Last day in week 1

This Sunday – today –  is the last day in week 1. Can you imagine that you already wrote nearly 600 comments. I’m very pleased to have so many interesting people in our MOOC. I’m impressed by all the experiences you have  – and the mix makes the exchange so interesting. Your background is very diverse – dancer, triple jumper, fencer, swimmer, horse rider, wrestler, paddling, mogul skier … and so much more!

Life is not easy for an athlete but now I’m more than convinced that you have a lot of useful competences for being an entrepreneur. Hopefully this MOOC will give you some insights into what you will need as entrepreneur.

Alex Leichter’s agrees with you

…. about important competences as athlete.

The learning objectives of this week were:

  • understand the concept of the MOOC and plan personal participation,
  • network in groups across borders,
  • connect doing sports with being an entrepreneurship.

I believe many of you succeeded well in achieving the week’s goals. You did a nice starting line in the MOOC!

If you haven’t finished week 1 click on the links:


  1. Paolo De Pasquale

    Hi everybody!!!
    I am Paolo!!!
    I am a neo graduated in advanced sport training science and techniques.
    I think that an athlete will be a better workman because the spirit of hard working of his own life for his objectives can contribute not to give up when the things became harder.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)


  2. Natasa Sfiri

    Week 1 was really nice, to get to know you, to understand a little bit more about what it means to be an athlete. I’m curios what will happen in week 2. Have a nice evening, Natasa


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