Take six (!) hats or steps to deal with problems

Week 2 in the AtLETyc MOOC is the week of stories. I like the stories of assignment 2.1 where you express emotions via text or audio. Assignment 2.2 is more complex. You should think about feedback techniques and goal setting strategies you used in challenging situations. Tanja, who provided the material for this week suggests two techniques, the De Bono hats and Dewey’s Six-Step Technique.

De Bono’s SIX hats

De Bono’s 6 hats (take a look at my great picture) are great to use in challenging situation. It helps you to change your point of view with respect to a communication situation. (an additional explanation for De Bono’s hats). In their stories to Assignment 2.2 Florian, Carina and Nikolaus use the six hats to reflect upon a difficult situation.

Dewey’s SIX steps

Dewey’s Six-Step Technique is more complex. You should ask (1) what’s the problem (identify the problem) (2) search for many possible solutions (brainstorming) (3) Evaluate the solutions (4) Decide on a solution (maybe combing two of the proposed solutions) (5) Implement the solution (6) Afterwards: Evaluate the solution. Maybe in the middle of a situation you could already try to figure out the steps 1, 2 and 5. (explanation for Dewey’s six steps technique). In his comment to Assignment 2.2 Andrea describes how he will apply Dewey’s method.

Friday to Sunday left to discuss the topics of week 2 🙂

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