Assignment 5.1 Great leadeships

Purpose: to understand the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur-leader.
Task: Think of a leader (club president, coach, ..) you have worked with or for, who brought out the best in you and a leader with whom you worked that you try to avoid. When you remember the last few times you were around them, write some lines about what did they typically say or do, and how this made you feel. (Please don’t write the names of the leader.)
Interaction: Read presentations of other participants and reflect.


  1. Gregor Mišič

    For me the most important thing of a good leader is that he listens with interest and is capable of a relaxed and sincere conversation disregarding if the talk is linked with company and its problems. He has enough empathy to do things that are at the same tame good for employees and for the company. And also for the other people to which he interacts. He detects and knows when to talk and when to listen. He is a excellent coordinator and he frequently is capable to predict how other persons will react and can sense when they need help or when they can solve problems independently. I believe that a good leader is trying to be a good person in private, social and business parts of life. I’ve met many of the people that has one of these abilities but definitely not all of them.

    I can see the leaders that are sucessfull in business, but their strongest values are financial richness, power and system (not people). They ask “how are you” only because this is good for business. Most of the time a company is more important than employees wellbeing and friendship. The other characteristics are the opposite from the first paragraph.

  2. Emanuele Becchis

    My leader example was my coach in inline skate.
    He was young but he was:
    – Calm and he can hold all the “drammatic”situation (like bit fight between parents!!),
    – discipline and teach it to us
    – not the best comunicator but when he has to teach us something he always find the right words,
    – A good motivator,
    – passionate of his work and about the details,
    – good organised,
    – prepared for all kind of training,
    – respected our time,
    – mature in to take decision
    – fast and quite “impulsie” in the problem solving

    I try to copy him when i train yong guys, is not easy but he was a good teacher!

  3. Rok Petrič

    In my long semi-professional football career i had opportunity to work with a lot of different coaches. If i had to put out what are most important attributes of successful coach, i would say:

    1. Exquisite self awareness.
    2. High emotional intelligence.
    3. Broad vision with focus on important details.
    4. Nuanced, crisp, superb communication.
    5. Highest regard, caring and respect for clients.
    6. Creative, innovative learner and developer of custom coaching methodologies.
    7. Perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring.
    8. Quick study with capacity for deep and wide learning.
    9. Student of coaching and other disciplines that support helping others.
    10. Sincere interest in clients and desire to help.
    11. Continuous learner of themselves and their experiences.
    12. See coaching as a two way interchange of energies and learnings.
    13. Humble, open, nurturing and grateful to the world.
    14. View coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline.
    15. Walking the talk and modeling a good life for their clients.


  4. Fazekas Ádám

    My best leader was my athletic coach. When we make hard trainings in a little and very hot P.e. rooms he can get the best performance out of us. We use to run to line to line but now i never do it again in the same conditions. So when i was really really tired i said: I can’t get fresh oxygen and i can’t breath. he just said to me: Just ask…. 😀

    1. markus

      hi, last sentence is really good. Good drills must be good planned. what is P.e. rooms??

      1. Adam Uhlar


        My favorite coach and friend is a judo trainer. He has some very ironic and funny phrases what said in the hardest trainings.
        In the latest minutes it’s motivate the team.
        F.g. (it’s hard to translate to english):

        -You look like my grandma
        -While you are relaxing, lift the 30 kg weight 20x
        – Only you feel pain, i don’t
        – What is your problem? it’s just the warm up


        Humor is very importan!

  5. J

    handball coach who brought out the best of me:
     -calm
     -good organised
     -well prepared for the training
     -respected our time, almost never over casted our training time
     -took care about everybody, every player progressed in training
     -had respect of our person itself
     -understood fun, had humour
     -wanted a high level of discipline-> got it also
     -didn`t judge, not flaty
     -good in forming a team
     -reached his goals
     trust in you
     giving up the responsibility-and letting you take it

    A very inspiring climbing teacher:
     patient, calm
     no stress
     one step, one victory
     the way is the goal not the goal itself
     to grow on the way to the goal
     to fall is a new chance of growing
     motivating person
     inspiring
     authentic
     living for his passion, spreading it out
     reflect in other ways, not only one point of view is the only one .. open minded
     handy on attitude
     not flaty
     trust in you
     giving up the responsibility-and letting you take it


  6. Markus

    i remember, i was working as a bartender in a hotel. My colleague, my supervisor, was a small guy from south tyrol. I learned so much from him, like bar keeping knowledge and also how to deal with a famous or international guest. Everytime he was so calm in front of the guest, so friendly, but when he came in the back office he complained about this unkindness of the guests.
    Sometimes you must be a really good actor to allure your clients.
    cheers Markus

  7. Luca

    The leader I dealt with was a coach who, empathizing with me, managed to bring out the best in me. His method was based on positive feedback

    1. Kinga Csonkics

      Positive feedback is very very important! I haven’t got anyof it from some of my old trainers and I haven’t enough self confidence because of it.

  8. Monika

    Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day:
    1. Make Others Feel Safe to Speak-Up
    2. Make Decisions
    3. Communicate Expectations
    4. Challenge People to Think
    5. Be Accountable to Others
    6. Lead by Example
    7. Measure & Reward Performance
    8. Provide Continuous Feedback
    9. Properly Allocate and Deploy Talent
    10. Ask Questions, Seek Counses
    11. Problem Solve; Avoid Procrastination
    12. Positive Energy & Attitude
    13. Be a Great Teacher
    14. Invest in Relationships
    15. Genuinely Enjoy Responsibilities

    On of the leader I work with did it every day.
    He was my inspiration!

    1. Rok Petrič

      I agree with you here, i think all these characteristics are important for young athletes to grow in strong, independent persons.

      Best wishes.

  9. Levente Ali

    I played water polo since my early teenhood, so I had a lot of coaches.

    My worst memories belongs to my first coach. On my first training (when I just joined the team) he forced me into the pool. I never ever swim before, I had to stay on the water or I die. That was his training method. It was terrible, but successful.
    I told about him to our club president. The president didn’t cared about this. They said to my parents that I lied.
    It was terrible, but I liked my teammates, so I stayed with the club.

    With the other coaches I have good memories. They were very experienced in their job, not like my first coach.

  10. tomas_eas

    Hello again 🙂
    During my sport career I had really great coaches. All of them were leaders, good experts in their area of expertise. However, only a few coaches formed me as a personality, forced me to take over their own philosophy of life. Such coaches remain in memory for a long time, because communication with them even after the end of the sport career is not canceled.
    However, there are also such coaches who were interested in just a quick sporting result, that persons I want to awoid 🙂

    1. Levente Ali

      Lucky for you, that you never experienced a bad coach! 🙂

  11. Nikolaus

    For Exmaple, as a coach you shouldn’t focus too much on other teams your main focus should be your own team. I saw many coaches during my time as a swimmer who made this mistake.
    In my opinion, the more the coach focuses on the others the less confidence the coach has. The less confident the coach is the more the team will realize it! As a result the team don’t trust the coach anymore. I don’t want to say that comparing with others is a bad idea because thats what sport is all about but never set more focus on others than on your own team.
    In General coaches can’t hide their bad properties, the team will feel it earlier or later.

    So the goal for every single coach or leader should be to learn the theories of a successful leader and especially live such theories!

  12. Leila

    I think I’m really lucky, because I can’t write about a negative leader. I had some coaches, of course some of them aren’t one of the bests, but one of them is. My 3rd dance coach was the best I’ve ever met. First of all, I have to say, not everybody liked her, mainly becaouse of her characteristics. But I did. When I made a mistake, she told me immediately and helped me. When I did a good job, she just said a “Congratulations, good job!” Thats all, nothing else. But it was enaugh, becaouse we knew, we have to work hard all the time. I remember when I had some problems at the trainings, she told me to have som private practise together. And we did, really hard and I knew, I felt that she believed in me. The result came, I won the next competition. I could write so many things about her, but it’s just too long. I think, she was the best coach I’ve ever had and will.

  13. Carina

    I for myself prefer leaders that are open-minded and encourage the people around them to be creative and develop their own ideas. This does not only apply to the jobmarket but also to the Coach-athlete-relationship. From my experience in sports I can say that I have always had greater success with coaches who allowed me to include my own feelings and thoughts to the training process. It is all about creating a relationship where thoughts are shared and good communication is valued. The easiest way to start a caring relationship is to ask simple questions like “how are you?” or “how do you feel today?”. In this way coaches and employers can be leaders that show that they really care about each and every person they work with. I think that this kind interrelated appreciation is essential for a successful entrepreneur-leader.

  14. justinas

    I had few coaches in my career. I think they all had some good sides and some bad sides. i can’t say that they all were good or bad.I just can say that there were some situations with my coaches than I didn’t want to be. For example one of my coaches is really friendly and its always good to be with him around other people but other didn’t have this. He was not always polite to others so I was always afraid to be with him around other people.He was a little bit selfish i could say so he cares only about his close people. But in other hand he was always kind to me.
    Another example is then one of the coaches was saying me same things again and again and I always saw fear in his eyes. But he was trying to help so much but didn’t realise that he was doing opposite thing. I had good experience as well. I had a calm coach who was very calm during competition. I always could see fire in his eyes even then my results were bad. So next time i felt much better because I knew that I have big support behind my back.
    One more very important thing what all my coaches had is they all were keeping their word. i think I was really lucky about that because sometimes I see that other athletes have this problem so you often feel insecure.

  15. Tomas_LT

    I had a lot of coaches in my career with different coaching styles and different point of view. All of the wanted to show that all are leaders. Some with their educational background, some with past career successes. In my personal opinion some coaches which are old school their leadership skills are not very easy adaptable in nowadays. They are not accepting and not using new training and mentoring approaches, they think that their opinion is the only one. I think this kind of leadership type is not good. I think that the good leader should find the same language with his students and in modern world he has to know how to do it. Use new ways of training, know psychology, understand what is it empathy.

  16. Rasa

    I didn’t have coach that inspired me or motivated. I didn’t know how great coach look like…
    For me the best experience was my job. When I saw different managers, team leaders – realized how its important to have such coach that motivates you and brings the best of you.
    My leader that I work for was 4 different managers. I had so much lessons – from how to step aside, to see how it looks from the other side till how can one sentence bring person to his highest and to the ground. From learning how to speak to how to motivate not showing that you are doing it. It took 6 years to stand in this place where I am now. I am manager, had teams 6-35 members.
    good leader not that ho says that is leader, leader are shown by others. Respect for everyone that’s what judo teach firstly.
    Words should go together to your actions. Be leader where you have to be, and be supporting where you need to be. People don’t remember what you do, they remember how you maked them feel around you.

  17. Tóth Anett

    In my life I tried a lot of sports, so I had a lot of choach. My worst memories belongs to my swimmig choach. I was little about 10-12 year old and she didnt care about what we sad. For example once I asked her not push me under the water but she doesnt care about it, she just did what she wanted to. With the other coaches I have good memories. They usually gave me the chance to demonstrate my skills and take care about me.

  18. Eglė

    The great leader for me is my swimming and equestrian coach. He perfectly abele to train me and at the same time to be my role model and friend. He all the time is truthful and healthful, at the same time hard working inspiring. He supports me in sport and me personal life, he is like me second father. In the future I would like to align with it and take over these qualities. Bad leader for me would be a person which has poor communication and listening skills with no clear vision. Also, egoistic which is looking for his personal goals and ignoring other especially his own employees and teammates.

    1. Carina

      Hey Eglé
      Sounds as if you have found a Mentor in your Swimming and equestrian Coach! 🙂
      I think that it is of high value when you have someone besides your Family you can always ask for help and who knows you really well. I’m sure that you will be very successful in this relationship!

  19. Vilius Sa

    In my sport career l was lucky and I changed only couple coaches, for me they were very good leaders, they knew how to connect with us, was intelligent. All the time with positive attitude, never show for us or other anger which in combat sport is very important. And most important they had ability to inspire us to become better in wrestling and better persons. I think I described the qualities of the good leader. And bad leader for my is the person who do not respect others in his team and uses them as a tool to reach his goals.

  20. Povilas

    My family and I during my life we changed living places several times, because my father had jobs in different cities. For this reason, I changed several wrestling clubs and coaches. Some I liked, but there was that I did not. For my good leader is that person who finds the way to communicated the message individually to different person and after to unite everyone to work on common goal. Bad leader is a person which is working with some people and do not care about others and blame others if something going wrong…

  21. Kinga Csonkics

    My favourite club president is my taekwondo club president.
    We have a common taekwondo club (it belonged just to her, but I learn as a sport manager and that’s why we do it together now)
    I think she’s very good at it because it’s already her second club.
    I think she’s very intelligent and can speak very well. I think to understand clearly what the president says is really important. For example with the hed coach they can work really well together. They have never fighted on anything, always find the solution for everyting.
    I think our club president is very patient. It’s importent because working with people requires it.
    My mom is very greatful for our work and it’s so important to feel the esteem. It’s always feel good when they praises for your work.
    She always kind, she’s never yelling. If there is some problem she speaks very firmly but doesn’t hurt anyone.

  22. Nedim Covic

    This is very important issue. From past experiences I had a supervisor who was annoying regarding the job tasks, respecting timeline etc. Personally i hated him but professionally we were the most successful team by far in many years. This guy was more like boos and not a leader. On the other hand, my current supervisor is leader and a good person but not as effective as previous one was.

  23. Kiss Roland

    I just tell a short story of my nem taekwondo coach!
    He belive me and we won together the national championship. We did a long and very hard 1.5 year and he never say to me I cant do it he always belive me and he was my best leader.


  24. Justina Kraujunaite

    Well, obviously it’s not that easy to be a great leader. I want to write some lines about 2 different coaches, one of them is a great leader and another is poor.
    The most important thing to me is atmosphere and connection with a leader. A good leader creates good atmosphere, where you can feel free and there’s no pressure. With a good leader you’re like friends and can talk not only about the work. Also, it is important for a great leader to know how to motivate other people, to have discipline and work ethic. So, all these characteristics I can assign to coach who I consider as a great leader.
    The opposite to previous case would be a poor leader – coach, who creates bad atmosphere, where you feel pressure and have to do everything according to his rules and automatically there is no motivation to go to practice. With this kind of a leader you talk only about work and there is no special connection. Also, I want to add that a bad coach (or a leader) rarely says kind words and rarely encourage others.

  25. Gergye András

    Hello all,

    During my life I had about 5 coaches, they had different behaviour, caracteristic and vision on the sport. I would like to mention
    two of them, one of them was my favourite, and the other one was the worst.
    As I read your storyes, many of you mentioned that your first coach was the best. I have the same situation, my best memories are related to his coaching. Maybe, because he was my first coach and he always was very kind and up to date about my questions. He supported me even if I was in a bad form, he gave me the chance to demonstrate my skills.
    I met the worst coach of my life when I started to play in a new team. This coach was very loud, used old tactics, and training methods and he always choose his “favourite” players to the starting team, even if you was in a better form than them. I was not able to prove my abilities because I did not get opportunity. He was the reason why i leave that team and went back to my old one.

    1. Justina Kraujunaite

      I’m just thinking about the fact that the first coach is usually the best coach. The same is to me. Maybe it is like this because we have special connection with our first coaches, since we are with them from our young days and they teach us the basics of sport.

  26. Norbert

    Like many others I have also experienced a couple of coaches, sports directors or leaders in my life. Since I am very interested in (new) training methods and tactics I also discovered (and watched) those of other athletes, too, in order to learn. Some of them even made me jealous because their way of working seemed to be exactly how a leader should act, in my opinion.

    A leader should always know as much as possible about his athlete, not just sportive skills but also the personality, the strengths and weaknesses, the character, etc. – even his or her worries because I believe that also the background is important to be successful, not only the training. Btw, the same is valid for any business affairs. To be authentic, realistic and in permanent contact is the bottom to work together.

    On the contrary, if a leader is never honest or refuses to analyse the situation or the project without including his own work you are going to avoid such a person. You do not get the feeling that your own achievements or development is really important for him. Moreover, this is a sign that the leader does not have conclusions or ideas anymore and this is a reason to quit the relationship.

    1. Rasa

      I agree with you, trainings is just one side of athlete. If you know background, its more likely you will get that connection and understanding how to work with an athlete.
      Knowing when not to push or otherwise gives you opportunity to get the best of an athlete. Sometimes all that tests and analized conclusions is not working, if you dont know what is behind the curtain.

  27. Nikšić Azur Omar

    I’d like to tell you something about my Taekwondo coach I met five years ago. At the beginning, I thought that like any trainer who only wants to win and give the best of us at all costs, even if this price was some kind of injuries. But I was deceived as time passed and how I met him I noticed that the health of his members in the club was in the first place. He is extremely disciplined and his relationship with him is not “business”, but more friendly. Many times he motivated me and psychologically raised me after some competition where I did not achieve my desired goal, he is a very good friend with whom I can talk about everything from which I can get a very useful advice. I hope that in the future I will maintain this kind of relationship with my coach who is even a role model in sports.

  28. Raimonda Palionyte

    Lithuanian Equestrian Federation has president. Really interesting man. I am also working with him in this federation. Together we are working for 5 years. You know, I have never met person like him – he knows a lot of things. I am talking not only about the sports. He is business man too. He even can feel some things, if he is not sure about situation. He gives me best advises, best practice and best experience. He never judge. He do not lie, if even truth is not so sweet. But he understands me and my position. He protects me, when feel, that I can not do it by myself. We trust in each other.
    Really, I think, that there is not so easy to find somebody you can trust 100 percent. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about – president, coach, athlete, business partner, wife, husband etc. At nowadays you can trust just to yourselves and this is also not always. So, what we can talked about the passengers in our lives…

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Raimonda, it’s great that your president motivates you to seek for the goals of the organisation. Maybe you can share some traits that motivates you mostly?

  29. Aleksandras Baranovas

    Hello everyone, my example of a good leader is my second boxing coach, he has very high emotional inteligence, hw knows ho to talk and interact with people, almost everyone, very calm, dont judge people, try to search for a good solution, but when its needed, makes tough desicions, positive person, which respects you. Example of a bad leader is my teacher from a school, she was really tough to us, always showed that she is in the next level than students, not a lot of positivity, many restrictions, dictating tough rules.

    1. Raimonda Palionyte

      I think it is very important to have a couch like this. IF you have such coach – you do not have to worry about anything else – just about your best results. And you will reach it. Because your coach will let you do this with advises, what you will need. It is very important.

  30. francesca

    Hi, in my experience as a wrestler I met different type of coaches, raither in the gym and in the National team. Where I train my coaches are very closed to their athletes because they see them grow. We see them more than our family. In the national team coach’s act by their conveniences. They train only people who could win a medal. Their contract during 1 to 4 years and so they have a limited time.
    In my opinion a good coach must be same to everybody, he should give the best support and athlets have to trust to him.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Francesca, have you meet the coach that you could trust? What motivates you to follow the leader? Please share some examples of behavior of the leader in your career.

  31. Denis

    hi all,
    I would like to tell you about my basketball coach I played for 3 years ago. At start of a season he was excellent coach good working ethics, excellent motivational speech, but when season started he get even bether.
    After every game, he was talking to every single player, giving advices. He never blamed anyone for failure.
    To shorten, he did not look only for the result, is main thing were the players. He was exelent leader, we wer great that season. I hope in future, I will meet him again.

  32. Alberto Brumana

    The person I want to talk to is my former coach. It is the person who has followed my competitive course since the first day I started to swim.
    Aside from the quality of the workouts, which has always led me to great results, the thing I most appreciate about him is the ability to always find the right time to talk and to really succeed in transmitting his ideas and especially his feelings with the words.
    An excellent communicator that builds success not only with the words, but above all with the facts.

  33. Lisa

    In my career I had the pleasure to work with several coaches. I want to distinct two coaches.

    The first one was an open minded person with a lot of experience. He was not afraid to tell me the truth even when it was hard, from a subjective point of view and reasoned them with logic arguments. And presented immediately a possible solution for it. I respected him for his knowledge and his character and vis versa he respected me and my point of views. We also had arguments, but he never failed to try to understand my point of view and to calm me down when it was needed.
    I think I had my best results with him because we worked together as a team, communicated well and openly about problems. He knew how to separate

    On the other hand I also knew a leader that tried hard to be our friend and to get more involved with us so more laissez-faire, but also to be strict and to be an authority. He struggled to find the right balance between both leading styles and also to know the right time and situation for either one or the other.

    For me personally it was great to work with the first person, because I learned a lot and it was harder for me to work with the second person, as he could not give me nor a feeling of security neither earn my respect.

  34. Sejla

    In my professional career I had different leaders from those good to bad ones. When he talked about the losers (leaders) I would say that I had a very bad experience, he was transferring this negative energy to the team he led, I went with hate to my training, and in 2008 I had a terrible season in my career.
    The good leader was really there, but one taught me nothing I did not teach was to think when I was playing. During training I have been constantly playing some games of polygons that have demanded concentration, I did not feel that I was feeling overwhelming. I really understand the key are not strength, speed, technique but that reason has a key role to play

  35. Alberto Franceschi

    Rather than leader I like to identify the people that inspired me a lot as mentor(s). That’s the case of my first coach from track and field. It’s not limited to the period that we spent on training and competitions, this is something that is still going on outside the field. That’s the main difference between people that are gonna help you and people that are driving you.
    What is relevant is the way of communciating and the long term vision of my coach. Simply but significant at the same time. I reminf the times in which I arived at the training place nervous or confused, or especially during important days such as competitions, he was always ready to give my a quote that was and actually is so inspiring. The basic of his way is the semplicity and a mentor/leader maybe might be simplified a lot our way.

  36. Alma


    During my karate career I had coach – the best coach in the world for me.
    When he was younger, he was the champion of Bosnia, and one of the best is was our motivator and leader.
    I am writing in present because he is still part of my sport life even If I do not live in the same town anymore.
    My coach is also good leader, he is able to lead the team and at the same time earn money in honest way. Anyone who knows him, can confirm my words.

    He has a positive influence on my team, because he believe in us, he is always there for advice, and he is trying to work on our bad sides to be good, and good sides to be better.

    Now, I have new coach for almost two years, and I can only say the best things for him. He is owner of the gym which is also my workplace, he is my fitness coach and mentor, and very good friend at the same time. I did not have experience with bad coaches/leaders, but I met a lot of people who had.

  37. Paolo De Pasquale

    If you want to be a leader, you must born leader.
    …But… there are different types of leaders.
    In my swimming career i change a lot of coaches, and everyone had a personal leadership.
    I had been positive leaders, negative leaders, permissive leaders, sport-angry leaders…
    But 2 of them are now still in my “heart”.
    Silence leaders, I thinnk, are the most effective leaders at all.
    A leader that leads with his example surely can be the most followed.


  38. Birgit Koschischek

    As a swimmer I had several coaches, which gave me the opportunity to work with many different talented leaders. Each of them had different approaches that made them unique and excellent. But in my opinion, I couldn´t find the “complete perfect leader” there. That’s why I want to describe someone who “accompanies”/ “leads” me on my way as a performance athlete to the “normal working world”. What makes her a perfect leader to me is that she has a “consultant” role and does not want me to be dependent on her. She tries to show me my strengths and shows me how to get the best out of me. Which gives me the opportunity to go beyond my limits and get the most out of it, even if she is not there. In principle, she provides me with the tools, but the implementation is done by me. Her goal is that sooner or later, she will not be needed anymore.
    This access makes a perfect leader for me.

  39. Mateja

    During my sport career I was working with international coach who saw in me a potential as a high-level athlete. He saw me very motivated but on other side he realised all my weaknesses (and strong points). He decided to take a risk and changed to country to achieve with me the setting goal. He was slowly changing my working environment with limiting person with negative energy and ensuring that I had everything I needed. With focusing on my weakness points he set priorities and we were trying to change step by step into my strong points. He dedicated a lot of his free time searching for new ways how for improving my performance and when was necessary showing proper technical drills. Working with him I was growing as high-level athlete and also as a human being. I think i don’t need to say that together we reach all goals and i had that period the best results in my sport career.
    On other side a was working a short time with coach who gave me just a plan and he was not interesting and focusing on my performance. His goal was just earning money. Our collaboration was really short because I was not bringing any result (just bad mood) and I can just say that he is still on the same point then 20 years ago.

  40. Gottfried Eisenberger

    During my career as a swimmer, I had the chance to experience many different talented leaders. However, one of them really stuck out and he was in my opinion definitely the perfect leader.
    He had a good relationship with every teammate and never ever lost a bad word about any team member. He was always positive and he always focused on the strength of people and not on their weaknesses. He always kept his word and never lied to anyone. It is very very difficult to do all of that but he somehow managed to do so.
    It was definitely my best competitive swimming year and I believe I owe lots of that to him because he kept pushing me to be a better athlete and a better person.

    1. Jaka

      Hi Gottfried! I can see similarities between my and your coach as they both focused on the strengths of each athlete in the team. If you feel that he made you also a better person than this is just perfect example of perfect leader.

  41. Margarita

    I want to talk about a man who used to be a leader. He was an authority for me and many others. The collective believed him and did as he said. Everything was good for many years (about 7 years). To improve the skills of workers began to send abroad for training. There was a new experience and the employees saw a new approach to work. New ideas and options for how to optimize work. When they returned to their old job, they shared their ideas with their boss. The team began to look for new solutions, but the boss was against it. It was enough for him how everything worked before. He did not want to change anything and did not want to change himself. Workers began to notice this and motivation disappeared. The most talented and clever workers went to work in another place, and those who remained did not seek to develop.
    The leader’s problem was that he did not want to change and be open to new ideas. And I missed people who could make him successful.

  42. Žiga Papež


    The best leader for me in my whole life was a proffessor on my faculty. He was really great speaker, great in communication, he was understanding, open to new ideas, he has strong people skills, thats what i love about good entrepreneurs and team leaders.
    He always said that we are unique and there is only one Žiga and I should realize that and make something out of it, because I can and I will!

    In the other case, I had really bad tennis coach. He was always in a bad mood, in general he was really grumpy. I didnt even liked his facial expressions and the way he was talking to me. He said to many negative things…

    Thats my story.

    With regards, Žiga

  43. Göktuğ

    Hello everyone,
    I want to talk about my coach when i was playing football. He was a really good leader i think. He always listen us and care about our problems. I think a good leader is have to be a good listener. Another thing is a leader could bring people together. When we lost our team chemistry and mental toughness he was always came up to us and said motivational words. He really good at make us focus at the same point. The coach by the way always keep his word. If he say something thats the rule for us because we know he is going to do that.

  44. Tadej

    In my sports career i had a lot of coaches, presidents… but none of them were super good or bad. For me, they were all average. In my opinoin good coach has to have three main characteristic. First one is, he has to me a role model. Especially for youngsters this is most important. Kids who train some particular sport, always look up to their coach. Second one is empathy. Good empathic coach will always know what is the best for his players, how they are feeling, what they need. And the last one in persistence. No metter how difficult sometimes get, u always need to train hard and chase the dreams.

  45. Simone Fumero

    My story on two examples, one good and the other no, is based on two coaches. The first coach I take into consideration is the excellent example, a true leader. A coach who unfortunately had the bad luck of having only one season, was an example for everyone. In those years they were still in the youth and he was able to make us grow very technically and characterily also to make us love this sport (volley) which is still practical. A great trainer and motivator, with him at every workout you were sure to work hard and grow. The negative example, however, is the coach I had shortly thereafter, little coach, but the biggest problem was his presumption and as logical he could not control the team and failed a bankruptcy.

  46. jure

    i had a really good experience with my manager at some project. First when i came to his office i was scared of that my plans or ideas are to big. But when we started talking every fear dissapeared. I was feeling good and my idea seemed ok, not to big, not to small. Thru talk, simple talk, he gave me feeling that if i will work and chase my ideas he will support me and we will both make this project a success. I cant remember his words but i really was very calm and clear talk.. i really liked that.

  47. Samira Tutundzic

    Hi guys,

    I will write about two coaches of karate.

    First when I started practicing karate I joined one club and have trained there for 5 years. That coach was bad but I didn’t realized it until I transferred in another club. When I say bad coach I dont mean as a bad in sports he had great results in his career he was world champion and so on.. But as a coach he is not good, he doesn’t know to TEACH. He show us move and leave the room/hall. He never corrected us. His expectations was high but his effort for us was so small. I felt like I dont know how to fight, like I dont belong there.

    Then I transferred in another club, and that coach was good. He gave us all of him and we gave nothing less. He brought us on every competition he could financially and emotionally. He respected us first as a person then as a student. He made me feel so happy. I will try to be as him in my future of trainer.

  48. Sara


    I’ve been working with my coach for the last 6 years. At the start he was my coach, now we both work together in the same club. He was not always supportive, patient and time to time he was very critical but I liked that and I think it had only good influence on me. In life it is not always everything perfect and easy, you have to work for it on your own. And I think you must be your own motivator to reach your goals because you are doing this for yourself not for others. In my opinion to be professional sportsman it is like university, none of professors will motivate you and please you to be there because why would they. To have a degree is your own choice and a wish and it is not a must.

    1. Jure

      That is true, but some people are designed that way (i will set my goals and make it real) and other just need a little push, maybe i little confidence and they will become great persons.. you can never tell so to have good leader is important for a project or firm to become great .

  49. Marco

    Good leader for my experience:
    I used to have a private tennis coach, he has been completely different from the others.
    In some way, with his authority, he definitely changed my mind. Most of the coaches focus on technique and points winning, but he used to train mentality, he never spoke about winning matches but he only focused my mind on feeling free while playing.
    This is very important, a good mindset creates a good player, a good players wins matches. With him I learn how to feel free while playing, focusing just on my emotions handling and not on points winning.
    Now I don’t feel any mental pressure when I play. He made me think about simple things, less is more.

    Bad leader for me:
    I had a coach who only used to speak about winning matches and having a perfect technique for tennis strokes. Very useless concepts if someone want to improve in long time pathway.
    You can improve the day after but you don’t have the right mentality to play good tennis for long time, he used to make me feel a lot of pressure and I stopped to feel free while playing, I stopped to win matches.
    This happens when someone does not know a lot of things in tennis coaching and says things just because he saw someone better than him doing these things.

    1. Žiga Papež

      Hey. I can relate to this story… But my opinion is that this kind of people makes you even stronger 🙂

      All the best

  50. Kristóf Németh

    I play handball, I was member of more handball team so I worked with more coaches, they were very different. I would like to write about my experiences.
    When I was younger I worked my favorite coach, he was very strict and kind in the same time. We practiced our figures in the trainings lot, but unfortunately I (or others) made some failures in the matches. This time he did not shout with me, did not change, but also tried to explain the good practice and encouraged. He often said: “I understand that during the match to make the figure is more difficult than in the training, I was the handball player too, but it is not impossible, you try again, it will succeed, you can do it”. It was good for me, I got positive energy and force, I tried again and again, and fortunately it succeeded.
    Last year I worked with other coach. But it was not good for me. Me and a few mates went to the training usually, but others went just very rarely (once a week). Our coach praised, that we played good. He said: “it was good, I am satisfied”. Then, the match day came, we were the member of the match team, but we sat on the bench, and did not play a minute too. Those, who did not go to the training, they played in the match. I think our coach was not honest, I did not like working with him, so I changed.

  51. Bálint Szalánszki

    In my sport career and school life I had many coaches and directors so it is not so hard to tell you examples for both.

    Good leader for me: My last coach was very close to the team. He shared a lot of things with us and always tried to makes us better and better every day as a person and also as a player. I felt that every training session was a great opportunity to evolve. When I had a bad day he saw it and tried to show the right direction to keep up with the good work. He made also impressive speeches before games which helped us to stay motivated all the time. So in my opinion a good leader is close to the team but not that close because distance is important. On the other hand he must know how to motivate the team and share his experiences from the past. He must know how to solve a problem well.

    Bad leader for me: There were some of them in my life maybe not because they were bad but they can not help me to show my best on the pitch and in the school. So I think that a bad leader is always knows things better than anybody and could not accept any help from others. He/she is always try to ,,loud,, and say always something which is okay but if you say something a hundred times that could not be motivational. He/she can not see the problems and the best solutions because of his/her attitude and principles.

    Overall I could say that there is a thin line between a good and a bad leader. You could love or hate a leader and it is up to you how to handle these characters.

  52. Claus

    I would like to talk about my coach, i think it is important to motivate people and try to figure out the personality of each athlete. My coach was amazing he looked at you and you already knew how to get the best results out of your body and brain. Durring Training or Racing he was your best friend but the time between like when I went to school or training by my own at the gym he wasn’t there at all. As a kid you need a role model he definitely was that kind of person but as I already mentioned he wasn’t applying when i wrote an email or on Facebook and so on …

    There resin I choose that story is that I think it doesn’t matter if you are a coach or boss of a company, people work together and spent a lot of time together and at the end of the day they want to see the resault they worked on. If you invest some time in projects and you are a leader you do have some responsibility and you need to take care of them it doesn’t matter if it’s your employee how needs your attention or your own company.

  53. Salvatore Serino

    As an athete you get to know various trainers, each one with his own vision of the sport. Throughout my career I worked with multiples colleagues, but there are two in particular that I remember. One time I worked with this trainer who focused only on people who had the potential to become professional athletes, discrinating the “weaker” ones, because he wanted <> as he said.
    An other trainer, instead, tought me to appreciate every particularity in every junior athlete and make them their strenght points.

  54. Immacolata Salierno

    I want to talk about two trainers I worked with before I started working as a karate teacher, I had to be an other trainer’s assistant in a sport centre, to learn how to train young athletes and how to approach new clients. My mentor, I believe, was tired of his job because he was always bored. The entire time was spent giving me oders about what to do, while he was usually smoking or reading newspapers. I remember one particular sentence he said to me one time: “Remember this: this job is repetitive, the most important thing is giving your athletes imputs and with time they’ll learn by themselves”.
    In that moment I felt demotivated, scared to become like him and do this job only for money. I hated this sensation, sensation that went away thanks to another trainer I met later. He had the same age of the previous one but he had a completely different way of thinkig about training people. He said to me: Every person is different, a universe to explore and thanks to that you always learn new things.
    I understood, thanks to him, that yes this job can be repetetive, but it is all a matter of how you take it. If you have a positive mind and accept the challenges every person gives you, you’ll love this job.
    I have to thank that trainer for the teacher I am now.

  55. Ina

    In school I had a very good maths teacher. I loved maths during the whole school time and now I am studying maths at university. But why did he managed to inspire me and for sure some other class mates this way? I think first of all it was his own enthusiasm and passion for maths. He was always motivated and in a good mood. All these things are automatically transfered to every student. At the start of a lesson we often did some physical exercises to improve our attention. We all liked it very much, because not every teacher takes time for such things, although they are totally worth it. Our maths teacher was very creative, when he tried to explain us new things.
    An example for a bad leader was another teacher. He never came motivated to our lessons. First of all we talked about our private lifes – I didn’t like that. When we had to learn about new topics, most oft he time we had to develop it ourselves. I always had the feeling that he didn’t have enough expert knowledge, which turned out to be right in the future.

  56. Amar Čejvan

    Hiiii, ‘d like to talk about two coaches. The first coach is something special, but the other is a bad experience.
    A coach who was always positive and knew how to react in every situation. After mistakes, he would always continue to motivate you. He wanted from his players to get the most important thing, education. He was devoted to training and he wanted from us to make progress every single day. He treated everyone in the same way , and he dedicated everyone’s attention on a training.. after a good, a bad coach came .So I had to train for two years with him. At first I knew it was a mistake. Every training was the same, monotony. He came as an “educated trainer”, but it did not make sense what he was doing. Of course, he was trying to be an authority and the problem is that we stopped enjoying what we are doing. He never motivated the players.Maybe I should made the most intense progress in these two years, but monotony training,process..

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      finally, you have arrived in week 5 🙂
      and … monotony is very bad for learning – and for living as well!

      1. Amar Čejvan

        I agree…..

  57. Furiák Gergő

    I was in a basketball team, where the coach and the team captain was the same person. The team had a lot of problem with him and with this situation. He thought about himself, that he’s a very good player and almost always spent near 40 minutes on the court. Okay, he was a pretty good 3-point shooter, but nothing more….he couldn’t do anything else and couldn’t play defense. In the team, there were a lot of talented young players who wanted to play and prove that they worked for their minutes. But nothing happened, the team morale decreased continuously until some guys decided to go away and try to find another team.
    Two or three times I tried to speak with the coach, he said yeah I’m right….I will decrease my minutes, but didn’t happen like this. Finally I also found a new team and it was the perfect decision, because I have a bigger role in this team and everything is better in every aspect.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Furiak, thanks for sharing your experiences of your sport career. Could you please share your personal opinion what motivates you in your current team from the perspective of leadership.

      1. Furiák Gergő

        I wanted to prove that how good I can play in a new team and here I’m almost the oldest team member, so I feel responsibility to perform well.

  58. Sabine Schöffmann

    For me, a good leader is a person who is not afraid of telling the truth. Once I had a coach, who complimented everything, he did always find something good in my runs, also when my performance was bad. It is positive, if someone believes in you but to be honest, after some time went by, I couldn’t trust him anymore. I think he did not want to give me a bad feeling before a race, but I think that is the wrong way.
    A good leader should be able to know your strength and weaknesses and find the right way to motivate the people so that it is possible for them to give the best. For me it is always good to challenge me a bit. At university, the best lectures are always the ones where I do not understand everything right away, so I can deal with the topic and gain more knowledge.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Sabine, from your examples it seems that you like to go out from the “comfort zone” and it motivates you. Have you ever been open and talked with your coach about that?

    2. Ina

      Hello Sabine!
      I had similar experiences with a coach. I didn’t like it, when he whitewash a bad performance. A coach have to find the right balance. That’s not so easy, because every athlete is different. I think it’s very important, that a coach believes in you and motivates you, even if you don’t have a good season. But to keep the right balance between optimism and reality, it’s necessary to analyse a race together. Afterwards an athlete should know, what he / she can make better in the next race or what’s important to focus on during the training.

  59. Jakob

    In my career I had a fair share of coaches. There were a lot of bad ones and only a few good ones. The coach I liked the most was a Finnish coach. He always knew what to say before a game. Everyday he would make an effort to speak to each player and ask us how we feel and if everything is okay. Once a month he would invite goalies in his locker room and talk to us what we think our weaknesses are and what drills we would like to work more on, etc. So all in all he made a big effort to be as informed as he could. I guess it paid off, that year we finished 3rd in league.
    So, the bad coach or president. There was this president that looked like a true leader at the start. He would come to locker room and talk to us like we were equals. But as problems in club grew bigger he kind of diapered. Every time we called up a meeting he would talk like all problems are already solved or at least are being solved at the moment. But the problems were never solved, they just grew bigger and he kept lying and hiding behind his job. He tried to avoid us till the end of season and now the club is bankrupt. I think he was a great example how not to manage a club or anything to be honest.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi, Jakob, it’s great that the leader (coach in your example) tries to know each team member and identify strength and weaknesses then all team can reach better results.
      As you had experience of good leadership, what you would change in the team of your second example?

      1. Jakob

        I would rather have a harsh reality than lies all the time. We as a team debated how to solve some issues and if our president really wanted to change something, it could be easily done. He just wouldn’t listen to our suggestions. That is what I would change, make a group plan how to get out of troubles and act on it.

  60. Rozsnyai-Kovács Aletta

    My current powerlifting coach is the best leader I’ve met so far, he runs his own club at a fairly young age for 4 years now and he has a great amount of knowledge and experience in the sport. He’s down to earth, knows the team’s members (more or less) personally and has helped me with every question or request i have had. Furthermore he creates valuable, science based content with his co-workers, which really shows the interest and the enthusiasm that they have in the topic and their attitude towards their clients.
    The worst leader I know would have to be the manager of my past handball club, who wasn’t aware of the importance of communication and rarely shared important information in connection with the game and strategies. It often made people unsure about their performances, so the consequence was that we lost several times and even conflicts was created.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Aletta, what you would change in the past handball club as a leader?

  61. Teőke Ágoston

    I had experiences with a few bad leader and they had some of these characteristics like:
    Absence of the knowledge how to manage a group of people. Autocratic communication. Bad long term planning. Arrogance. Lack of tension and support for his/her mates.

    My best leader was my previous coach because he always been very supportive especially when things went wrong. He had the knowledge and experiences to give proper advices and he could motivate us without worlds just with his presence. He always had a positive vision to the future and it’s defined and concentrated to the personal improvement not to the results.

    In my opinion a good leader can motivate with: His/her expertise, with insight into characters and with his personality.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Teoke, thanks for the opinion shared. Which characteristics of the leader would motivate you personally?

      1. Teőke Ágoston

        Hi Irena,

        I like leaders with characteristics like: honesty about employees performance, with clear vision and rules, consistency, open-minded to new ideas. It means that a good leader needs to be able to listen to co-worker’s ideas and trust in them.
        In my opinion if these characteristics has an entrepreneur or a leader, he/she could make workers feel like that their job are really important and valuable.

  62. Alexander Payer

    Hello Everyone.

    There have been a lot of Coaches in my Sportlife. Good and bad ones. The kind of Coaches who can push you to the limit or who can stand directly in your line.

    So for me the differece between a good Coach and a bad one is, that a good one is solid enough to say something critical to me. Not always telling me everything is perfect, more or less that there is something what could be done better. And than i have the oppurtunity to work on this topic.
    So for me a good coach looks at the Athlet (or employer), look how the work, analyse the Situation and have a Vision what it sould look like in the Future.
    And out of this Vision, the plan their red line out of the status quo.

    So from a startline to the finish they have a plan.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Alexander, could you please write some lines about what good coach typically said or did as a leader, and how this made you feel.

  63. Matyas Jokai

    Hi everyone!

    A think a good leader lets the employees to draw up their own aims, and make it possible to reach them next to the team work. Under him/her control, he/she helps the employee analyzing the success and the fails and give advices how to get better. A good leader gives positive examples and reachable goals. The validity of his/her advices are confirmed by personal examples.
    A bad leader motivates only in financial way. He/She stands the formal elements of working in front of the essential elements. A bad leader solves personal problems and working mistakes in front of outsider employees or without including them and solving it by humiliating them.


  64. Marco Freda

    I had many coaches during my career. In particular two of them marked my experience in both a positive and negative way.
    The negative one was a dictator-like coach that imposed his point of view and made sure to isolate whoever was not supporting him. Furthermore, during most of the matches he used to lose control of the situation and often shouted to anyone who made a mistake during the game.
    The positive one’s attitude was totally the opposite: he was more competent and knew how to obtain the maximum of every player. He knew what a group needs in order to achieve good results.
    I think that a leader’s best skill is the emotions control, in order to maintain lucidity in every situation to react at the very best.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Marco, could you please write some lines about what your coach typically said or did as a leader, and how this made you feel.

  65. Lorenzo Zaccone

    In my sport experience I’ve had a lot of good and bad teammates. I’ll forever remember the good leader, the one I want to mention was my team captain’s. I remember that he was and is also today one of my points of reference in difficult situations. His true strength was to know when and how it was necessary to speak and when it was time to prove without words. I’ll remember just as well the negative examples of the bad leaders; in my mind the one I want to talk about was the classical person that for any of his affirmation he needed to find someone else’s assent. This wasn’t the only problem, but also that for him there was or his way or no way and so I think that we can’t really speak about a leader in this and also in the other cases of negative leaders.

  66. Vilma

    the “good guy” and the “bad guy” in my experience. i will start with the “bad” one. First of all i can think is that he doesn’t keep his word – to be more exact – one day he can say that one thing is good to do, the other that the same thing is bad, he lacks of structure and leads to uncertainty. Second, he likes to talk about himself rather than trying to develop the best qualities in sportsman. third, instead of telling things he is yelling things. i had no attachment to this person.
    and now talking about the “good guy” i could say that he find the personal way to speak to each athlete in the group and he treats everyone equal. in addition to this, he is very qualified as a coach and dedicated to his work.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Vilma, could you please share with us, which characteristics of the “good guy” motivated you?

  67. Vid Persak

    The best leader I’ve ever meet is a owner of a bike company that I am riding for. He is a down to earth man and he always works hard and share the opinions with colleagues. When I made a deal with them he said: You contract obligates for quite some things amd if you ever feel bad always think that you are doing something that you love (riding bikes).
    He showed me that you have to love this business and this love will spread around the people.
    Example of a bad leader was a our coach at volleyball. No matter what we did he always put us even lower. He was making fun out of us so many of my friends stopped training.

  68. Zsófi Sárközy

    the best leader I’ve ever meet is my coach. We are working together since I was 9, so in 10 years, we had some better and worse periods. He is always motivating me, is patient and shows me a very good example. And he can comfort me after a bad race… We can set goals and plan together so I totally trust him!

    1. Vid Persak

      It is good to have a coach that you can trust. I have experienced the same thing with mine.

    2. Irena Valantine

      Hi Zsofi, could you please share with us, which characteristics of your coach motivates you the most?


    I have been practicing sport for such a long period and I can say that I have met quite a lot of leaders, bosses, coaches as well and I have experiences on this field. I havent changed so many clubs, but I changed the country, which was not easy for me, because I had to confront another concept of thinking, the culture as well. In this case the things not always were seen in the same way. In that country where I was born, my beautiful memories are related to one of my coaches, who actually “made” from me world champion and for whom the respect is endless. He had the qualities not only as a good coach, he was a true educator who knew how to work with us also when we felt that nothing is going well and you wanted to give up. In my adoptive country, however, I met the worst leader of the federation ever, who has caused great damage to that sport. A leader must have not only the leader’s qualities, but I think he must have an accumulated knowledge in that field to be capable to lead the federation. He was appointed as president because he promised to bring to the federation money. Unfortunately, he did not bring, instead he spent the whole money and went away. That was a black period for us and unfortunately we felt it for a while.

    1. Vilma

      it’s sad to know that the leader/president of federation is not helping for the people he is representing in the sport but he even makes damage for the sport. people like he should not be in charge!

  70. Gianpiero

    I remember with pleasure my first basketball coach, that made me play during a final in a tournament. When he told me that I had to play i’ve asked him “why?”. He told me “I need you because you do what you need to do. Defense, rebounds… You do what is needed on the court.”. He motivated me like no one before.
    On the other hand I remember a president that was always saying “everything useless”, when the coach tried to go further with us and not only do his job as a coach

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Gianpiero, great examples! I like them and especially that such experience motivated you.

      1. Gianpiero

        Many thanks! 🙂

  71. Amela

    I remember my first P.E. teacher in school who had the ability to pull the best out of each student with his sincere approach. He was more than a teacher, he became our friend. He knew exactly when to be strict and when it’s time to joke, but burdens were really very clear, so no one ever crossed them, we respected him very much. He gained our trust, so he could lead us easily. We accepted him as a part of our team and always looked forward for his classes. With this kind of attitude, a lot of children who previously didn’t really like sport, started training, competing and wanted to make him proud of themselves.
    On the other hand, there was a PE teacher who was very strict and always wanted the best results, to win no matter what and talked very badly with her students. I remember once when we played handball and we were really a bad team at the time, except one girl, who played professionally and she saved the whole team from losing the match. After that she told us all that we are just a bunch of losers, impossible to watch playing and if it wasn’t for her, she would make us take the same year again. She literally ruined all the love that we had for that sport and even today, because of these bad memories, I don’t like it.

    It is really important how you as a leader, coach, … approach your students, employees, etc. If you know how to motivate them and how do you react whether they are winning or losing.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Amela, very good and totally diferent examples. Thanls for so clearly described bad experiences that has impact until now… Looking at the first example, your first PE teacher, you were real followers with high motivation to attend the classes. Please write few features of your first PE teacher that motivated you personally.

      1. Amela

        He was a real role model – not only as a teacher, but he was literally living the healthy life in all aspects and his passion towards sport motivated and inspired, not only me, but everyone. He was very confident, open-minded, innovative, respectful and with great communication skills. I hope one day I’ll become like him.

  72. lizz

    Hi everybody,

    I’ve had a lot of different coaches or leaders in my career and I can say, that the way of leading changed a lot during the time, but the athtets too.
    I was always an very critical athlete, thinking a lot and making it sometimes hard for my coaches to deal with me. I didn´t like incometence and I didn´t like actors, that would be mainly focused on their fame and attention.
    But demanding, motivated and passionate coaches, that were trusting and integer would get the best out of me. For my point of view their is no dought that a good leader needs to be balanced to balance his team in successful times and in hard times. He or she needs to have a wide perspective to minimise upcoming troubles as well and patience to deal with individuals. A good leader should be happy about individuality and about passionate people that are thankful for living their passion and that are pushing the limits and getting out of their comford zone inspiring others with their motivation!
    It´s not the easy way, but it´s much more worth it. Let´s get out of our comford zone to minimize the average cases and let´s get the best out of everybody! Comments are welcome! Cheers Lizz

    1. lizz

      to bring an example: I remember, when I was out of shape in the summer camp once, searching my ‘turn’ again. My coach just picked me up to do some free skiing right after the training session. We were doing about 3 runs with constructive exercises and worked together very well. After this runs my feeling was back and the next day – I was fast again! So to give the athlete just a little attention and time to work on the basis has always a great effect.
      A neagtiv example in my memory as a young girl was a coach, that was expecting a lot from me, and yelling at me when I failed 2 times at the campionships. He didn’t talk to me anymore, just ignored me. The next day we had the super-g. I was nervous and felt very alone. Our co-coach was at the start area, he saw me, took me to the side and told me something: “ski with your heart”.
      I did, and I won the race and every time I think about that situation it brings me back to the reason why I did skiracing. For my point of view that is a great positiv example for huge emathy and the talent to say the right thing at the right moment. That little moment was an important moment for my life!

  73. Lorenzo Gasperi


    When I think about a leader, I always think my professors I’ve met during my school period, college, or university.
    I have had several good ones and what has made a difference to me is the ability to inspire: to create interest in the study, the pleasure of discovering and research, understanding the world and “reality”.

    Thanks to them, now i love science, study and do research.

    1. lizz

      You are a lucky person, thanks to such great pedagogues! Being curious and trying to discover the worlds secrets is totally natural for my point of you, and I get so frustrated when I see all those young, ambitiouse kids, that would be inspired instantly, just waiting for a person, who takes them on a journey. cheers lizz

      1. lizz

        …point of view…

  74. Viktoria

    I would like to give two examples and compare these two.
    I am going to speak about my two bosses: both the one of soccer (my coach) and the one where I did my traineeship.

    My boss at soccer is very professional, ambitious and dedicated. He always expects professionalism and maximum of success – both in trainings and games.
    This attitude made me grow and helped be becoming a better player and leading the team. Due to regular feedback of him I tried to become better week by week. Both as a player and as a person.
    I learned to focus on every game. I learned to accept feedback.
    Due to the fact that he trusted me throughout my years, I got a lot of self confidence. But I wanted not just to play for myself. Also for the coach to give back the trust he put in me. I almost always felt good when I entered the field and the locker room.
    But those games where he put me on the bench made me grow as well. I learned to always get and fight back. To improve. To try to get better.
    He taught the team that a good working team is always better than 11 good players. This team spirit made me a captain as well.
    Even if there are also things I don’t like, I aprreciate him as a coach and as a leader.

    During my traineeship in a advertising agency I lived the opposite. I always felt insecure going to work. My boss just talked to me once a year and I always felt I was doing something wrong and doing it not good enough. Due to that fact I always didn’t feel so good in the team itself. I always felt everyone’s watching me and thinking bad because the boss didn’t believe so much in me. I just didn’t feel so comfortable and that’s why I think I never really felt identified with the company and the work mates. I missed a motivator and mentor in the boss itself. I wished he sometimes gave more feedback.
    No, at length, I would change my behavior: I should have searched for a talk, for a feedback or something like this.

    So sum, I think a good leader is a motivator and mentor. He/she should understand the players/members of a team. He/she should be approachable on the one hand and authoritarian on the other hand. He/she should be a role model should live what he/she wants of his team members. He/she should set goals, give missions and visions and work for a good team spirit

    1. lizz

      I agree with you in every perspective…cheers lizz

  75. Jaka

    I would like to write about my coaches. First i will mention coach who i did not like that much. He was my coach for almost 5 years, I can say that he was smart, well educated, he had clear visions, but somehow I could not get used to him. I was young at that time 15yo, and if i look back now, i can see that he some how could not do with children. When we were far away from home, I did not feel good, safe and belonged, because he never talked to us about other things than skiing, there was no relaxed atmosphere. He was motivating us and everything but we were not connected and that is why it was also hard to go with him anywhere or work with him. For him it was hard to listen to us and understand us, if something was wrong he always said it”ll be fine. He hardly managed to talk to us.

    The other one was complete opposite. He was funny, when we were working he was serious and professional but he also found time to make jokes. Everything was more relaxed and not tensed. It was much easier to train with him and going to training was easy. Every training we had 10 minutes to talk about life and things that bother us. I think that this is really important thing that must be done by any leader or coach. You have to feel belonging to team or coach. Coach or leader have to listen to you and make you think that you are somehow friends but still on professional level. For me it is more important to have a leader that can make atmosphere more relaxed and that he is not to “high” and that he/she is part of the team.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Jaka,

      thanks for sharing your experience of two different types of coaches you had. Talking about the second example, mostly possible that the coach believed and trusted in you. Maybe you can describe few features of the leaders that mostly influenced you?

      1. Jaka

        Hi Irena, thanks for your comment. I can say that my second coach had just positive influence on me because as you said he believed in me, he recognised my advantages, he was trying to expose my advantages and work on them. I always felt like he trusted in my success and development. He was not one of coaches that come on training just because he had to but he was always positive and prepared for work with us. As i said i think that it is really important that coaches know how to do with people and emotions, especially when we are young.

    2. Vilma

      your example of coaches shows how emotional intelligence is important! the first coach should not only teach athletes but also learn about emotional intelligence himself.

      1. Jaka

        I could not agree more Vilma! Emotions are extremely important in life of an athlete.

  76. Andrea Regis

    I truly think that a good leader is the one able, with a few right words, to let you change your point of view.
    I have had in my sport career a great leader who was able to do it, not only with me, but with a lot of other persons: a lot of times I went to talk to him, thinking something, and understanding at the end, that I changed my thoughts without having understood I was changing.
    At the beginning I felt like a stupid, but later, I have understood that he was able to do this with the 90% of the persons. This is amazing, becasue persons will follow him, will give the 100% of their best to be with him.
    Instead, The bad example of my carrer has been a leader, with big power, only able to let me feel like a no one. His position was the best, his thoughts were the smartest, and the only possibility of being considered by him, was only agreeing with him.
    In my opinion, also if really a leader has best ideas, or he is smarter then you, he doesn’t have to show at 100% his power. Of course the last decision will be Given by himself, but if the employes already from the beginning they know they are useles, they will never give all the potential they have inside.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Andrea,

      thanks for sharing with us your experience. Your first described example sounds like manipulation… Maybe I am not wright… Can you identify yourself as a follower of the described examples? If yes, describe why.

      1. Andrea Regis

        I know it seams a manipolation, and I think you can be right.
        But the way he makes this doesn’t seam bad. Really… As I saw in the video posted in this week of study, he is able to have so many followers: he knows how to lead.

  77. Verena

    First of all, I’ll give a bad example of a leader, in that case it was a coach we had before. He was really a bad character and almost no one understood the way he acted. He was one of those old school coaches that never wanted to listen to newer training methods, because his old ones were the best and will always be the best. I don’t think he as ever heard of the world individuality… He wrote the same plan for everyone, men/women – all the same. As a person, he only respected you when you were successful. So when you had a good result, he was bragging around with you.- like “Yes, that girl I’m training. That’s my girl- it all comes from my perfect training.” And then when you had a bad result- he was sometimes even leaving the race venue, like going on purpose outside to smoke one, because he was so ashamed of the performance. Then he didn’t talk to his athletes- sometimes for days or weeks. He wouldn’t have the courage to talk about what went wrong or how to make it better next time. No he was running away and playing a child. He made me feel angry and sad and sometimes I was also really ashamed of him… So he is really a bad example.
    Now to the bright side 😉 So a really good example of a leader is a different coach, who really tried to motivate people to make their best, by always believing in themselves, encouraging them and so on. He made me feel like I can really do it, and I can reach my goals. He gave me a lot of self- confidence and he also helped with his way to build the team more together. When I lost the believe in myself a bit because I really had a miserable event, he is saying things like “Keep your head up, focus on the fact that you’re strong and tough. You are focused and you did some really good training lately- so go out and show what you are able to do. Just close the chapter of that event and focus on what youre capable to do.” I think he was a really good coach.

  78. Marc

    I had a lot of leaders during my career and it is quite hard to say which one was the best or the worst, they all had strengths and weaknesses, like humans usually have. I was most satisfied with a leader with clear responsibilities, who was interested in my professional development, who outlined the tasks early and precisely and was always available. This situation makes it easy to perform well. Most troublesome was the situation with a leader, who changed everything, regardless the needs of the employees and without integrating employees into the decision process. Overall, I would say that the personality of a leader is important, but also the knowledge of the leader and the structure of leaderships affects the performance. It is easy to work under a leadership with clear responsibilities and it becomes difficult when more than one leader is responsible for the task allocation.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Marc, thanks for the open sharing of your experiences. It’s great that you had a lot of leaders during your career and can compare differences. I agree, that it is very difficult when more than one leader is responsible for the task allocation and it is most likely were managers but not leaders…do you agree?

      1. Marc

        Hi Irena,
        yes, thank you for emphasizing the difference between a manager and a leader. I think that managers are not always good leaders and leaders are not always good managers. Theoretically a leader needs a manager and a manager needs a leader. The leader is responsible for the vision and the long-term thinking, whereas managers should execute the leaders vision. In practice leaders also need management skills and managers should be able to develop a vision, because both roles are not that distinct.

        1. Tadej

          I agree with you in every perspective Marc!

  79. Jakub Maly

    If there is one thing that I learned throughout my competitive career, it is that all successful leaders are great athletes, but not all great athletes are successful leaders. Now, it’s important to emphasize that I wouldn’t define athletic success purely on outcome based results. For me, athletic greatness is the attitude that an athlete brings to practice every day. Every single successful leader has this attitude, because it is one of the prerequisites to be a successful leader.
    However, not all great athletes have the ability to be a great leader. They might have a great competitive attitude, but they may lack the motivation to be leaders. It is important to say that “leadership” is not a feature, leadership is not something people are born with. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and taught, and that should be continuously developing and improving throughout ones career.
    I remember two leaders that I have to worked with in recent years. The first one was an appointed leader. He became a leader based on this seniority and well established relationship with everybody on the team. He lacked what I called the “athletic greatness” and other people followed him because they “knew” him. He enjoyed organizing and telling the rest of the team what to do without going a step further and leading by example.
    The second leader wasn’t an appointed leader, he didn’t have the title, neither the desire to have one. He led entirely by example without the others realizing it first. He focused primarily on himself and did whatever he needed to do to achieve athletic greatness. Later on, people started to realize that his determination and hard work payed off. They stared to go to him for advice, and he quickly became a inspiration for many others. He did not challenge only himself, but he challenged everybody around him and tried to make everybody around him better.
    At the end of the season, all determined, hard working people followed the second guy, while only the few slackers followed the first one. Having these two leaders at the same time as a great “real time” experience to observe one good and one poor leadership and it’s effects on the working environment.

  80. Florian Schabereiter


    In my opinion a good leader should should be honest to yourself and everyone in his/her team. This also includes to acknowledge a mistake instead of change something that it fit´s in the leaders situation. Once I had to work with a leader who did this all the time. If the situation did not fit in his intend, he decided to assert his point of view whether it was good for the team or not. Or he said: “That´s what I´m saying!” – even he was talking something completely other… It made me feel that I´m doing my work all for nothing. I got the feeling that it doesn’t´t matter if i had done the work or not – even it took me a lot of time and energy. I think this is a cautious to avoid. Instead of this a quality of a good leader is to create a structure plan and go on this – follow the guiding thread. Sure with the necessary flexibility but not with changing the mind just to keep right and make clear that you are the boss. As a leader you should give everyone the feeling that he/she is important, his/her work and opinion counts.

    Contrary to that, I had the honor to work with a great person as coach in my youth. He thing he did really good was to find a way which is suitable for him and me and is additionally advantageous. Especially in technique training he always tries to combine his imagination with mine. Sometime he asks what my feelings are or if I can work with this suggestion. And if not I always got the chance to say that I see things in another way. Then we were trying to find a compromise between our two imaginations but always connected to the goal. Sometimes it was really hard, especially for him because I was very critic. But if we found a solution, I was able to stand 100% behind it and did all my very best in trying to implement the solution we found together. I´m sure that it took energy, but it was always high quality and made me performing better.
    His way of leading made me feel understood and esteemed. I put all my energy in this work – I was bleeding for it. We had a work basis of confidence everyone did his best – and by the way at a pleasant outgrowth it was really funny. I enjoyed everyday of hard working!

    I guess the difference between those two is clear and understandable. To conclude it, it would say that a good leader should be able to keep things in direction but bring his colleagues in mind and make them feel that the whole team, which means everybody working in this project, also leads it – hopefully to success!

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Florian! I like your experience with the leaders during your career. Which one of the described leaders you would follow?

      1. Florian Schabereiter

        Hi Irena!

        Thanks! I would follow the second one I described. I had the chance to work with a lot of great people. I also had to deal with bad leaders. But I always try to see everything in a positive way – even I have to deal with someone doing in my point of view bad. So I try to pick out of every situation the things which I think those are good. You can learn from everyone something. If you have your eyes open, keep good things in mind and assemble it, you have the chance to be a good leader!

  81. Jonathan

    Hello every i will like to write briefly on the topic understand the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur-leader.

    first of all it is extremely difficult to give a precise and agreed definition of leadership.Nor is there one best model or

    style of a leadership.If leading writers cannot agree on the nature or essential characteristic of leadership how we can

    we even be certain about what makes for an effective leader?

    There are many ways of looking at leadership and many interpretations of its meaning.Leadership might be interpreted in

    many terms,such as`getting others to follow or getting people to do things willingly.Leadership is related to motivation,

    interpersonal behaviour and the process of communication. I have being with and seen some great leaders. for example

    The former president of the United State of America he is one good example of a leader and he inspired millions of people

    all over the world.The way he inter-react with people is just amazing.I have work with leaders who are not professional in

    handling situations and the way the act is just discouraging and i was called them bad quality leadership.I remember working

    with somebody i call my boss and a leader he always have this negative vibes about the people who are working with him

    he has no such inspiration in him and has weak level of understand.i have to quit my job with him because i cannot achieve

    Greatness being around leader like him and i never wish for anyone who posses quality to be around people like that.someone

    that cannot make me feel like i worth some working under him,the the most of all no encouragement or compliment from him.

    and understand leadership to be an example for other to follow.My principles is when one does not posses the quality of a

    leader i have no business around such people.

  82. Mark Makrai

    Hi everyone!

    The best leader I’ve ever had is one of my coach. Before him I had many fight and conflict with my previous trainer, because he didn’t understand me at all. The new one treated me/us as equals, as adults. It was a very good experience for me. He wanted to know our ideas, and made us thinking more. He was calm and patience with us but he asked for the good performances hardly. Nevertheless, he was always confident, which is the key point in my opinion. You can learn this but I think most of this important leadership stuffs depends on basic skills and the personality.
    My goal is to be a manager like him.

  83. martin

    hello everyone

    so on this assignment i talk about 2 Coaches i had in my Career.
    one is a great leader and one isnt (in my opinion).
    the one that is a great leader is very calm and gives you confidence in what you do. if you do something wrong he is telling you what you could have done better, one the other Hand our other Coach told us exactly what you have to do and how he did it, thats the right way. if you did something wrong he was yelling at you and again started yelling on how you had to do it. he didnt last Long on his Job and had the whole Team beeing fed up with him. the worst Thing was how he tried to be outside of bussines (Sport) , there he tried to be the nice guy and youre friend which changed as soon as it was about Business.

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      Hi Martin!

      Thanks for your story. I did some kind of same experiences and I totally agree with you. As I was in this situation I promised myself that i will do it better in future and don´t make the same mistakes.
      May you read through my story above… I wrote in the second paragraph about a great Coach I had and how he was dealing with such situations. I kept his approach in my mind…


    Hello everyone

    As I recalled my memories I have worked with few people who are having big statute but one or two of them are most admired one as a leader. Let me talk about one of them having high responsibility & authority. When I wished to analyse his persona and working/leading style I found He is very Calm & peaceful in handling any sort of situation, very disciplined and determined to his goal. I found in him a very skillful communicator, who can pass on essence of his message/thought process so skillfully and confidently that everyone in his surroundings can’t restraint being obsessed to listen and follow him. He is also a great motivator and have ability to convince everyone with ease. I saw him working passionately sometimes for 12-14 hours, even sometimes on the weekends also. Another quality is that He is a man of words and always keeps his promise alive. Although, everyone have some adverse elements, Sometimes I felt he should be more open minded instead of much bureaucratic behavioral in domain but on the other hand I think it may be result of requirements of the situations in-hand. But truly I want to channelizing some of his traits to reflect in my entrepreneur carrier ahead.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Ashok, can you share some traits of the leader you have described?

      1. ASHOK KUMAR

        Hi Irena

        As you asked, I am very pleased to share the following traits of the leader I have described:

        1 Calm & peaceful in handling any sort of situation,
        2 very disciplined and determined to his goal.
        3 very skillful communicator ability to convince
        4 Obsessed to ensure that group understand & follow him.
        5 A great motivator.
        6 Hard working & passionate
        7 A Man of words
        8 Occasional Bureaucratic behavioral domain
        9 Mature & responsible in decision making
        10 Quick & responsive in Problem solving
        11 Utmost utilization of limited resources
        12 Master in goal setting and making certain pathway to achieve the same or desired

        1. Irena Valantine

          Great Ashok! Thanks for your insights.

  85. Anna

    Hello all,

    I think people who have great leadership skills are the ones who keep their words. They are patience and respective towards other people and accept the diversity of people’s personalities. They are honest towards other people but they never let you feel negative about it after they tell you the truth. They don’t keep changing their minds lying and confuse other people but after declaring their intentions, they act soon to fulfill their goals.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hello Anna, I am Irena, facilitator of week 5. Have you meet any person in your life as you described? Maybe there is a leader that you want to follow and motivates you?


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