In the middle of the leadership week

How much leadership was needed to build the Cathedral of Florence?

In week 5 about leadership I liked the discussion about good and bad leadership a lot. Learners who already were active in week 5 wrote:

Good leadership

  • leader with clear responsibilities
  • very calm & peaceful in handling any sort of situation, very disciplined and determined to his goal
  • to motivate people to make their best, to believe in themselves
  • be honest to him/herself and everyone in his/her team
  • treated me/us as equals

Bad leadership

  •  a leader, who changed everything, regardless to the needs of us and without integrating us into the decision process.
  • old school coach who were not interested into modern training methods

And there was a discussion about leaders per appointment and leaders per personality which I enjoyed. So what are your ideas about a leader? I’m looking forward to the next comments, bye Jutta

Links of week 5

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