use those bikes not only as a thing that carry you from point A to point B but to use them as a tool for sport activity or exploring the city. I would try to talk to the city bikes company and start kind of sport/exploring company. The contest is real simple I would organize guided tours with those city bikes and try to use my sport knowledge to organize also kind of training on bikes. I think it is quite a simple idea to use something that’s already existing and make it work. The vision is to be company that’s providing sport into every city.
    Cheers Vid

    1. Justina Kraujunaite

      It sounds really good for guided tours and I would definitely participate in it, but I see one small problem with sport activity, since those city bikes are not very comfortable for sport.

  47. lizz

    Ok, here is my idea:

    Proper and effectiv movement and doing exercises right, was a main part of my dryland training, so I was always focused on that. That makes it hard for me to go into gyms without giving helpfull tipps to other people ;-).
    But today I had a thought. What if my company would develop a life video analysing system for gyms that helps coaches to keep an eye on all clients at the same time and is giving alarm to the coaches, when he or she is not with the client that is doing a wrong motion sequence at that time?! The client will get a heart-rate measuring belt with a personalized video sensor – so the coach is checking the heart-rate, but the sensor is also giving signal to the videocamera, when the client is in motion. The coach can analyse his/her clients moves on the video screens all over the gym and gets alarmed when the movement is being executed incorrect.
    My vision would be – that all clients would feel well looked after and would improve much faster und therefore would be more motivated. By the way they would automaticaly try harder, when they get filmed. This system would raise the clients awareness and would help to create better quality and success in their exercises.
    To but this idea into reality it takes some constantly filming cameras and a warningsystem that is based on correct executed exercises, to which clients would be compared to. Cheers Lizz

    1. Vid Persak

      I mean that is great idea! You only need to figure it out how to make that product useable 🙂

  48. Birgit Koschischek

    For all wine Lovers 😉

    “Sommelier” is a newly developed “app” associated with wine merchants (such as wine & co.) and Winemakers. Through this app it is possible to get the appropriate wine recommendations, to the chosen food. The app is connected to the wine fridge and checks whether a corresponding wine for this dining sequence is in stock. Furthermore, the app makes suggestions for example to what price the wine can be ordered online at which provider. With this app, it is possible to order the wine directly and get it delivered in time for the planned meal.
    The increase in value is based on the negotiated commissions of the suppliers, as well as the low price due to the elimination of storage costs.
    The app is patented and extended to other countries with appropriate language.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      I love wine 🙂 but I’m not sophisticated in drinking wine and are mixing the wines I like with the food I like.

  49. Marco

    My own business would be based on producing tennis strings.
    Lot of players have to adapt themselves to strings that they don’t really like, lot of them would love to play with customized strings.
    I would like to create special strings for each player, based on biometric analysis and biomechanics. Different types of forehand impacts influence on strings usury, different materials influence muscular stress for different types of muscular systems.
    Customized strings would be a great way to prevent from injuries and gain more power to your shots, you’ve money from physiotherapists treatments to invest on special strings.

  50. Göktuğ

    My business idea is to create a football academy in Turkey. It should be long term development. Some regions in Turkey there are a lot of soccer teams. If they commitment one big club that is competing in the Professional leagues then the young footballers could be find a chances the play elite level.

    Mission: Combine a lot of small football clubs in sport academy

    Goal: Find the young and talented footballers.

    Long term target: Succesfully competing in the top elite leagues

  51. Žiga Papež


    There is a few ideas for a company. But the first idea which I already start it is social company. Company that provides elder people best health care. There will be a few sport kind of centers around our country and all of them will work the same. The best coaches, the best physiotherapists and so on…
    That is my mission. My vison is to build a lot of these kind of centers around Slovenia, and make our country and elder people healthier!

    With regards, Žiga

  52. Tadej

    My bussines idea/(dreams) would be to open a sport camp near maountains and water(river, lake), where i would organize diffrend sport activities. Tourists could rent a kayak, master archery, go on a organized hiking trips, play diffrend team sports, learn survival skills… First step is finding a suitable place and buy it. Build some kind of information station and other needed object, hire staff and make good advertisment. Long term goal would be of course make living out of it and connect people with nature and sports.

    1. Zsófi Sárközy

      Great idea, I would like it! In my opinion it can be very popular if you can find the right place

    2. Rok Petrič

      Hi, i think this is very good idea, hope u will realized it one day. Wish u the best.

      With regards,

  53. Immacolata Salierno

    I know how sport inspires passions, gives positive emotions and feelings with a common language that can attract the differences and can exalt the most varied business contexts.
    I know how much the sport can become a powerful “business tool” thanks to the marketing strategies and thanks to the communication, with which you can highlight organisations and companies.
    My business idea is to create a kind of online platform capable of:
    – offering interpretation capability of the sport market, with a strong component of international relations that allows people to develop new sponsorship projects.
    – defining a professional opportunities’ aggregator to get the sport industry and the business world closer.
    This platform would be represented by a team with transversal skills in the business world and with a common passion for sports and by a team of athletes who lived sport as a part of their lives.

    MISSION: The purpose is to combine the analysis activities with the consultancy work in order to promote creative projects that represent concrete solutions on the Business to Business (B2B) and on the Business to Consumer (B2C) levels.
    VISION: The platform will be a reference point for the sport community.

  54. Salvatore Serino

    As I am now both an athlete and karate teacher, I don’t have a clear vision of my future, also because next year I’ll be attending “Sports Sciences” University to become a ‘Physical Education’ Teacher and a Sports Trainer.
    My business idea is to create a sports centre based on both my personal experiences and technical ones combined together, where the athlete’s goals are listened and analized thoroughly in order to structure the training phase based on the individual. In this centre the athlete would be followed also by a team of experts on the psychological side, nutrition and rehabilitation process.

    MISSION: Build a unique sport centre for true champions.
    VISION: A place where people/athletes can grow professionally.

    1. Žiga Papež

      Great! You can do this! 🙂


  55. Ina

    My idea is to create a own collection for sport clothes. I want to specialize on trailrunning and maybe in winter on skimountaineering, the increasing trend sport in Austria. The feature of this collection should be the unique design in combination with high quality.
    Maybe my first step is to find somebody, who produces my designed colthes.

    Mission: Offer high quality sport clothes with unique design, made in Austria, for young people, who loves trailrunning and skimountaineering.

    Vision: Every Trailrunner and Skimountaineer wants to wear this clothes.

    What do you think about it? What would you make different or better?

  56. Kristóf Németh

    The first step is always to assess the market that we want to enter with our idea, in this case it is the sport. Nowadays the professional sports dominate, and the role of amateur and mass sports are dwarfed. I think it would be worthwhile to expend money and strengthen this part. I would create a show that shows the everyday life of smaller sports clubs, communities, and teams. I would like to speak those who live in it, to share their thought and experiences about sport and talk about their relationship with the community.
    The long-term goal of my show is to encourage people to move and to show that not only the top athletes are loved and recognized by people, but they appreciate all sports performance.
    As a first step I would make an amateur movie about our little team and send some TV channels and write my ideas and motivations. I think such a show would be successfull and inspire people.

    1. lizz

      Hi Kristof,
      I think thats a great Idea!!! Congratulations and maybe you would find famous athlets of their hometowns to support your idea and talk in your show about the roots, were all began with their hometown coaches, clubs,…that helped them to become worldclass athlets. cheers lizz

  57. Bálint Szalánszki

    My business is about players’ management.

    The basic idea is based on my career in which I had some bad decisions and they had the consequences of course. I think a player’s career starts at the age of 16-17 when clubs are interested about real talents who can be better and better in adult football fields also. The main idea is to create them a safe background and create them the opportunities and help them in the meantime.

    My long-term goal for this business is not just to help them to be better players but to be better persons in their own life. An other important things is not just to show them things can happen but to teach them and prepare them for the hard decisions. And when they have the choice we just propose a solution but he/she will be able to manage the given situation. Also important long-term goal for the business is to have more and more relations and connections with clubs and their leaders.

  58. Sabine Schöffmann

    I have not thought about a special business idea yet but I have a little idea.
    I love going on vacation and I am always making plans about what to do there what to see. I like sports, but when I visit a different country I also want to actually “see” something of it. That’s wh I always try to travel to different parts of the world and to learn something new. But there is a problem. If you do not know someone who lives there, who is a local, it is difficult to get in touch with another culture, other traditions. For me, the best holidays are, if you meet a friend, or a friend of a friend who is a local, who shows you “her/his country”.
    I think of a platform, where you can get tips and pointers what to do at a “new place” besides the sights and attractions everybody visits on this place. You can exchange ideas and secret spots and gain more knowledge about the place you are visiting.
    vision: Help every person to have the best vacation.

  59. Jakob

    A few months back me and my friend stumbled along an idea on how to make more green surfaces in cities. I believe that this idea is already big in some other countries, but in Slovenia it is not. So the idea is to cover rooftops in cities with grass. A lot of flats in Slovenia have straight roof and it is covered with small rocks. The grass and dirt are a lot better isolation material and that also contribute to nature. If you built fence around the edges it can also become a nice hangout spot. I think this idea could also get a lot of support from the country and cities.

    So, the Vision statement would be: Let us start living with nature hand in hand again. Mission statement would be: Cover 80% of rooftops in dirt and grass.

    To connect this idea with sports, we could also build open air fitness on top, maybe some basketball courts, etc. We could really use full potential of space and still keep as much nature as possible, like some other countries already do.

    1. Lisa

      I like your idea a lot and I see still in a lot of cities potential to use the, already beton sealed place and to bring part of it back to nature.
      Have you ever watched the movie Tomorrow? (Trailer in engl:
      There is one village that started to plant fruits and vegetables in the streets for their people. To plant some of these on the roofs would be also great…haha i got somehow inspired by your idea. Thank you! 🙂

      1. Jakob

        I will diffidently watch that movie! Thanks!

  60. Jure Lenarcic

    My idea is to build a proper course with whitewater for racing and for tourism. I love whitewater and we dont have such a stadium in Slovenia. It would have to big big with a lot of space for spectators and public. It would serve as competition course for canoe slalom, maybe rafting and as tourist attraction of the city. I think tourism would bring a lot of money.
    To bring my idea to life i would need to make a arhtitectual design and plan. With that i would go to investorst, first to country parliament and major of Ljubljana + canoe slalom federation. I would also need to try and get some money from Europe union and possible find some private investor.
    Long term this would be really big stadium, for big whitewater races and mostly for tourism, rafting, kayak,… I would love to have portable roof that people can paddle all year..yes even in winter time.

    1. Tadej

      Jure i see your moto: Go big or go home 🙂 hope that your idea comes to life!

  61. martin

    so i have the Vision to make my own Player agency, but i wanna be different then the ones out there right now.
    i know a lot of pro Players and almost everybody is complaining about their Agents including myself.
    i would really like to be there for my Clients, (do it for free for the Young Talents).
    id like to build up a Team and there is where i wanna be different compared to all the other agents i know out there.
    i wanna help the Players on their financial Situation, planning there future help them save their Money, because i met a lot of Players that made a lot of Money but had no idea about Money and finances.
    so if you only get a Client a good contract and he has no idea about finances, you dont really help him.
    so i would like to do it as a package with my Team of pofessional advisers.
    i literated myself a lot about finances (stocks,house market…..)i was really interested and it helped me a lot.

    but nobody told me or teached me , i think it could really help a lot of athletes.

  62. Verena

    So I have a vision of building up the best mental coaching company, that can help all sorts of sportspeople to succeed.

    So the basic idea is to give my personal experience in my career as a sportswoman further to others. I’m still too busy with my active sports and studying but I’d really like to build up a business environment, where I work together with other former or still active sportspeople that love to share their experience. I think the psychological part is just as important as the physiological part of sports,… So that’s why I think it’s really important to work on that mental strength. I’m of course not ready for it yet, I’m still only on the start to learn it for myself- so I can’t give it to other people yet. But I think right now, that I start to learn the mental training techniques for myself, and now that I learn so much about it in everyday’s training and racing- that’s my first step to realize the idea. The long term goal is to just help sportspeople being able to get the most out of their performance- with the mental coaching company on their side.

  63. Alexander Payer

    At the moment i dont really have any Business idea yet.
    But i have a Vision what could become my Businessidea on day.

    My Home region offers a lot of potencial in Sport. There are perfect Athletic Grounds and Sportgrounds. Awesome Coaches and Officials.
    But how to find them?
    Thats pretty complicated. Espacially when you are younger and not fully informed in everything.
    So my Vision would be to establish an Agency that helps Athlets to find there perfect environment for there Sport.

    So for example an, Skierider needs an professional Athletic Coach but can´t find the right on his own.
    He came to my Agency and we develope with the Athlet together a Plan where he want to go and find the right people for the way the Athlet wants to go.

    Like “My Agency” is a custom Headhunterservice for Athlet needs

    1. Jure

      It is a good idea, but you should really put everything on a paper. When you have it all in your head, everything is so simple but when you try too put it down on a paper there is a lot to thing about it. My tip would be : make it simple. The simpplier the better….for users and for you!


    My aim is to introduce an Organization/ firm to manage National level league/Pro competitions in Fencing. For this goal I need a support team. Which will work on different fields simultaneously like Finance handling, Mobilization or making connect with stake holders, Communication with Media to became partner, Management or competition Programmer.

    The long term goal of this firm will be competitions round the year as presently very limited are there and these are also with no monetary help for Athletes. So we’ll focus on providing Athletes professional competitive approach and more financial stability by earning through competitions on higher stake. Presently devotion of time to above project & Govt. Job is playing a big hindrance, And Sports like Wrestling, Boxing, Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi etc. and other traditional there is lots of scope in India to get Stake holders and media attention but for Fencing it’s a challenge. Anyway I am very keen to give a start to my goal as soon as possible.

  65. Vilma

    i have an idea to get started mentoring program. it would be needed to encourage people to start doing things that they would but unfortunately don’t do. more experienced mentor would help a mentee to reach his goals. first steps would be to start this in my sport – an athlete or former athlete could become a couch if he would have a good mentor. in addition to this, many women after creating family take a step back from sport and a mentor could encourage them to be active again, get back in sport for example as a coach.
    long term goal would be to start a national program not only for one sport but suitable for any kind of sport.

  66. Mateja

    My bussines idea is founding Travel&Sport company for active people who are looking for a sports holiday by taking part in spectacular competitions abroad. First step it will be just organisation the travel in some runnning/triathlon competition in neighbouring countries, middle-terrm plan can be adding races in more excotic countries (Cuba, Costa Rica, Mauritius…). Long term plan of the company will be adding organisation the trainings camps before the competitions (specially in wintertime) with some well known athletes.

    1. Vilma

      great idea to combine sport with holidays!

  67. Mark Makrai

    My goal is to be an authority in the sport life, of course in my interest. I must learn a lot for it, that is sure. However, my idea to create a sport blog particularly for football, to share my thoughts. What I experienced as a player or as a trainer, the problems that I noticed and how should we remedy them. Not the money what motivates me with this topic, but to demonstrate my point of view, to gain recognition with it. If it will work I want to move up to move on as a sport journalist and step by step as a sport leader/governor.
    In that forum/blog which I mentioned I would like to call other successful or failed talented sportsmen to help the youngsters.
    Nevertheless, the vision is to reformate whole Hungarian football!

  68. Carina

    My business idea would be to open a sharing-platform for rehab- and (home-)therapy-equipment. The target group of my company are athletes who want to improve their recovery while being at home. Not everyone can afford massage-therapists each and every day and most of the recovery-, rehab- and therapyequipment that are being used in professional Sports Instituts are really expensive so almost no individual athlete can buy them just for himself. Moreover, often athletes who are injured need a special rehab-tool just for a certain time.
    The sharing-platform “SHAREcovery” should help athletes to get cheap and fast access to therapy-equipment that they can use at home on a daily basis. The goal of my company is to improve and facilitate the use of home-therapy by sharing products and make it possible for everyone to take use of the recovery-methods that usually just the very best elite-athletes have access to.

    1. Zsófi Sárközy

      Really good idea, I would use it if I would have this opportunity 😀

      1. Carina

        Thank you Zsófi! I think that athletes could save a lot of money in this way it is something like the idea of sharing cars, bikes and so on 🙂

  69. Marco Freda

    My idea is to create an external network of collaborators, independent from the soccer club, composed of skilled specialized professional each of one in a specific field. This way full support is given in the most appropriate manner: from athletic preparation to relief to injuries. Basically the soccer clubs conclude agreements with an external company who can provide on case by case basis the professional needed to resolve the problem. For instance, a trainer to boost the performances of the team or a medical assistance in case of physical problems of the players.

  70. Zsófi Sárközy

    My idea is to create an international exchange system between assosiations and club of more countries. To stay for a year abroad is very useful for tha young athletes, but they often dont get the oppurtunity. My business could help them and their coaches, parents to find the best city and the best club. So they wouldnt have to look after school, housing, and the sport training becouse the firm could organise them everything. I have to start it with building relationship to many clubs and schools, to have a wide offer to the athletes. Would it be helpful in your sports or do you have something similar?

    1. Carina

      I like the idea of athlete-exchanges between clubs! It would be good for the individual experience of the Person who spends some time in another Country and it can be very good for the Exchange of Knowledge in Terms of Sports, training methods and so on!

  71. Marc

    Because there are so many international consulting companies applying international standards in a reckless manner on local companies with local and individual needs, I would offer a tailormade, long-lasting service for traditional down-to-earth companies, that is so analytical, exceptional, individual, organized and understandable that my clients will make a substantial and sustainable step forward and that they will gladly recommend the company to others as being the best. Mission statement: We create your future together with you! Vision statement: We want to be the best possible choice for our clients and thus ensure that we are always recommended as being the best.

  72. Jonathan

    I have this great ideal of bring up our youth who are good in the level of there various sport activities for example football

    we have a lot of raw materials in africa i mean talented football players who are just waiting for the opportunities to come

    i see myself of having the chance to help them so that they can exploit their given talent.

    I want to create schools where kids go to learn and afterward learn how to play it will give them the chance

    becoming who they dream of becoming.

  73. Kiss Roland


    My Business idea is to make sport managger/ coach cours in my sport. That a big projekt, I need some teacher and I need to say what way what we want to develope how skils want to teach for the coaches. I need a place where we can do it professionally. We need to make money fund to support it. I need some coaches who want to expend his or her knowledge.
    We need to prepar for it whit internationals examples other sport examples too. I need to send to all hungarien coaches, in mail or telephones or any website so we need to advertise.

    It will be a hard work i think 😀

  74. Simone Fumero

    My idea to expand my company is to add courses. We now hold volleyball courses for boys and girls of all ages and gymnastics for the ladies. The idea would be to set up sports courses to increase the number of membership fees, logically assuming competent staff. I would also like to increase the gyms where our courses are held to have a larger pool of users.

  75. Alberto Franceschi

    My business idea is to create a sport academy in which the concept of long term development is the key. From mid level to elite athletes, our sportsmen and women will benefits of a set of service created and thought in the direction of the high performance considering as well the pathway of the dual career.

    Mission: elevate the performance inside and outside of the sport field

    Goal: help athletes to reach their potential

    Long term perspective: creating the favorable environment for high-motivated people

  76. Lorenzo Zaccone

    To be honest I really don’t have a business idea, studying Motor Science I’m more oriented in occupy myself to the human body, but I confess that the idea to have one day something mine I have had it several times. More specifically i mean a sport centre in which I can combine on one side the gymnastic part of functional training and on the other side the funniest renting football fields part’s.

  77. Igor


    My idea would be sports academy for high school kids.
    Private school with fo
    cus on 3/5sports depending on popularity of sports and quality of the teachers/pedagoges.
    Goal would be to make plce to become and proffesional athlete in sports you choose from your young age. Long term goal would be for sure to help them become champs in sports.
    Have fun, enjoy the time and train hard.

  78. Viktoria

    Due to the fact that I am playing professionally soccer I am often in touch with different kind of managers, agents or the like.
    But I recognized there is a lack of managers who are offering different services: not just the financial perspective and dealing new contracts. I think the emotional and psychosocial aspect is often missed. Especially in womensoccer. It’s a sport where you can earn good money nowadays but you won’t be financially secure. So there are many other important aspect to consider.

    That’s why I want to offer the service of being both a personal sports manager and a individual coach. Combining these two aspects I think I could appreciate in value and grow importance for professional sportsmen in general. So it’s not just focused on womensoccer. It should be an service both including facets of sports business, sports psychology & mental health and a second/dual career planning.

    Vision: Fulfillness of all wishes and needs of sportsmen in every career stage

    Mission: Holistic service by offering consulting service, psychological and mental help and private and occupational advice and guidance.

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      Hello Viktoria!
      I really like your business idea. I also think there can be a great benefit for athletes to have such support in their careers. What would be your first steps towards reaching your goals?

      1. Viktoria

        My first step would be:
        1. creating a real business idea and a market for it
        2. defining the single services
        3. searching for know-how, material and maybe partners to work for
        4. slowly starting and building up an advertising part and step by acquiring athletes

        would do you think about it?

        1. Natasa Sfiri

          They sound good to me Viktoria :-). A good way to start!

  79. Norbert

    I would like to change the current level and attitude towards sports of our young generation.

    Recently a study came out and presented that two thirds of all 8-9 year old children are overweight. It is true that a sporty behaviour is shaped by the parents and therefore you need to include them too to improve the situation. It is all starting in early days – not until entering school. It’s a mass phenomenon and an institution of (former and existing) athletes maybe could be a way to make it better than it is now.

    There are also longterm effects ranging from a healthier (older) society to possible olympic champions. The social status-quo of sport is around zero and the first step would be to form a motivated group of people and partners who really want to change this and make it happen all over Austria (because there are already some good examples).
    Second part would be “economies of scale“ – meaning to combine the inputs of the members to create a system. In the long term view we are in fact a sports nation.

  80. Gianpiero

    My idea is to create something that can help atheles when they change city. I’m talking about moving boxes and search home (for example in basket many players come from foreign countries and maybe they don’t have a contract for all season long or the team release the player before the end of the season so they change many teams during a season).

    mission statement: Drive the athletes in their logistic move.

    vision statement: Favor the athletes’ setting everywhere.

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      That’s an interesting concept Gianpiero and many athletes would very much appreciate it! What would be your first steps?

      1. Gianpiero

        Probably look for houses that can be left not just after a year without any problem with the owner (and also paid not for all the year but only for the time they were used).
        I think that this is the major problem

  81. Jakub Maly

    During my senior year in college, I was on the executive committee for a group called Gopher International. We created this group with the intention to help international student-athletes from around the world with the transition into the University of Minnesota. The executive board consisted from few international student-athletes (including myself) who had the experience with the transition into an entirely new sociocultural setting and its challenges. Our goal was to unite all international student-athletes across all sports and provide help with any challenges they might have.
    Our vision statement: The vision of Gopher International is to build an inclusive community and support network that will foster a culture of trust and unity for all international student-athletes.
    Our mission statement: The mission of Gopher International is to provide socially inclusive events, help maintain a healthy partnership with the International Student Scholar Services (ISSS), and create unique leadership and community service opportunities to establish a deeper connection with other campus groups and the Twin Cities international community.
    And our core values: Family – Inclusiveness – Ambition

    We started this group with the intention of passing it continuously on to the younger, current generations of international student-athletes in Gopher Athletics. From being a start-up less than a year ago, it has been a lot of fun watching this group grow and the international student-athletes connecting.

    1. Gotti Eisenberger

      Wow! That is a great Idea, I wish I would have had that kind of help at my University.
      Thank you for sharing!

  82. Jaka

    My business idea is to make some kind of platform or an app which would help you to:
    – find nearest tennis court, football field or any sports field
    – see if it is occupied or not at the time you want to play
    – connect with strangers and play game with them
    – find a group for football match

    I got this idea because me and my friends often play football, but every time we are struggling to find enough players for game. It started to annoy me so i tried to find a solution. I think this could really help people to start doing sports. It would work for every sport in your city. For example if you want to go to gym but do not have a buddy, you could find him/her who is struggling with same problem on the other side. The app would have all information about facilities of certain club or gym, etc. (are there locker rooms, what is the price, can you rent a racket or a ball, is there a bar…). You would decide where to go depending on reviews of others. You could also compare different clubs inside the app.

    My first steps would be to get in contact with my management professor on faculty, after that i would get a designer for app. I would first try with tennis because it needs just two or four players. I would need to convince tennis clubs that they will get profit from that so i think it would not be hard. My long term goal is that people will start moving, doing sports. Maybe because i think that some people just don’t get company or are scared to start doing sports. It would also work in other way, so you could write what you want to do in the evening and maybe you would get a company. I think this could work, at least in our country or city if you want.

    Mission statement: to give everyone chance to meet a tennis or badminton or it does not matter what kind of buddy.

    Vision statement: have platform with all kinds of sports in my city, convince people to do sports, socialise through sports, make sports more fun.

    1. Norbert

      Cool idea, Jaka. What I would also include are the Kids and opportunities for them to do sports. Maybe some educational institutions and some sports Club can be linked together.

    2. Marc

      I like the idea, I think many sports interested people have the same problem and a good business idea often starts with a problem. After making a business plan you could try to convince some investors to give your company enough capital for the first years. In the beginning the app (and website) should be free and after years when you have added enough members and sports locations and when you have achieved a certain market penetration you can think about advertising or charging a small fee for the service. Be careful that your idea doesn’t get stolen, because good ideas are rare.

      1. Jaka

        Thanks Norbert and Marc! I agree with you Norbert about Kids, and thanks for your advice, appreciate. Marc thank you also for your advice, i will have it on my mind, and of course i also hope that it won’t be stolen. I hope that MOOC is not made for stealing ideas from others 😀

  83. Andrea Regis

    My basic idea is creating a multi-tasking dojo (dojo is a place to practice the martial arts, but in this case the martial arts will be only judo and karate).
    I said multi-tasking because what I would like to create a place in which the whole family can stay, but in different rooms. The only not clear things are the costs of everything and the place where the dojo will be.
    My idea is to have two spaces with the tatami, one for judo, one for karate, one gym with the machine for the power training, a waiting room and a room used from the physioterapist and psychologist.
    A lot of times the mums or the dads of the young athletes destroy the athlete from the beginning: in a lot of cases has being studied that the parents creates the rivality between the kids, not supporting the natural growing of the sport skills of the single kid.
    So… why don’t pretend that the parents instead of waiting outside and talk, they have to do some kind of activity?
    Another point: at least in Italy is difficult to find good physio who understands the dynamic of a not so common sport.. why don’t take one physio and show to the costumers that he is the good one to rehabilitate the judoka or karateka after an injury?
    Once a week a sportive psychologist will be available for the persons who want to talk to him.
    The waiting room will be just a place to stand for a few minuts, no more, and it will be little.
    The costs will be really a lot, but I have good contacts, and I believe that a project like this can create good athletes.
    My mission is watching a professionist athlete, grown with the help of a family, who can take a salary thanks to the the company I have created (in Italy is possible for the best athletes to have a salary with Military Sportive Groups).
    Vision statement: opening more multi-tasking dojo, all around Italy.

    1. Lili

      It’s a great idea, and according to the description it seems that the service is also demanded. Your venture’s services can be expanded. I assume that its business model is based on the amount paid for membership fees and mostly for additional services.
      The mission description was not clear enough I would suggest simplifying or clarifying a bit. The vision is clear though it would be worth clarifying the franchise network even more.

      1. Andrea Regis

        Good evening Lili,
        I will try to put more clear the mission in the next few lines:
        I would like to see in my dojo the young kids who grow up and become adults, and also strong atlethes.
        My mission will be creating judokas and karatekas good enough to be paid for their sport activity.
        In Italy, for the sports like judo and karate, the only way to continue the career and to earn money, is being called by Military Sportive Groups. We have Army, Carabinieri, Finanza, Polizia. Once an athlete is selection by one of this Military Groups, he/she starts to have a salary.
        The mission will be exactly this: having good atlethes that can have a life work thanks my help in the dojo.

    2. Vilma

      Great idea. I also dream about a great place for sport. Perhaps i would add two more spaces to it – mini kitchen and also administration room!

  84. Natasa Sfiri

    I think that you have done a good job defining the first steps and the long term goals of your idea, although the first steps can be elaborated as well. I also like your mission statement and wish you a lot of success with reaching your vision! 🙂

  85. Amela

    The basic idea is to offer more adaptive sports for people with special needs. The whole concept is made of 2 parts: one is to adapt already existing fields,courts, .. to meet the need of the wheelchair player for example or using special equipment, devices for blind people, or any other adjustments required for any other special need ; the second one is to organize programs for the disabled with the help of the community, parents and educators and make it easier to find them.
    The first steps would be to see what is the current situation – what kind of sports are they interested in, what is the current supply, which sport objects are already adapted and who is willing to collaborate for this project from the educators.
    Many organizations are already offering sports activities for special needs people, but is hard to find them and there should be more. That’s why the next step would be to connect them in an app where new ones could be added by location anytime, organise more events or include these sportist in the existing competitions and sports events, provide additional assistance to have outside intervention from trained professionals or volunteers, collaborate with doctors…in order to achieve a complete program inside each sport.
    Regardless of the disability, in today’s society, there is no excuse to leave any child or adult behind when it comes to achieving goals that will enhance his/her overall health and well-being. We should see them more for what they can do instead of what they can’t ! Because we (as a community) are only strong as our weakest part of the chain is, that’s why I believe inclusion of disabled people is urgently necessary in every part of our lives. To empower them means to empower us as a community.

    That is the long term goal – to include them on the regular basis in every single sport they want to practice and teaching good fitness habits for life as it is about day to day exercises and drills.

    Vision: make an app to offer a more transparent list of all sports for disabled people wich are currently available and adapt facilities to their needs
    Mission: include as many disabled people as possible in recreational activities and physical education

    1. Lili

      Hi Amela,
      your app initiative is a very socially responsible approach which initiative can become a real business at the same time as well. Perhaps the one of the key issues in building and running your business will be formulating its business model. From where will revenue come from and how much organization / technology is needed to collect, organize and update the necessary information – and how much does it cost to operate this organization.
      Are you planning to collect the money you need through community fundings to create the app?

      1. Amela

        I know for sure there will be many bumps on this road, but since the EU plan for the next years it’s oriented toward the max inclusion of people with disabilities, I think as a non-profit organization we could apply for the necessary funds from EU tenders, local, city and regional goverment, sports associations and departments, maybe make a fund for development and most of all be very active in the promotional campaign. The costs of the app are not so high in comparision to the equipment and addaptations of the existing facilities.

        1. Norbert

          I like this idea very much since it involves the “2nd row” of (sports)People who are not getting that attention that they actually deserve. I believe that such a project also needs partners/sponsors who have the same motivation like you and to cooperate with them can lead to a bigger outcome.
          Maybe also have a look to other countries if there are any (best practice) examples you can follow or any things you better avoid and pay attention to.

  86. Lili

    Hi Florian,

    we need to answer the question of who wants to have better techniques to become a world champion and furthermore he wants and affords to pay for it.

    If leisure athletes need it, then only the question is the estimated number of the potential customers. If this estimated potential market size is appealing for a for profit company it will be at least one company starting business based on ski jumping techniques development.

    If professional athletes are interested in this service, the question is whether their employers need this service and do they want to pay for it and whether they want take this service from a coach or an organization (or they want to resolve it more in-house)?

    I do not know the answer to these questions, but it would help you to improve your idea if you could try to answer them.


    Glad to read the two comments…
    I am interested in all sport, especially in athletics and inside athletics, in middle-long distace section. My basic idea for this is to rehabilitate it, because it is not working at this moment. Coaching the methodes well everything is possible for a good results. Unfortunatelly, nowadays we are facing 3 important factors, as lack of money, lack of coaches for this field and also a lack of female athletes ( due to a bad selection system). So, my mission is to develop female middle-long distance running in Hungary and as a vision statement, with a hard work to form good athletes who can represent at high level our country in the official competitions.

    1. Lili

      It would be very important to define who is the target group of this business? It is clear that this service would be welcomed by female middle-long distance runners. But who else are interested in this business willing pay money for this service as well? The runners, a federation, an instituion, someone else? Who can be the target group of this venture?


        Dear Lili!
        I do really apologize for this. I am just learning now, and I dont know really how to do, I have only an idea for it. But, I learn every day how hard is for the athletes to achieve results without any support. If you have wached the video when Alex Leichter was asked to guess the procentage about the financial security for life after a professional career for the athletes, (that after their career they dont need to work the whole life or they make a living from advertising.) His answer was 1%. Indeed there is 2%, but this is in Austria. Can you believe how worse is the situation at home? Most of the athletes are forced to stop their sport career in order to earn money for their life, especially if you have family. Finally, I dont know how to do, I am here to learn, but I know one think, there are a lot of money in hungarian sport, each federation gets a nice sum, which part of it they have to spend on the athletes and if the athletes have a good conditions for their preparation for big competitions, their results come, and if the qualitative results come, there we have a lot of spectateurs everywhere in the tribune, because they want to wach the quality and if you have a quality there the sponsorship and advertising do work.

        1. Lili

          Hi Simona,

          This was a supportive question 🙂 in order you to try to find the ideal approach and form you can rely on to shape your idea into a marketable business. One of the important aspects of this is who can be / will be the customer of your service. Try to describe the imaginary ideal buyer!

    2. Zsófi Sárközy

      Hi Simona,
      I know you are one of the top hungarian runners 🙂 how did you managed the trainings and earning money? We have the same problem in orienteering, I’m in the junior team, and I have no idea what I can do after leaving school… to stay in the world elite I have to train more and more, but in Hungary I dont get more oppurtunities. And while we are one of the best teams in the youth, in the senior our team is around 15th…

  88. Gottfried Eisenberger

    Professional athletes are role models for young and old! I want to create a way to bring together professional athletes with their fans and admirers.
    People are often willing to pay large sums to meet their favorite star or get special tips and tricks from successful athletes. But it is near impossible for a regular person to reach these superstars. With a new platform, which has many/most pro athletes registered on it, people can book private lessons and get-togethers or training sessions with the pro athletes.
    Athletes can set the Dates they are available and also set the price they want for the time they are willing to offer.

    My mission statement: Give “normal” people the chance to experience a superstar live

    My vision statement: Have a platform with many different superstars registered on it

    What do you think of this Idea? As former Athletes, would you register and offer private lessions?

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      Hi Gotti!
      Nice business Idea!
      I like it – It is a very cool service for sutlers. As well as for professional athletes to earn some more money (especially in those sports where you can´t earn a lot). The equation is if a real real superstar offers time. Some of them which I know are really happy if they have some time free or left for their family.
      BUT… I thinks this is an idea with potential – go for it!


      Gottfried, I like your idea. I think with a good organisation you can do everything. In my opinion, at the moment, here, in my country the things are not going on the right direction . What I want to say with this is that we have a lot of children at the age of 10-12- 14 and after that they disappear, because they are not motivated anymore. They do not know the importance of practice sport for their future. But if you invite a great athlete to talk to the children at school or gym about his career and what he has done to get to the top of the pyramid, for sure he can motivate the children more that we believe. This is a first step and a good help for the beggining. If you can bring professional athletes with children and even adults on the same track and they can train together a bit and learning special tips and tricks from them is like a cream on the top of the cake. Let’s stay optimist!

      1. Lili

        Hi Gottfried,
        Can you imagine a solution that lets you live video chat from time to time with the athlete? It would be a conversation between the athlete and his/her fans involving a reporter and an editor in backstage as well. They would help the participants (the athlete and the reporter would be in a PR agency’s studio, in the presence of the management, under controlled conditions).

    3. Lili

      Hi Gottfried,
      thank you for your post sharing your business idea with us.
      I think your venture is based on a great idea. Formally and in its
      approach both mission and vision statements are appropriate. I would
      adjust your vision statement a bit more sharper. “Have a platform with many
      different superstars registered on it” is not enough yet – in my opinion. I would complete this aim with „and communicate / chat with normal people via this platform regularly”.
      If the platform is in operation, it can be a challenge for athletes to
      really communicate, not just sign up. It can happen that they do not have
      time, mood etc. to spend time with fans. Or they are not experienced
      in communication well enough, etc.
      I think this part can be the weak point of the whole business. But If you can find out the solution how to overcome this kinds of obstacles, it can be a prosperous initiative and business. The potential customers (fans,
      admirers) would be happy with this platform.
      What do you think?

  89. Florian Schabereiter

    Due to the reason I don´t have any business idea yet, I try to develop a mission and vision statement concerning my actual job.

    I´m working as a coach for ladies ski jumping. The basic idea is to lead or support the athletes to their own best/maximum of individual performance in ski jumping technique. To get to this aim it is necessary to do a lot of technique training and jumps of different hills. The long term goal is to create a team with members of potential medal winners at world/olympic level in addition to avoid injuries through a good profound and individual long term planning. To reach this goal it is necessary to set values beyond ski jumping technique.

    mission statement: My mission is to develop female ski jumping in Austria

    vision statement: My vision is to build up a team in which fit athletes can make their dream, to be the worlds best female ski jumper, come true.

    What do you think about my statements? Any recommends or tips?

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      I think that you have done a good job defining the first steps and the long term goals of your idea, although the first steps can be elaborated as well. I also like your mission statement and wish you a lot of success with reaching your vision! 🙂


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