In the middle of the marketing week

Traveling from Munich to Graz I’m reading the comments in week 3 and I’m very impressed that already more than 1000 comments were written. I love your stories (and hate the tunnels if the connection goes down and I have to wait to continue reading).

And of course Natasa and I are also observing further activities in week 2 (and week 1). That’s one of the advantages of e-learning – you are flexible with respect to time and place. Nevertheless I want to invite you to engage in week 3 where Corrado and Paolo are supporting you in the assignments.

Assignments of week 3

In Assignment 3.1 Sucess and failure of promoting a product learners are practicing in recognizing the strengths and weakness of a product/service already existing in the market.  The products analysed so far include some very famous companies like Red Bull and Robe di Kappa, and some others that I have heard for the first time, like the Thermomix multifunctional kitchen appliance.

In Assignment 3.2: Find the message learners are analyzing strengths and weakness of an advertisement video. Very well known advertisements like Coca Colla and Pepsi are among them, sometimes reminding learners of their childhood times.

Both of the activities are fun to read, carry out and discuss.

Content of week 3

And don’t miss Cecilia’s great content:


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