The first elevator pitch video in middle of week 6

Dear athletes and learners, soon we will cross the 2000 comments line (1938 comments until now) ! I’m impressed how and happy that you managed to arrive in week 6 of the AtLETyC MOOC 🙂

In the middle of week 6 I feel that I got to know many of you, athletes and learners in our MOOC. Now I’m finding your name quickly in my large table with all the learners and all the weeks. I became familiar with your names which are out of the ordinary for me – these beautiful long names from Lithunia where I’m wondering how to pronounce them, these funny Bosnian and Slovenian names where I am often wrong to identify what’s the surname and what’s the first name, these melodious Italian names, these mysterious Hungarian names …

Elevator pitch

In week 6 the first assignment seems to be a challenge for you, because you should record a 30-60 sec video. Elizabeta and I, we both are looking forward to your videos. Here’s Elizabeta’s encouragement message for you:

I am looking forward to meeting you in assignment 6.1, but I am a little worried, where you are … ?!? Maybe you need some time to figure out how to make the assignment. Maybe you cannot decide which of your ideas to present …? If you find it too difficult to make a video, write a text or record an audio file instead … I hope to read/hear or see from you soon. You are doing well so far, keep going … you can do it ! Take care, Elizabeta

Flo’s elevator pitch video

One of learners in the MOOC posted the first elevator pitch video – and it’s great!

The links of week 6

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