Team up in week 2 of the AtLETyC MOOC

The second week deals with communication and human interaction. Mojca – who is interested in verbal and non verbal communication and loves running and skiing – is your facilitator of the week. Natasa and Jutta will be the moderators/conveners.

To start with week 2 I would recommend that you click on its main page to get an overview of the week by Mojca, listen to the former professional swimmer Peter Mankoc, watch the introduction by Tanja Kajtna who presents the content  and learn about ALex Leichter’s view on transition from sport to business.

During the week you can watch the videos of Tanja about communication and human interaction and reflect your competences of interacting with others in the assignment. I’m curios about your videos in assignment 2.1

Bye, Jutta

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