Great exchange in week 3 !

People get engaged in the assignments of week 3 and I’m happy about it. I want to thank Paolo and Corrado who are doing a great job in supporting the learners …. and who seem to like our MOOC as well. In the picture you can see Paolo  – probably before his fitness training 😉 – and Corrado who as former water polo player loves to plunge into (cold?) water.

Corrado: I’m more than pleased to explain why the experience in the AtLETyC MOOC is very interesting for me. In particular, for the week 3 related to marketing, I have really liked the different points of view reported by learners: somebody used to emphasized strategies supporting the promotion of a product or service, such as different types of communication, promotion of new technologies, or customer affiliation year after year, others were fully orientated to the substance of the product and the related offer in favor of the potential client, especially specifying the essential advantages of the product. Therefore, more generally, MOOC demonstrated to be a valuable tool to share ideas on a common argument, benefitting from the knowledge, and the positive approach to the knowledge, of a real (and not virtual, despite on web) community. In addition, MOOC could represent a baseline for further analyses, promoting deeper a knowledge of a topic.

Paolo: I liked very much  the heterogeneity of the choice of the topics (e.g., video) and the analysis carried out by the learners .

I believe that this heterogeneity is the strong point of MOOC Atletyc. Many people from different countries with different ideas and points of view.

This aspect allows you, in my opinion, to “see with other eyes” and to reason on it. I think this is a key point to learn more and more.

Join the discussion in Assignment 3.1 Sucess and failure of promoting a product where the athlete learners analyze the success of a product/service in the market and discuss about e-bikes, Patagonia, Nokia, the tesla car, Vapiano and other brands.

Or contribute to Assignment 3.2: Find the message and describe strengths and weaknesses of an advertisement video. Until now there are comments of learners about sport advertisements and about everyday life.

And don’t miss Cecilia’s great content!

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