Assignment 5.2  Leadership Case study

Purpose: experience the process of developing a functional team and identify the distinctions between leadership and management.
Task: Remember your personal experience how you were motivated for personal performance, read Leadership Case Study: Inspires and Motivates Others to High Performance (2 pages) and reflect how you would behave if you would be a leader of a team and why, according to your previous experience?
Interaction: Read some comments of other learners and react to them when you agree or disagree.


  1. Gregor Mišič

    There was too much negative feedback in a short time.

    As a leader or coworker it’s important to review the work of your employees and coworkers, formally and unformally. But the feedback that you give to an individual has to be adapted to his personality, the time for changing, the relationship between you and your coworker etc. David needs time, changing of his manners and working habits is also a big projects and has to be and important goal for the company also in long-term philosophy. I think people are very clever and adaptable, you just have to give them an appropriate stimulus or encouragement and connect them into a successfull bigger unit if necessary. It’s important that you acquire individual’s psychological profile in the start of employment. It’s a lot effective to be a leader that thinks preventively.

    It’s important that a leader constantly encourages employees to talk with the others, be sincere and give feedback. All of it with two important goals – to be a better person and more successfull employee.

  2. Rok Petrič

    I think Sally is outstanding.
    She has all her emotions under control, ashe is disciplined, confident, open minded, and has very strong people skills She did her best to help David, to keep him focused and motivated for work. We all sometimes get in some thought period, and all we need is a little bit of help, hand to get up.
    Smart leader must know how to recognize his employes problems, and how to find solutions. When she found out that there is problem with Davids work, she approach with calmness and positivity. I think the most important thing to do when you are a leader of some group is to have time to talk with every one of them and to give them attention, and see the flaws and good sides. I think only mistake she did is not constantly checked his work, she trusted him to much. You must find the root of problems and fix it, you have to motivate your members and learn from them and them.


  3. Markus

    hi, as a leader, you are the coordinator for every member of your company. You must be also teacher. So if someone do lot of mistake, it is sometimes your mistake, and you must teach them better to find a solution. Also it takes time to get trust in your members, if you get more and more trust, your team will getting excellent. Every member has his exercises in each area.
    cheers markus

  4. Rasa


    Yes, emotional side is very important in every company. If stuff is small – you have to be able react to persons mood, personal influence in their work.
    It takes time to help to take someone else in their hands, but if you saw that before there was very passionate person and now he is lost, you have to give your best to help him out.
    In my case, I was very reliable person, always everything was in order. But when my family fell apart, I was lost in my work too. My boss (we were 13 persons in the team), didnt pay attention to that, I was devastated. So after 9 years, I left company… because I had to do with myself something.
    Another manager in the same company watched me for 1,5 years, motivated me that I can do better in the job and everywhere else, showed me my strenght… after that, I came back to the same company, but to another boss.
    It took ,1,3m to make me believe in my self again.

  5. Luca

    My experience derives from the fact that I have always enjoyed playing sports, I have always achieved the performance because I have always faced situations with positive results. I would help others to achieved high performance using this strategy of pisitivity

  6. Marc

    To my point of view a leader should offer order, but also protection and a clear vision to its team members, that’s why the members became followers and identify with the leader’s personality. A basic skill to organize a group and to take care of individual team members is communication. A leader must be able to explain the vision in different situations and should understand the needs of the followers.
    Leadership is an age-old concept. The larger a group following a leader representing certain rules, principles and visions the higher becomes the level of safety and protection against outsiders. In today’s world the higher is the profit, the higher is the status and the influence on markets and other systems. Because the size of the group around a leader is so important, many persons are searching for a strong unifying personality with often heroic attributes far beyond any factual issues. Focusing only on common factual issues would reduce the number of followers to a small group with the same daily problems. Depending on the size of the group, there can be an immense concentration of power in the hands of a leader, so the position requires a sound mind and a responsible character. Abuse of power and authority, also from the position of a leader, is contra productive, because it will in the end amount to a smaller number of followers. Leader and follower are depending on each other, the one isn’t possible without the other.

    To my personal experience good leadership is based on the perfect interaction between leader and follower trying to achieve the vision of the leader. The relationship between both can be productive, if the team member identifies with the leader’s vision and shows sufficient commitment.

    While leadership is a century-old concept, management became an important component in recent days. Although Sally is in a leadership position, I wouldn’t see her as a typical business leader like Steve Jobs, Didi Mateschitz etc., she is more in a management position or even lower on the level of a department head. Her task is to execute the visions and the main goals of the business leader embodying the company. The function of Sally is a planning and control function, but as stated in the case study she should also be an example and be able to motivate people to perform extraordinarily. The relationship between Sally and David is formed by mutual dependency. Sally needs remarkable performer and excellent team mates to meet her given goals and David is obviously committed to the goals and visions of the company, because he performed over nine years excellent. The unexpected performance setbacks of David put Sally in a difficult situation. She must find out, if David underperforms temporarily or if he is generally not committed any more.

    According to my previous experience, motivation is related to the private sphere and the working environment, but also depends on the personal commitment to the leader’s vision and on incentives the company provides. A competitive working environment with clear rules is important for the performance. In comparable situations, I would compartmentalize each possible reason responsible for the setback and I would subdivide the reasons into the categories privately related and work related. The impact of personal financial and family issues on the daily work and performance need to be located and the future development observed. Respecting the privacy and the personality of the involved persons is important, maybe an outside coach can help. Process and role changes in the team may affect the work and need further clarification, supervision and possibly an adaption. Monitoring the development and feedback during personal meetings can settle the situation.
    Overall, performance setbacks are often not caused by an individual person and require a collective effort under the guidance of the team leader to solve the situation.

  7. Nikolaus

    I think a good leader is a part of the group. The Leader should be on the same level with his or her team members. To be part of the group the most important skill is communication. Communication allows the leader to talk about problems, relations and so on with the group members.
    When the leader is on the same level, the group gets more self dependent. The group will reflect on his own and is not dependent 100% on the leader. Additionally the group feel very comfortable and important. Every member is an important part of the group and has his or her worth in the group. As a result the motivation of every single member will increase.

    But of course, the leader shouldn’t forget to lead. When it comes to big decisions or the leader recognize something went wrong the leader should react and lead!

  8. Lukas Schubert

    Hi everyone,

    The article shows how difficult and sensible the subject of being a leader can be. Sally has a tough job.
    In my experience there are three things you decently need to become a great leader. Social skills, professional skills and an authentic personality. No one will ever follow you if you are not authentic.

    1. Marc

      Great points, social skills include communication and empathy, professional skills strengthen the leadership position and attract learners. The personality of a leader should be in line with the vision to increase motivation and the number of followers.

  9. Monika

    In real I’m kind of leader. I’m Team manager of some National Lithuanian Hockey Teams.
    So, by my experience I can tell, the only thing you must to do as leader is communication with everybody.
    This is the key to be good leader.

    1. Kinga Csonkics

      I partly agree with you, but I think the communication is THE KEY for so much things. but you have to focus on so much other things.. For example being inspiring etc.

  10. Levente Ali

    Hi everybody,,

    I think, if I would be the leader, I would make the same thing as Sally.

    Helping each other in a team is a must, especially for a leader. It is, because as his/her name shows, the leader’s job to lead the team. Everybody have hard days, weeks or periods in their life
    I would help the member of my team if he/she is in a bad mood, we must not abandon these people!

    In these cases, first of all, you have to understand the situation and the circumstances. After that, you have to decide how to help. Sometimes it is the best choice, if you don’t do anything. Sometimes less is more.
    A good leader have to recognise this kind of situations, find a solution, and take some action, if needed.

  11. Leila

    I think it’s really important to know the team members strenghts and weaknesses, so I can give them tasks and if needed, help according to that. Beside to know the team members, we have to communicate well. We can work together one way: the same goals and the team spirit. In my opinion, the leader’s duty to creat these things and to make a team to THE TEAM. Of course, I have to think about tha bed sides, for example what if somebody doesdn’t fulfill his/her duty? I will talk to them and maybe make some consequences. On the other hand, if somebody is doing a good job, I’ll comliment him/her and in a long term, promote them.

  12. tomas_eas

    I believe that a good leader should not only be first, but everywhere require reports, monitor the progress of work, and constantly demand interim results. Then you will avoid failures at the final stage. Here as in sports – control workouts or competitions. If symptoms fail, respond immediately and resolve immediately. Motivated or empathy alone will not help.
    Sally is verry gut leader, but he could detect Devids problems ealier.

  13. Carina


    first of all: I really likeed to work with the case study because it shows how a lot of people sometimes have very different thoughts about one particular situation.
    From my point of view Sally is doing a good job and I like the approach of a very personal relationship of a leader and their employees. However, in the beginning it was mentioned that David has not that much technical skills as his coworkers. From my perspective it seems that this can also be relevant for his Performance and maybe it would be helpful to get further education in this area. In this way he could develop those critical skills in a more relaxed atmosphere than at a (stressful) workday.
    By giving him the Chance to improve his skills his confidence would rise. In Terms of his personal issues I have the same opinion as some of the other MOOC-learners and give him some days off to sort These Kind of Things out.
    All in all it’s important to help an employee to “get back on track” – especially if he has worked in the Company for such a Long time and if he has already proven that his abilities are of value.

    1. Marc

      To me you found a good approach by subdividing David’s problems into a private, personal sphere and into a professional sphere.

  14. Justinas

    I think Sally is a very good leader. But not sure that it exist in real life. But for sure we all know if the leader is happy all company and workers are happy. So with this spirit you can be much more productive. Its good that leader know where he is going with his team and why.Very important if leader is positive not just on working side, also in the lifestyle. Leader needs to be one step forward every time. Leader have to take responsibility for all good and bad things. When all workers will feel secure.

  15. Tomas_LT

    I think that Sally is a good leader it looks like she is accountable for herself and her team members, but I would change her attitude towards David a bit differently. As she already saw and knew that he is struggling with his good performance with his assignments I would ask him to report me on his project (s) progress. This way I would see in which point he need more assistance from me, or maybe other team members would help him to go on track. This practice would show to David that me and our team members is willing to help him and are confidence that he will fit in a new place.


  16. Tóth Anett

    In my opinion Sally is a good leader. He gives the same chance everyone. Doesnt matter if someone make a mistake, she give a chance them, to learn from it. She is encouraging people, helping and understandig the situation. A good leader have to recognise this kind of situations, make the necessary steps.

  17. Eglė

    According the case study Sally shows that she is a great leader she is accepting mistakes of David. She acknowledges it and willing to help him, instead of punish him and, or dismiss him. She demonstrating integrity and support him. Give David opportunity to lean from his mistakes and feedback. For this reason, she interviewed David’s teammates.


  18. Vilius Sa

    In my opinion Sally is a good leader. Despite David had several performance setbacks on his job she trays to talk with him. She has good qualities in team management because she using positive approach to deal with the David poor performance. She is not judgmental, and try to involve David in to the team and good work performance again.

  19. Povilas


    In a case study Sally and David, I would behave probably similar to Sally. I think she is a good leader, she is trying to become first a person on which David can relay on, to become a friend. This management style in my opinion is a good approach to set good relations and a trust between team members, and of course for the company. Probably other team members could help David to adopt as well. This would increase level of understanding between them and in the future it would be easier to work together as a group.

  20. Kinga Csonkics

    I think the manager have to coordinate the others peoples work. Without this coordination work they couldn’t aim the goal. The manager have to operate the organisation. The manager divides the tasks and check them. The manager’s tasks are to provide the resources and have to make decisions.
    The leader have to make a vision and give it to others with feelings. The leader have to be inspiring to the people who work for them because that’s the key to make everyone a good job.

    I’m a leader in my sport club from this year and I have a little experience of it but I’m
    the beginning of the road. I think beeing kind with others is very important. I like communication and I think I’m good at it. I always keep touch with the staff but also with children and there parents. When the parents come to the training I always speak with them. I think it’s important to feel every single person who is in this club or who is in connection with this club that they are importent to the us. It’s matter how day feel. With the stuff tha same: The head coach, the accountant etc have to feel that I’m greatful to them.
    I think with this attitude they are encouraged to a better work, than people who are always ‘terrorized’ by the leader.

    1. Marc

      I like your distinction between the management role and the role of a leader. The leader is responsible for the vision and the emotions, while the manager should plan and control the tasks.

  21. Kinga Csonkics

    My favourite club president is my taekwondo club president.
    We have a common taekwondo club (it belonged just to her, but I learn as a sport manager and that’s why we do it together now)
    I think she’s very good at it because it’s already her second club.
    I think she’s very intelligent and can speak very well. I think to understand clearly what the president says is really important. For example with the hed coach they can work really well together. They have never fighted on anything, always find the solution for everyting.
    I think our club president is very patient. It’s importent because working with people requires it.
    My mom is very greatful for our work and it’s so important to feel the esteem. It’s always feel good when they praises for your work.
    She always kind, she’s never yelling. If there is some problem she speaks very firmly but doesn’t hurt anyone.

    1. Kinga Csonkics

      Oops, I wanted to post it to 5.1.
      SORRY 🙂

      1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

        no problem 🙂

  22. Nedim Covic

    Hi everyone,
    I think Sally communication is example how to help someone after you notice the challenges he/she faces. A proper task leads to resolving every issue. Also, very important is the way we understand problems of others and the way we manage communication, the way we listen, our body language whip all helps to resolve situation and go gain best solution.

  23. Justina Kraujunaite

    First of all, I think that Sally is a great leader, since she calmly deals with this particular situation and tries to motivate David.
    If I was in her shoes, I would offer to David to write on a paper his all works he has to do (for example, 5 small works each day) and outline every work, when he deals with it. This strategy should let David be more disciplined.

  24. Francesca

    I think every society must have this roles. Most club have problems of direction because there isnt trust between them. Manager and leader are two role different but integrals, they help together and cooperate. The function of a leader is basically to bring out the best for each individual of a given team, like a model or mentor. Leaders inspire others through maintaining a positive attitude, and hi is responsibile for the development of your team. Having a clear vision and setting the necessary structure that will bring your team to the goal is a must. Manager lead and verify all to have their work. Hi loves drive, manage and plan all. While leader has direct contact, manager works backstage.

  25. Raimonda Palionyte

    Hello Everybody,
    Of course, I think that Sally no doubt is perfect leader, which is open minded, very confident and has that feeling, which is inherent just for leaders, who sometimes needs event not the knowledge, but feelings. I think this is very special foe the women. Women can feel more that it is showed by verbal language. Non verbal communication is more effective. And Sally feel it. I think, she is good team leader.
    I can tell you about myself. I am professional horse rider and a coach. But there was moment in my life, when it was too difficult to understand why I am doing this. 99 percent I will be not an Olympic champion, life is too short to do great things. That was mine thoughts in sad period of my life.
    My mother is also horse rider (was). And she is mine coach. And one day she said to me – you are a professional horse rider, great coach, wise woman, you know lots of things about horse riding and equestrian sports. And you have your own the only life. You can do anything you want. You just need to have idea. To have enough power to have idea. This is the start – idea. Because if you are doing the job, which is your whole life, your passion, your everyday’s idea – it is worth just to try. The life is the only way w can have choose whatever we want.
    After the conversation with my mother, I was thinking for some time and realissed, that all limits, all fears are just in our heads. There is nothing to scare, if you are doing job you are living for. If it is your passion and life. It just need to change thoughts and life will be more easier. Because we are creating it by ourselves.
    Wishing you to have the job you are living for!

  26. Nikšić Azur Omar

    Hello everyone
    My opinion is that Sally is a great team leader, which she showed. I think her contribution helped David, for she did her best to make David concentrate and motivate her to work. As a leader, we must meet our colleagues because we are team-working, and we must have understanding for each other, raise work habits and motivate each other to the maximum. Every person in a lifetime is very difficult and we think we do not have exits, but we have friends who help us solve every problem, as in this case, Sally helped David, from which we can conclude that this leader should not have a strict business relationship, to make himself a friend. A successful team leader needs to know his employees (colleagues), do everything to avoid problems, and at the same time recognize some problems and try to find a solution in the shortest possible time, and there must be strong motivation.

  27. Gergye András

    hello all,

    In my opinion if I would me the leader I definietly make the same thing as Sally.I would help the member of my team if he/she
    is in a tough period in his/her life. I think the best thing you can do is encouraging, helping and understandig the situation,
    and make the necessary steps. A good leader have to recognise this kind of situations, make some action and find a solution.

  28. Norbert

    Motivation why someone is working hard and doing the best can be for various reasons. Medals, money, status, physical or social things, …whatever – I believe that is different and depending on many aspects. In order to perform well I would try to find out as much as possible those (intrinsic) motivation factors when I am the leader of a team. There is nothing worse than different interests of people if those interests do not add and fit to each other – the outcome cannot be good.

    As a consequence, the first steps would be a lot of talking, maintaining trust, persuade all members that working together is the key and (try to) find a common basis on how everyone can profit from each other. That takes time what is often an underestimated factor. Some processes might take longer, some are quicker – you cannot plan this.

    Crucial points are, in my opinion, the beginning and the first crises. If you go through these two times and kind of survive them, you have proven that you are about to be the right leader for your team and the team is right for you as the leader and you really can go on to achieve something great as a team. Finally, and that should be in your mind from day 0: you are responsible but in fact also part of the team like any other member is, too.

  29. martin

    i have had different leaders on my Team so not everyone was a good one in my opinion.
    first of all i think a leader has to be fair to everybody and treats everyone the same. in my experience i had leaders that had the better Players pulled on there side and didnt care so much for the other ones this was the times when we didnt achieve our Goals.
    on the other Hand the times we one Championships our leader(leaders) made everyone feel like his really important.
    so that would be one of my main Goals as a leader. beacause as it says in sports youre Team is only as good as youre weakest link.
    i think another Thing leaders have to do is stay positive all the time and when they make a mistake they take it on them and dont try to Point fingers to others and save youre own Skin.
    i think times changed now when i was Young and you were the new guy or the Young guy the leaders tried to be hard on you but Society changed and every Person is different so you have to get to know them and understand how they function. because what i learned from that times is that i dont wanna be like those guys. some guys cant handle that.
    so give everyone a fair Chance to prove if he i capable of doing the Job right.

    open communication is a good Thing and my door would always be open if anyone has a Problem no mather what.


  30. Lisa

    Ideal leaders, born or not, they are skilled in emotional intelligence, are able to take responsibility, stay in front, have a gut feeling about what is going on in their team and can predict to a certain measure the impact and the outcome of their actions.
    In the shown example, we have Sally as a team leader that shows emotional intelligence and puts her team member’s problems in front of her own personal agenda. She gives David the feeling of being important, without forgetting about the rest of the team. From my point of view, she searches to find a balance in order to help David to improve again.
    Though I think I still would act a bit different than Sally did beforehand the situation. She instituted some changes which might have contributed to the overload for David, because he seems to react negatively to change. Sally might have been able to know that, and if so, then it might have been better to introduce the changes just bit by bit, step by step (though our information about that are not detailed enough to analyse her behaviour any further).
    As the problem showed up, she acted well and individually fitted to David.

    If I put me in the shoes of a leader (so far my experiences have been really few), I would search for balance in a team and between the leader and the team itself, concerning control, power and trust. I would try to get in touch with my team also on an emotional and personal level, to show them that I am there to help and to encourage them. Believing in the team’s goal and vision as in the skills of my team and of myself are for me the base of leadership. To stay in front, to protect my team, to take responsibility and to encounter problems together with them would be my main purpose.

  31. Jakub Maly

    During me athletic career, I had the opportunity to be a team leader on several occasions. If there is one thing that I learned from leadership, it is that most people want to be one, without realizing its many responsibilities. Naturally, it looks and feels good to be named a leader of a group. However, outside of the title, leader is the scapegoat of the entire group. Before accepting my last leadership position on my team, I had to think very hard about its costs and benefits. I came up with a ton of responsibilities that a good leader is in charge of. You are always being held to a higher standard, you’re always under the microscope, you cannot allow yourself to do the slightest mistake because you are expected to be the leading example for everybody else. You have to manage the administrative side, organize the team, meetings, itineraries. You are managing the relationships between your co-workers and attempting for everybody to get along. You are trying to motivate everybody around you and make everybody on your team better with leading by example. Last but not least, you are basically putting out fire wherever you can, and you are always responsible.
    I realized that being the best leader you can is a very difficult, challenging, and time-consuming position without any personal benefits. What I mean by that is, that your personal performance is hardly affected by your leadership skill. Your individual performance is dependent on your own dedication, commitment and hard work.
    However, the main reason I decided to accept the leadership position was because I realized the importance of the overall team performance. I realized that for me, the overall performance of the entire team is more important than my personal one. With my leadership, I wanted to help everybody on our team to contribute their maximum to the team success.
    I believe that you don’t become a good leader for yourself or for the “C” on your uniform. I think that all good leaders realize the burden of leadership, but accept the position because they put the team performance above their own.

    1. Rozsnyai-Kovács Aletta

      Hi, Jakub! Great points you’ve got there, I’d be further interested if you’re planning on being a coach in the far future as well?

  32. Aleksandras Baranovas

    I think that in this situation, Sally reacted like a good leader, because she has all her emotions under control,she is confident, open minded person, and has strong communication skills. Her approach to David was really good because when your leader you must to be example for your teammates/employers.

    1. Raimonda Palionyte

      I agree with Aleksandras.

  33. Alberto Brumana

    Hi everyone,

    I think communication is one of the basic elements of leadership and so Sally could probably have to try to understand if David had any other issues and then assign him proper tasks.
    Despite this I think she was very good at managing the situation he found, intervening not only as a boss, but almost as a friend who listens and helps to find the right solution.

  34. Denis

    Hi all,
    I think Sally is outstanding. She did her best to help David, to keep him focused and motivated for work. We all sometimes get in some thought period, and all we need is a little bit of help, hand to get up.
    Smart leader must know how to recognize his employes problems, and how to find solutions.

  35. Amar Čejvan

    Hi, my opinion is that Sally is a perfect team leader.I think her apporach to David was perfect .She also knows that team work is important in business.Good leaders need to understand the process,leaders are one who goes with the team together, I think it is necessary to risk and create new ideas.Its not just important lead the team ,I think you need also work with them to reach some goals.Also when Sally hear the problems about David, she act like friends and it is necessary sometimes for leaders,and she worries about the behavior of every single worker. Its not just important lead the team ,I think you need also work with them to reach some goals( have a vision and mission)be a motivator ….
    Best regards

  36. Sejla

    I think have to keep our problems with them and not share them with some of the team, there are some other people who do not have contact with our team and the profession we work with. I think David did some things too fast. I believe that every problem can be solved, and every good leader must know what the strategy is. Today, every company has a number of problems to deal with, but one has to find a solution to that problem.

  37. Alma

    Everyone has problems in life. But, someone will hide it very well, and other will show everyone how they feel. That was David’s mistake. He connected his personal life problems with job, and almost ruined seriousness of his team and company.
    That is not good, because maybe in other company or place he will met somene who is not like Sally and who won’t help him to overcome his problems.

    Sally did everything correct, because leader is not only “boss”. To be good leader you must recognize problems around you, in work and about your coworkers, and you have to be able and ready to help them to solve mentioned.

  38. Alberto Franceschi

    The function of a leader is basically to bring out the best for each individual of a given team. I truly believe that the first step to lead a group is the idea of sharing a goal and organize a strategy to achieve the established objectives. To me, the basic but needed elements are passion, motivation and innovation. For sure there are different ways to solve a problem, a successful team might identify different ways to achive a goal as well but the ability to drive the team in the right direction is up to the leader. Creating the ideal environment, personal development and a common vision will help during the process.

  39. Teőke Ágoston

    I think if a worker has problems with his achievements like David, first his boss needs to understand his situation with empathy (not with pity because it can make him feel less competent) and then support him. Sally managed it really well especially when she tried to ask patience from David’s colleagues.

  40. Furiák Gergő

    A team have to be a real team and it can working well only if the teammates/ colleagues trust in each other and everyone do his best in his job. Of course sometimes everybody have some problem in his/her private life, this time we have to support and help them, especially if they were useful members of the company.
    In my case if something happen with me like this, I’d try to be a soulmate for him/her, give him motivation and it’s also important, to encourage our colleagues to act like me. I think a good leader always try to take care of his employees and leaves behind nobody.
    But the best is to try to prevent these situations.
    In my university there are some teachers who never deal with your problem, but there are a few, who really listen in what you want.
    My question is, which one is better?

    1. Jaka

      Hi Furiak, i would say that better ones are those who listen to you and try to solve your private problems with you, like Sally did.But still there should be a professional relationship between leader and worker. Leader should always find a balance between being member of a team or friend of workers and leader. And workers should have respect to leader, and than i think company can work properly.


      1. Furiák Gergő

        Yes I agree with you, thanks for your comment. 🙂

  41. Lorenzo Zaccone

    I read many comments and most of the people think that Sally did her best and that she is the perfect leader. I not totally agree with this opinions, I think, instead, that first of all a company is like a big family and if there’s a problem with a component of it, the first thing to do is not to test the person concerned but to talk to each other together and analyze the problem. For the rest of the discussion I totally agree with the others opinion in which Sally is viewed as a perfect leader’s example. Testing David’s skills with a hard job to have a reaction on his part is also debatable but personally I agree. However, one can not say that Sally is not a good leader.

  42. Jaka

    Hi, as everyone i also think that Sally did a great job about David’s personal problems which reflects on his work. As i wrote in previous assignment it’s important to have conversations with your boss, not just about work but also about private life. I think that personal problems usually reflects in other areas of life, for example if you have financial problems or problems in your relationship it can easily affect on your work or on your results in sport. So that is why it is important to have a leader who will actively listen to you and give you some advices how to solve your personal problems. Sometimes all we need is a short conversation about our own problems, so we can share it with someone who will just listen.

    I can remember that my best motivator was my coach who did a great job motivating me and also my team mates. He always had amazing motivational speeches. He was trying to motivate each of us separately which worked for us, because he knew our priorities. In a team it’s important not to make differences between athletes because especially in young groups someone can feel underprivileged very fast. That is not important just for sport but also for companies. Everyone should feel just the same about belonging to the leader, otherwise there will always be complaining between coworkers or athletes in a team. With that i’m trying to say if i was a team leader or a CEO, my priority would be equality between workers. I would talk with everyone separately and try to make them feel confident and belonged. Because i was part of a team where our coach always made distinctions between us and that make me uncomfortable and somehow i was trying to quit or change my coach which we know is not that easy in young ages.

  43. Mateja

    Sally reacted in David’s case great as a good leader. She took extra time for David trying to find the reason for missed responsibilities and improper behaviour. For her David is valuable and efficient member of the team. With positive approach she confronted David with his bad behaviour and he took his responsibility for his actions. At the same time she supported and helped David to go through the difficult private period and encouraged/motivated him to continue with his efficient team work with more contributions.

  44. Rozsnyai-Kovács Aletta

    In the given situation I’d behave the same as Sally, who by her personal appearance and by being present in the team’s life noticed and coped with the difficulties that they were facing right away. A manager who only relied on leading could let David go, because he was not accomplishing well in his job, on the other hand Sally remarked her team member’s valuable working experience at the company and so far she tried managing his problems by giving him purpose, which in the long run might contribute to a stronger team. For her next action I would suggest to consider to change David’s lay a little bit, so he could feel more important, and slowly build up his confidence by giving him greater responsibilities each time.

  45. Gottfried Eisenberger

    Successful Sports leaders inspire others through maintaining a positive attitude, high morale and a persistent drive toward goals. Effective leaders and team leaders, are highly focused on a vision for their team and drive others toward positive outcome and great results. They maintain a realistic strategy for success, effectively communicate their vision and possess the charisma needed to attain the teams support. Further, great sports leaders rally this support through encouragement and positive guidance, and not through dominance or hardness.
    I have had the honor of being a Team leader myself and it takes a lot of skills to maintain a good relationship with everyone on the team, even with people who have completely different visions and goals. But in my opinion, the positive guidance, mentioned above, as the most successful way for me to gain influence and support within the Team.

  46. Margarita

    A good boss is not always a good leader. The leader is the one who goes with the team together. The boss forces the team to make a good result. To be successful, you need to dilute in yourself both of these qualities. A leader must be a friend and an example, but he must also have a look at 3 steps forward. And when he should, he must be able to step aside and “force” the team to act so that there is the best result. Then there is no room for understanding and pity. The main goal should be important and the leader should be objective.

  47. Žiga Papež


    Hm… to me Sally is a perfect team leader. She has all her emotions under control, ashe is disciplined, confident, open minded, and has very strong people skills. Her approach to David was perfect. I dont really know if I could do better job than her.
    I think is really importat to be the best worker in team if you are a leader!

    With regards, Žiga

    1. Tadej

      I totally agree with u Žiga!

  48. Göktuğ

    Hi everyone,
    If we compare to who has the correct behaviour i think Sally did the right thing. When she notice the David doesn’t work as before she want to solve the problem whatever it is. When she hear the problems about David, she act like friends not a boss and it is necessary sometimes for leaders. She care about David problems which is a good sign about leadership and she want to work again with David like used to be. She knows team work is important in that kind of business. In team work if a member doesn’t work well then the team maybe fall down. Because of this she really care about all members problems which is positive for the team.

  49. Tadej

    Sally is very good leader and she did a great job. I think that kind of story doesnt exist in real life 😀
    When she found out that there is problem with Davids work, she approach with calmness and positivity. Maybe she trusted him bit to much at the beginning, othrerwise she did well. She perfectly knows that a team works properly only if every member works well. I really like the part that she came to him personally and try to find out what is problem of his lack of efficiency. If i would be a leader i would try to be like Sally, with same amount of empathy.

    1. Rok Petrič

      I agree with you Tadej.

      Best wishes!

  50. Samira Tutundzic


    I think Sally did good.. She gave him an opportunity to show off and to be better. His problems at home affected him and his work. She recognized the problem and approach to him, and the main thing she did is talked with him, I think the most important thing to do when you are a leader of some group is to have time to talk with every one of them and to give them attention, and see the flaws and good sides. I think only mistake she did is not constantly checked his work, she trusted him to much. That is the only thing I would do differently. Other than that everything is ‘my way of doing it’ . I dont rely much on a people, someone will see it as a mistake, I think it is a good side sometimes.

  51. Simone Fumero

    I think every time there is a problem, especially in a team, the first thing to do is talk and understand what is wrong and understand what does not work to think of a solution to get back to normal. Not always, however, just talk to solve the problem, in that case I think a small period of rest may be useful to get rid of it and get back to the best. Resuming with more achievable goals is a good idea to get you to the mood when you reach them. Definitely one thing to do is put the person apart.

  52. Jure

    I think Sally is a good leader. She try to lead and be fair to all members individually. If someone is not “pushed”/motiveted enough he/She will never grow. To become great you much push yourself/others out of comfort zone. To reach your goal everybody ..a team member and a leader must trust each other and have their backs. If everybody is like that than it can be like some sort of family. You must find the root of problems and fix it, you have to motivate your members and learn from them and them.

  53. Marco

    In my opinion Sally did very good, immediately after she recognized that David stopped to work as before she want to speak with him to know why he changed his behavior.
    She found out that he used to worry about new role and he had financial problems, so she could act in the best way to prevent more failures of David and taking him back to his original good behavior.
    She is a very good leader because she worries about the behavior of every single worker, she perfectly knows that a team works properly only if every member works well, she knows very good the concept that “a chain is only strong as its weakest link”.

    1. Žiga Papež

      I agree with you.

  54. Ina

    When you have problems in a team it’s the best way to talk with the persons, like Sally did it. Otherwise you won’t find out the backgrounds of the problems. During the conversation to David she was able to find out that he had some private problems like family issuses and that he is concerned about the changes in his job. This background is very important for Sally to understand David better. When something is going wrong in your private life, you often don’t have the best perfomance in our job or in sport. Maybe Sally gives David more freetime to resolve his private problems, like Jakob mentioned it. To get David’s excellent performance in his job and confindence back, Sally could give David more subgoals. More smaller goals are easyer to reach than one big goal. Furthermore Sally should ask David, where he needs more support.

  55. Kristóf Németh

    In my opinion Sally is a good leader, she try to lead and work in a success team. She has to pay attention the team and all member of team separately. I think it is necessary to get more difficult work for the person to improve his capability. The positive approach can be pulling power. But it is necessary to help if somebody could not solve the work effectively. It is necessary to find the root cause of the poor performance and the unusual person behavior. It is important, that the leader and teammates too can help each other and understand each other; nobody can turn back if somebody is in trouble. To reach the targets (personal, team and company targets) are easier together.

  56. Claus

    I think she did the right think! If she would take the tasks away from him, he would think that he isn’t strong enough for the team and David wouldn’t feel valued. Now she still trust him and from the past you know that he can do better! Give him time to sort things out!
    #Come back stronger David xD

  57. Bálint Szalánszki

    I reckon the key to solve problems is : CARE. Sally is doing good because she tries to help and tries to find the best solution for this kind of let’s say failure but we have to say that every person and situation is different.

    Just A team can work together and just in case when all of them are in a good shape mentally and physically as well. As an athlete I know that motivation is crucial part of success and hard work. Every member has to know his/her role in the squad and also every member should own winner mentality of course. You have to stay motivated even in a bad situation this is very important I think. A good expert and a good leader has to harmonize the characters of the team like a band and shape them if it is necessary

  58. Jakob

    I think Sally is already doing great as she tries to understand what is making him less productive. But now as she figured out what is wrong, she needs to do something about that. If his personal problems can be sorted out with more time at home, I would recommend him to take a few days off and try to deal with that, if not I would suggest him to try to do something about that as soon as possible. In order to restore his confidence, I would give him some easier tasks, so he can do them with little effort and get used to the changes in his job. Then I would progress to heavier tasks. I would also try to find some other solutions, but If that doesn’t work I guess he is not suitable for the job anymore.

    1. Carina

      I like your suggestion of giving David time off to sort personal problems out and giving him the time he needs to come back to what he was used to do! Easier tasks might help him to get confidence but I think that it’s important that the callenges don’t get down to a very low level.

  59. Sabine Schöffmann

    I think Sally does a good job. She tries to motivate David, helps him out and she shows understanding for his personal issues. Sometimes it may help to give David smaller taske so he gets motivated by success. It is interesting that such a straight character does not talk about the seriousness of his recent fails but it shows her empathy.
    How to behave correctly? I think it depends a lot on the character of the affected person. If someone is overstrained concerning the workload it may help to reduce it a certain time so that the person gets more secure and motivated again and he/she can fulfill the task. I think it is important to strenghten the skills of the employees and remind them about the success in the past and motivate them to maintain this level.
    For me, I have to admit it is better to tell me about the seriousness, some pressure challenges and motivates me.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Sabine, great insights. I like that you tried to “jump in” the situation.

  60. Alexander Payer

    In my opinion Sally is using the right way to improve the Capacity of her employers.
    Just if a Chief(Coach) knows the employers personally you can try to help them.
    There are so many reasons for a period of unproductive workhoures that noone can tell in generall whats going on. So i would react more or less same, i would try to improve the motivation of the Team with some Teambuildingsessions and with as much help as possibile.

    For me the Coach (Head usw) should go forward, so the first step have always been done by this person.

  61. Matyas Jokai

    Hi everyone!

    I would lead the team in a consistent way, giving them enough time and energy, controlling the work with planning, checking and analyzing. I would supporting the cooperative work in the team giving everybody the opportunity to do their personal best. I think the personal improvement and the success of the team could and should appear at the same time. I would not just lead the team I would also work with them to reach our goals.


    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Matyas, great insights! I like your point of view.

  62. Marco Freda

    I would behave like Sally. It’s obvious that external problems were distracting David, influencing his performances. After talking with David and his group, Sally understood the situation and knew how to overcome the problem. In this case specifically, David’s problems could have been solved indirectly. In other words, since David’s problems were only partially caused by his working environment , he could have managed to solve them by himself even if this would probably take a longer time.
    If I were Sally and if possible, I would have offered David a break from work, to give him some extra time to relax and have him free from his responsibilities.

    1. Lorenzo Zaccone

      I agree Marco Freda

  63. Vilma

    the whole project success was based on Davids’ work -that could be first mistake for Sally. She didn’t evaluated the risk that human capital can be working not according to plan, or someone can get sick and can’t complete his work in time. during weekly meetings she relied on Davids’ word that everything is OK instead she could checked the work done. this could saved the project as she could noticed that David could not complete his job in time. On the other hand, Sally speaks in person to every team member and that is very good for motivating them, in addition to this i would share the good experience of team members during whole team meetings and discuss in private only the setbacks of each team member. it is very important that every team member feels important.


    I think sally is very good & skillful enough to handle the situation. She analyse, summarize and synthesize the root cause of problems faced by David on focusing project as well as his social life. She recognized the ability & style of David’s working. A great leader should have knowledge of management, Positive approach, confidence in team increases coordination among team members. Inspiring and motivating someone is the key to put back the person on track again. It develops harmony to meet personal and team goals as well.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Ashok, great insights, I like your opinion.

      1. ASHOK KUMAR

        Hi Irena,

        Thanks for inspiration and motivation

  65. Vid Persak

    I think her performance to David was quite appropriate. She realized that David is in trouble and she wanted him to solve those problems and deal him with changes. I think would do the same thing. Try to talk to David and maybe find a compromise with him. Also I spotted he had some financial problems. Good idea is to maybe give him or the whole team a reward after they finish this project.

    1. Vilma

      i believe that financial reward should be for the whole team. if only David would get a reward other team members would feel under valuated, of course as David has financial problems his reward could be higher in order to help him in his situation.

  66. Zsófi Sárközy

    I think that the personal contact is very important. In a smaller team the boss has to speak with every employee, in a big firm the section leaders have to take this role. With this chats you can motivate the workers, they can tell you their problems and dont have to make complains, when the problems got worse. The employees can feel the vision statement for their own, and it will be a shared goal, to work for it.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Zsofi, great insights!

  67. Viktoria

    I think there is no general or no given behaving of a leader.
    Moreover I think that it depends of the leadership style.

    In my opinion, as a coach or boss or leader, you have to focus on one leadership style that both fits to you and is identical to one’s character and style.

    So, me as a leader, I’d stand for a participating, social leadership but also for a authentic one.
    In fact this means: me as a leader:
    – have a vision and mission, set goals
    – create a specific business culture and live this cultures and each value of it
    – being a role model / be a good example
    – be a motivator and inspirator
    – empower the employers to participate
    – choose the right team member
    – create a special team culture and team spirit
    – make the employers not working just for the business, but also working for me as a boss/leader
    – openness and humanity on the one hand – authority on the other hand
    – regular feedbacks to single employers and team meetings

  68. Amela

    It is very important as a leader and a manager to know “what are you doing and where are you going”. Having a clear vision and setting the necessary structure that will bring your team to the goal is a must. Focus is hard to achieve, that is why you need to insist on the deadlines you set. Any kind of organised focus as a group could help. For example: if we have to finish few tasks in order to reach our goal, the manager should split them in a way that only when done by everyone, the task is finished. The team becomes our motivation and we will want to do our best for the team. They need to be challenged intelectually to keep the motivation high, nurture them emotionally and uplifting them spiritually. A good leader knows his team, makes each single person feel important, confident, corrects their mistakes and doesn’t shame and blame them, encourages them… The main difference between a manager and a leader in my opinion is that the leader shows by his example how something needs to be done, are understanding, fair, and always try to recondition their team to be solution focused. They have to create the right environment so the whole team can grow.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Amela, I like your point of view and detailed explanation.

    2. Vilma

      extremely good idea you wrote ” if we have to finish few tasks in order to reach our goal, the manager should split them in a way that only when done by everyone, the task is finished”. I liked it! everyone is involved in seeking the goal.

  69. Amela

    It is very important as a leader and a manager to know “what are you doing and where are you going”. Having a clear vision and setting the necessary structure that will bring your team to the goal is a must. Focus is hard to achieve, that is why you need to insist on the deadlines you set. Any kind of organised focus as a group could help. For example: if we have to finish few tasks in order to reach our goal, the manager should split them in a way that only when done by everyone, the task is finished. The team becomes our motivation and we will want to do our best for the team. They need to be challenged intelectually to keep the motivation high, nurture them emotionally and uplifting them spiritually. A good leader knows his team, makes each single person feel important, confident, corrects their mistakes and doesn’t shame and blame them, encourages… The main difference between a manager and a leader in my opinion is that the leader shows by his example how something needs to be done, are understanding, fair, and always try to recondition their team to be solution focused. They have to create the right environment so the whole team can grow.

    1. Vid Persak

      I think this team work is most important!

  70. lizz

    Hi, so what is the difference between a leader and a manager, and what makes a leader a good manager and vice versa?
    For my point of view it takes a lot of social, rational and emotional skills to be the boss of a successful team….as we heard about communication skills like clear, authentic speech, fundamental knowledge of the industry you are hired for, and a well assessment reproducing.
    You got to be passionate about your job, be open and positiv to challanges and changes in general and you got to be thankful for the responibility you get.
    Managing or leading people is much more than getting a lot of money an your bank accound by the end of the month. You are responsible for the development of your team. You are a role model and you have the chance to influence and support your team to get the best out of every single person and emerge their personal responsibility….like a coach! So being a mangager is not about abusing your power, it´s about ajusting to the momentum and the creativity of your team and helping them if needed.
    You are a kind of a mentor. It seems human beings are pretty simble to please. Everyone needs attantion and praise in some kind of way.
    But don´t forget the emotional intelligence and the values of our new generation.
    For me, it seems that life is not about being successful at all costs anymore. I think it´s more about how you perform and if you are happy with it!
    If you have the chance to figure out were your potential is hidden, and if you have the chance to live it and develop it and you have the right envirement that supports you – you are a lucky person…and success will become a matter of fact.
    So, good leaders have an instinct for the right cast with the right people at the right place, but have the guts to replace positions if needed.
    Reflecting yourself is a main skill needed nowadays as well. If you feel there is no other place you would rather be, you are at the right place. But sometimes it just takes time to ajust, and it takes chourage to change and it takes patience to successed for both, employies and the manager.
    If I would be a manager, I would try to get to know my team as good as I can and I would try to do what a smart person once told me: ” you got to pick the person, at the current level and give support!
    For my point of view knowing myself and having empathy for myself and my surounding is the key to successed as a manager and being a happy person.

    Any comments, please don´t hesitate! Cheers Lizz

    1. lizz

      …and I forgot to mention – self control like florian brought to the point. Butting the preasure you get from the company you are working for on your team, is not helpful at all! cherrs lizz

      1. lizz


    2. Gianpiero

      Hi Lizz,
      I agree with your analysis but I think that the guts to replace positions if needed is more about managing people (people as a resource in a team) that leading. A leader can try to pull out everything from a person but, if isn’t enough for the team result, he can’t do more

    3. Irena Valantine

      Hi Lizz, I like your point of view and deep analysis of situation.

  71. Verena

    In a sport, where working together as a team is necessary in order to be successful, it plays a huge role how much motivation you show as a teamleader. I know it myself from different experiences. As I’m leading some training classes from a youth sports club, I know how it is to be leading a group and the good thing is that you get feedback from the kids straight ahead. I found it hard in the beginning to really find the balance between being clear with what I say, with a not too harsh tone, sothat I can still be “reachable” for others. I never want to be a leader of a group in a way where no one really dares to say anything- I never was someone like that. I’m more the other way around, that I seem to be too nice sometimes. So sometimes my kids see me as a friend, and they don’t take all instructions seriously, because between friends- I guess- it’s okay not always to do what the other says. A different experience I had, when I was in the situation of being the teamleader of the sports group that I was in myself. When you have to give instructions of tactics and you really need to be straight to the point. I also tended to be too friendly when others didn’t agree with my decision what to do, even though it’s been necessary for me to do it in order to have a successful working team. I think everyone has to find it out for themselves how they want to lead their team, but most importantly is I think to really motivate all members, and I really mean all. The goal needs to be clear for everyone. And if everyone is willing to work hard and motivated, the goal is already much closer than you think.

    1. Irena Valantine

      Hi Verena, good communication between the team members and a coach is very important to avoid misunderstandings and etc. But it is also very important to keep balance between friendship and work. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

  72. Andrea Regis

    I think that for every situation is possible a different approach.
    I mean: are we in a company with 4/5 employes? Or are we in a big company with 150/200 employes. Are we talking of a big problem (as a lost of a close person), or are we talking about a problem involving a break of a relationship… In my opinion this things can really change a lot.
    If the company is big, and the problem, serious, I think that the best approach for the Menager is trying to understand the situation, talking directely with him, give the person a bit of time to put on order the ideas.
    With a little company everything is different: I imagine that with 150/200 person, a missing person for a few days, can’t change the future of the company; complitely different is for a little company.
    Here the menager has to be smart and close to the employe. The connections in a littler reality probably are stronger then in a big company, so the menager has to be smart and understanding the problems, trying to talk longer, taking him outside to let him feel important and irreplaceable.
    In this way I thing that the employe can really think to be important, and he will try his best to get back at work with more positive power.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      I like it Andrea, that all the time you start with the second assignment of the week – the more difficult one – and then you are doing the first assignment later on :

    2. Irena Valantine

      Hi Andrea, thanks for your insights. How you would behave in the given situation on the Assignment 5.2?

      1. Andrea Regis

        I think that Sally has taken a big risk, giving difficult works to do to David…
        Probably she knew the character of David, and she knew he would have tried his personal best from that situation.
        If the entrepreneur knows his employes, he knows also how to behave with them, and this is for sure a positive way to solve every problem!

  73. Igor


    Happy leader/manager=happy company/workers.
    No matter what. personal problems, family problems, emotional problems or whatever, it is important to not show that on the Business side where you are leader og manager.
    Be motivational, be positive and the good atmosphere is guaranteed. For leaders i think it is important to show every single person the same approach. Be kind and helpful to all of them. Don t see them differently. Be a good example. Do the things that are positive not just on working side, also in the lifestyle. Leader needs to be one steep forward every time. Leader have to take responsibility for ups and also for downs. Solve the problem and let the fails be everyones mistanke and let the ups be everyones victory.
    But to have that leadership you need to be “all round” or comprehensive person.

    1. Verena

      Hey, I compeltely agree with that overall and especially to be a good example is very important.

    2. Irena Valantine

      Hi, Igor, I like your opinion shared! How you would behave in the situation given in the Assignment 5.2?

  74. Florian Schabereiter


    Every persons who is not at his/her usually performance level brings the possibility of bad emotions in a team. Thus the process may get stocked or the results get less. This may can happen, but if there is a strong and good leader this situation can prevent.
    The task is to continue the performance of the team and bring the persons who suffers from a setback back to his/her usual or better perforce.
    I would try to care for the person in showing his/her strengthen. Bring the person back to the routes and the basics. If there are some worried it might be good to reduce the strain which rest on him/her. With less strain it is easier to re-recognize what your strengths are. I would try to bring the one in situation where he recognize the things he is doing good and he gets positive feedback. Even if it takes some time and doesn’t´t fit in the plan, i would try to bring him in a situation where he gets a sense of achievement. This might be the basic to bring him up to the old performance.
    I would try to less the strain lasting on him and give him situations where he can build up sense of achievement and self-confidence.

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      I did the experience that I found back to my strengths after a setback when the strain was reduced and i got some “small” sense of achievement.

  75. Mark Makrai

    Hi everyone,

    A whole team only can work on the highest level if every member of the squad is ok. I face with this every day with my team, they’re just kids but they need a lot of motivation, give them ambition to come to the next training even if it’s raining and do their best. But of course control them because it’s easy to fall on the other side. I’m sure that no one works better if he is big-headed. Everybody needs to know their role in the group. Who can be a leader etc. and a good manager has to deal with this situations, manage it correctly and show a good example also. The team will play/work like the “weakest” member so it needs more regard, care for him/her. It is important that they don’t lose the purpose, the motivation.

    1. Florian Schabereiter

      Hi Mark,

      Good approach – I agree with you


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