Last but not least – finish line

Elizabeta is the facilitator of week 6. She’s a project manager and she loves all her European projects. Furthermore she likes hiking on high mountains and swimming in deep oceans.

Elevator pitch

The main topic of week 6 is the elevator pitch! You know an elevator pitch, don’t you? You’re in the elevator going up on some business opportunity. And there’s this very rich woman who will join the business meeting too and who wants to find a nice idea to spend her money on it. She’s entering the elevator as well. And there … you and her … going up. And you have 30 seconds (to start speaking and) to convince this person to give the money to you! What will you say? I’m looking forward to your funny videos 🙂

Reflect and finish the week

Furthermore in week 6 you should conclude your learning process by reflecting and saying Good bye.

Material of week 6


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