Overview of activity in the middle of week 4

Time flies and the MOOC learning experience is getting deeper and more intensive for the learners who are active on the website. A lot of interaction is currently finding place!

  • In week 2: 76 learners are active writing 230 comments
  • In week 3: 57 learners are active writing 170 comments. Corrado and Paolo as facilitators are doing a fantastic job facilitating the learning process! 🙂

Although there is still a lot of interaction in the past weeks and learners continue catching up with the assignments, it is time to get on with week 4, so that you will not miss the interaction of the whole group and the help of the facilitator!

The learners who arrived in week 4 are doing a great job in Assignment 4.1: Calculate management risks analysing sport organisations with financial problems and defining different types of financial risks that need to be taken into consideration.

However, I was in contact with Lily, the facilitator of this week, and she wishes new arriving learners to change their focus and perspective in this assignment. She writes: “The week 4 is not intended for the analysis of any global companies or for management issues of professional sports. The whole week is about your own business ideas!” In order to make this clear we will rephrase the assignment and write some comments on the site. Please have a look for new information later today in Assignment 4.1: Calculate management risks!

In the Assignment 4.2: Bring your business idea to terms learners are very busy and creative defining their own business ideas, and developing visions and mission statements for them. I really like the fact, that some of the learners are having missions that lead to a better society, for example Amela and her business mission about including more disabled people in sports.

I look forward to your comments on the site! Let’s engage in some interaction there! 🙂

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