In the middle of week 2

We are in the middle of week 2 and a lot of interaction is happening on the course, which makes the course very lively! 🙂

So far there are more than 766 comments since the last time we checked and the number is increasing! More and more learners are still arriving in week 1 and are introducing themselves, we even have a learner from Gambia who signed up!

In the assignments of week 2 you are beeing very creative writting stories with different emotions and letting others figure it out! It is very interesting to read the stories and I noticed that most of them can be interpreted to have a combination and mixture of different emotions.  It is not always a very clear single emotion apparent.

Not just stories, also a couple of audio files have been posted by Norbert, Nicolaus and Jutta and Jutta also posted a video today to encourage you to do so yourselves! What is Jutta’s emotion?

We are waiting for other learners to post some more videos – just try it out and have some fun!

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