Week 6: Finish Line

Monday, 27 November – Sunday, 3 December 2017


Elizabeta ValenticFacilitator                       –               Natasa Sfiri & Jutta Pauschenwein: Moderators

Learning objectives: You will

  • reflect how the MOOC experience and specific topics discussed in the MOOC will influence/ improve your work in entrepreneurship, international collaboration and business
  • integrate lifelong learning into personal development strategy and career progress,
  • reflect on your learning process in a MOOC and  say good bye.

Video: Elizabeta explains her week

Description: In the previous weeks you have gained insight into different topics around entrepreneurship; you experienced common building of knowledge in multidisciplinary and international groups, you made new contacts and you participated in a massive open online course.

In this last week we invite you and everybody in the MOOC to reflect on learning experience and your learning outcomes and to think about future activities with respect to entrepreneurship and global collaboration.

Start up your business

After five weeks of MOOC experience this week will bring you the possibility to use the know-how you developed so far. You will develop an Elevator Pitch based on your business idea of the former weeks. Combine your know-how from the starting line with your marketing clues. Understand and lead your business together and support yourselves in the finish line.

Reflect and finish the week

You should reflect on your learning experiences from the last five weeks.

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    Hi ,
    my friend told me that he cant find my assignments to read. I just wanted to be sure that you got them all,
    if anything is missing let me know.


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