What’s happening in our MOOC?

There’s already a lot of interaction in the AtLETyC MOOC which makes me happy. At the moment Natasa and I are trying to get an overview about who’s here, we read what you have written and are happy if there is some interaction.

At the moment there are about 170 learners in the MOOC  who have been active at least once. You came from 18 countries, namely from Austria, Barbados, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, USA. It’s not easy for us to understand your names … what is the surname and the first name .. Especially the Lithuanian names are very complex. And there are siblings among you which is fun. I never met siblings in a MOOC. I believe in sports siblings are more common than in MOOCs.

It seems you are dealing well with the structure of our MOOC – you are active in Assignment 1.1. Present yourself and Assignment 1.2. Connecting sports and entrepreneurship as well. I’m looking forward to your next posts and wish you a pleasant week, Jutta

….. did you realize that there are content pages as well in week 1? Take a look at: First steps in the AtLETyC MOOC and Athletes as Entrepreneurs. You will love the videos from the athletes 🙂

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