Friday in week 5

Now you are learners in a MOOC for already 5 weeks. In my role as moderator and convener I like your comments and interaction a lot. Learning is not only about teachers and provided  learning material but also about your colleagues in the learning process, the exchange and the material which you created. Until now it was mostly text (some audio files as well) but hopefully in week 6 there will be videos!

Before we look at our concluding week 6 there are some days left to learn in this leadership week. In assignment 5.1 about leadership Zsófi from Hungary and Vid from Slovenia share their experiences about their coaches whereas Lizz from Austria and Lorenzo from Italy reflect about the role of school teachers. That’s what I love about MOOCs: you can get in contact with people from everywhere.

In assignment 5.2 you are invited to read a case study about leadership and you should share how you would behave as leader of a team and why, according to your previous experience. There are already very interesting comments of the AtLETyc MOOC learners to read and to react to.

In addition: these are the links to the content pages of week 5

Have a nice weekend !

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