Support in the AtLETyC MOOC

There are different people in the AtLETyC MOOC who will support the learners in Autumn 2017. The facilitators provide the content before the MOOC starts and are available for questions about their week and give feedback to the activities of the learners. Each facilitator is active during his or her week.

The moderators on the other hand will support the learners during the whole MOOC experience. They help, give orientation, collect interesting information, summarize what is happening, monitor the achievements of the learners, and at the end are responsible to award badge. In the video Natasa speaks about her mission as online moderator or convener.

You can sign-up as learner by writing a comment at the sign-up page – if you want to receive notifications via e-mail subscribe to the AtLETyC MOOC page (menu at the right).

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