Assignment 6.21 Reflection

Purpose: Reflect your learning in the MOOC

Task: In this task learners who are not interested in getting a badge are invited to reflect their learning experience as well. How did you experience the MOOC? What did you learn, what was easy, what difficult?  Share your experience with other learners.

Interaction: Comment some reflections from others.


  1. J

    Hi ,
    I think that this experience has been very good for me and a great a opportunity to work with other people from abroad.
    I learnt a lot from the other and their opinions and ideas.
    Furthermore,it helped me to make a lot of comparisons with sport world and subjects of study.


  2. Péter Ribiánszky

    I think the MOOC is a very good opportunity for everyone. I am glad that workout. I enjoyed this program. It was interesting and novel for me. In my opinion the study structure was good and follow. The goals was not too high or irrational so it was an achievable purpose. I loved this program because it was an English project so in this way I could practice my language knowledge. And I’m grateful for this. I have to deal whit MOOC every week and I guess it’s good for me. So summery I think the AtLETyC MOOC is a very important and interesting initiation, in my opinion this program should be supported. So I support AtLETyC MOOC.
    I was very enthusiastic before this program. The face to face training was interesting and good so after that I waited for the first week. The first week was exciting. I didn’t find the test, so I thought enough to write some comments. So at the first week I wrote some comments. I liked the lesson and videos.
    After that I realized that I have to fill the test, but I didn’t find the test yet. So I visit my teacher, Judit Farkas and I asked for help. She was very helpful. And we found the solution together. I was very happy and I started to fill the test. I enjoyed this program.

  3. tomas_eas

    It was also my first MOOK, too. I realized that this type of learning is the best way for athletes, because we are all busy and closed up in our activities. AtLETiC MOOK made it possible to look at ourselves and understand the problems of other sports people, what are their similar 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  4. Marco Pivotto

    Hi everybody!
    I think that this experience has been very good for me because it gave me the opportunity to work with other people from different part of the world.
    I learnt a lot from other people opinions on the blogs and this made me think “outside the box”, lot of points of view to appreciate form experiences of different people.
    topics were well correlated to our habits and actions and I could make a lot of comparisons with sport world and subjects of study.


  5. Justinas

    It was my first MOOC ever. And I really happy that I participated. If I will have possibility to do something similar again for sure I will do. It wasn’t very hard but I think its very useful for athletes. Because we all concentrate with doing sports and forget about real life. The atmosphere here was always positive. We have learned many good things with short time. Thank you very much I really enjoyed all six weeks.The entrepreneurs were involved were very professional and friendly. So thank you very much for possibility to participate here.

  6. Tomas_LT

    The experience in Athletic MOOC online learning was new for me. In the beginning I was struggling how to use platform correctly, but very helpful was videos with explanations. After that it was interesting to participate. I hope to participate in similar projects in the future and extend my knowledge in entrepreneurship.

  7. Povilas

    I truly value this entrepreneurship course designed for athletes being offered in the online format. It allowed me to share my thoughts and read other students.


  8. Vilius Sa

    I actually enjoyed online learning experience. From now I will try to find more classes online related business and entrepreneurship. It was interesting to read other comments and complete assignments.


  9. Jure

    My experience in the AthLETyC MOOC was very positive. It was the first MOOC I’ve participated. I learned a lot, though i probably should invest a bit more time to learn even more. I really enjoyed it =) Mostly i liked that you had one week to reach goals and you made progression when you have time and motivation.

    I am really happy to be part of this.


  10. Nedim Covic

    Hi all.
    MOOC platform looks awesome. It provides with useful tips and info, but above all it helps athletes to become and stay motivated in their entrepreneurship. This experience was great since we have been able to learn important things on basic level without conventional approach. It was not too difficult.
    I think that interface of MOOC should be better organise, or should I say organise in a way which eases the accesses to the tasks given.

  11. Alma


    My experience on AthLETyC MOOC was also awesome. I’ve learned some new things and new ways of solving problems in private and social life. Also, I met really interesting people, I met their bussines plans, sport careers and feelings, and connnected everything with my life. I really enjoyed and I am happy to be part of something good like this.

    I wish you all the best!

    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina 🙂


  12. Kiss Roland

    Hello ATLETY MOOC!

    It was a interesting learning sitem, I love it, I learned when I want, for me is hard becouse I have many trainings and competitions so i haven t got much time.
    There was a week when I did my Mooc week in slovakia in a competition and there was when i was a national camp. So it a good experiances for me.
    It wasnt hard, but if you would like to learn many you can did it but in the test always you needed to do it. I think the test is a good feed back four the teachers. You need to look how many times was when the students did it.
    I love the videos whit the sports man like Szuper Levente! And the slides souds videos was good too.

    If any times they will do an other Mooc i will be here. Thank you everythings.

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      We will keep you updated then! 🙂 Thank you too for your active participation! Great that you managed to learn while on competitions. It takes a lot of good time management to achieve that!

  13. Viktoria

    My experience in the AthLETyC MOOC was great. It was the first MOOC I’ve participated.
    I got the chance to learn both personally and professionally. Each week provided different input and content which let my knowlegdge grow about entrepreneurship. Additional to that I had the chance to get to know different personalities by reading the comments of other participants and reacting to them. I recognized that there were many motivated participants and it made me be ambitious too. It was interesting listening to their business plans, elevator pitches and ideas in entrepreneurship. Also the videos on the platform offered new and interesting content. The fact that many former professional athletes and now entrepreneurs were involved in the interviews made it more interesting to me. All in all, I enjoyed this 6 weeks in the AthLETyC MOOC and I could win new experiences.

    1. Natasa Sfiri

      You also motivated other learners to be active with your great contributions Viktoria! I am glad you could learn from each other 🙂


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