Activity review in week 4

More and more learners are arriving to the assignments of week 4 and take up the challenging tasks about developing and refining their business ideas. 15 learners are active in the Assignment 4.1: Calculate management risks and 10 learners in assignment Assignment 4.2: Bring your business idea to terms.

We are very glad to have so many learners that are interacting with each other on the assignments! Well done! 🙂

We are currently waiting for more learners to arrive at week 4 towards the end of the week.

In week 3 the activity reached the impressive 169 comments in the assignment Assignment 3.1 Success and failure of promoting a product and 136 comments in the assignment Assignment 3.2: Find the message. The numbers keep on increasing, since learners are learning through the MOOC on their own pace.

There were also many new arrivals this week, most of them from Bosnia and Herzegovina. A very warm welcome to the course and I wish you many interesting discussions with the other learners. We are currently running week 4, but please feel free to catch up!


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  1. Jutta Pauschenwein

    I like the feedback of Lili in her role as facilitator. Her comments are food for further thoughts. So don’t miss her questions and think about them 🙂


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