Week 6: Learning and reflection

As athlete – and also if you aren’t a high professional athlete but an student or working in a business – you are in constant pressure to train, learn, fulfil your tasks. Life is passing quickly and a lot of learning experiences are forgotten. Therefore we invite you to stop your tasks for some minutes, to make a pause, smile and think about your experience in this MOOC. Probably you have learned something unexpected, got to know somebody new, had some fun. This phase of reflection is essential for deep learning processes.

With the last assignments you are invited to carry out this reflection.



    It was really a good enough new and exciting experience of learning for me. Suggested Videos, Learning material is enough in quality and quantity. Good platform to build new ideas, set future goals, learnt a lot about management and leadership qualities. But, truly still have to learn and work a lot to channelize the vision and idea. Now, its time to stand up firm on starting line to initialized work or projects we discussed. I want to congratulate and thanks all the facilitators of each week for their efforts.


  2. Florian Schabereiter


    Unfortunately there are no comment fields in assignment 6.2 and 6.3.
    May you can add this that we can post our comments.


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      ok … will do it .. if I check it!


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